Italy · 2 Days · 6 Moments · March 2016

Sébastien's trip to Italy

2 April 2016

Last day of the weekend we go in direction of the race to do a drive with a ferrari and some other activities. We are going to have a lot of fun for sure 😁. But first step is a stop to Pavia to visit a little the city and get some stuff. A famous tour with a ferrari on a race really good sensation but really too short. Zero regret that was great. Now it's time to go home. But first Ben would really like to do some paddle on a lac so we stop ... I just waiting for him and after we are going to really back home with no more money in our pocket 😅

1 April 2016

Journey 2 in milan
Okay today we don't really have a planning, but we really would like to visit the cathedral santa Maria Nascente and the castello sforzesco with its park behind and of course do some shopping 😁. We ate on a bio pizzeria interesting experience all the ingredients were bio. The outlet in milan are still a bit to expensive for student. Too sad 😭. But we found what we really want a by some stuff. At16:00 we stop to eat a big gelati (we are full). We continue the shopping my legs are dead and my purse too 😭 but i am full for the next year 😁.

31 March 2016

2-3 big monuments by night and a our first pics 😁🇮🇹
Okay here we start our trip to italie. At first it wasn't planned to go abroad during easter holiday but i decided that i really would like to go abroad for a weekend so we are here with my best friend inside him little Mini. We pass through the st-bernard under the snow. now we are close to Milan and we sleep on a younth hostel about 10 min by metro from the center. A car of french younth stay with us, maybe could we go out with tonight. Next step go to the city center and looking for some food and stuff to do. We get a metro ticket for 2 days. It's really the best way to move in Milan. After looking for the city center we found the buomo place, really amazing with the big cathedral.