United States of America · 10 Days · 24 Moments · July 2014

Redbeacon Seattle Trip

26 July 2014

Floppy is anxious to get back on the plane
Hear sounds of Seattle through giant headphones

25 July 2014

Finished the trip with coworkers at the Piano bar
I ate this for breakfast, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack from Biscuit Bitch

24 July 2014

Tasty Asian fusion at Tanakasan
Who can resist a sign that says World's Best Mac 'n Cheese?

23 July 2014

Momiji Sushi
Corn fritter catfish with sambal mayonnaise on potato bread at Matt's at the Market
Bedlam coffee menu

22 July 2014

A fire truck.
Lunch at Rub the Love Shack!

21 July 2014

My baby, and my baby dog
Floppy wears shirts!
Yummy salmon sandwich

20 July 2014

Ferry ride back to Downtown Seattle. Beautiful view of the skyline.
Ferry ride to Bainbridge. Floppy got too cold so Josh pouched him.

19 July 2014

Floppy seeing an aquarium for the first time. Not sure if whimpers mean, "I want to play with you," or "You must taste yummy."
Josh playing with a street performer. How nice of him to share the stage!
Katsu curry ramen. Why are fried things in soups very delicious? It shouldn't work in theory.
We're going kayaking today! Floppy doesn't know it yet. Don't remind him he's afraid of water.

18 July 2014

Slept in today. I was tired. So was Floppy.

17 July 2014

Walked around Seattle while Josh was at work. It's so nice to take some time off! Floppy was quite happy with his steps count. I myself acquired my first 20k daily steps! Having a desk job really takes a toll on you.
First stop in Seattle! Breakfast of Clam Chowder and Scallop Chowder at Pike Place Chowder. Floppy's never seen so many people in one place before. Despite getting stepped on many times, he was happy to smell fresh air after his first plane ride!