North America, Europe · 12 Days · 56 Moments · October 2015

29 October 2015

When the tenperature is down to 9 degrees and it's foggy you know you're back home. What a nice trip 😊

28 October 2015

Take off in San Diego to San Francisco
One last california sunset. Off to San Francisco. Then back home.
One last ride :( Cali style.
Last day in San Diego
San Diego Gaslamp District

27 October 2015

Top 3 things to do in Devils Canyon: 1. Produce elictricity 2. Produce elictricity 3. Produce elictricity
Still on the road. Freakin hot 93°
The famous Chick-Fil-A
We went to San Diego and all we got were those lousy hats
In the middle of nowhere. Dunes along the mexican border.
Next and final stop: San Diego

26 October 2015

Gameday selfie :D
It's gameday.
Takin our new beauties for a ride in the morning sun
Our airbnb dog, Carl 😊

24 October 2015

Joshua Tree Nationalpark
Having a great time with our New american friends at the camp fire
Joshua tree panorama
The daughters of anarchy 😲
Joshua Tree National Park
Some more pictures from Joshua Tree National Park

23 October 2015

Westbound on the road to California. Not the worst ride.
Tent up. Beer open. The perfect contrast to Vegas
Cali sunset
Coffee break. Actually had to talk to each other
Current status: Unchanged. Californiabound. Time for a convertible selfie.
Current status
Road Trippin'

22 October 2015

Some more from stratosphere and downtown
Downtown. The "old Las Vegas" is just crazy
Stratosphere Tower. Come take me hiiiiiigher
Very last talk at ZendCon. The end of 4 days nerdomania

21 October 2015

Great afterwork show by the mentalist Lior Suchard
The day after. #hofbrauhaus
"Hast du n 10er?" - "na, nur 20" - "passt auch, her damit. Alles auf 17!" #auswenigmachmehr 😂

20 October 2015

This is hardrock.
Hofbräuhaus w/ Lederhosn. Stay classy
Work hard. Play hard. Afternoon break.
That escalated quickly
Healthy and SMALL apetizer for breakfast. #hugepancakes
We got our ElePHPants
Conference Day 2. keynote. Yes, we are really working here.
Nice way of spending the conference break

19 October 2015

The Strip by night and bellagio fountain show
One night in Vegas
Sun is shining and so are you. Ready for our indoor conference...
We're really going to the conference ;) #zendcon2015

18 October 2015

Sorry Ladies, that good looking rich guy ($5,65) is already taken
It is on!
Halbzeit. Zeit für Quöllfrisch. 6 hours to go...
See you in Vegas ;)
Vegas bound... :)