United States of America · 3 Days · 53 Moments · July 2017

Sean's adventure in Homewood, CA, United Stat

27 July 2017

The Gathering 4.0 schwag!
Travel stash 😨
Train through the mountains by the Truckee river. And a photo from just over 6000 feet! Tahoe is so close!
Good morning, Reno!

26 July 2017

Goodnight from Reno. Great dinner, girls are asleep. Tomorrow: Tahoe and the LemMons!
Momma: "Ramsey - race me!" Ramsey: "😮....😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁"
Buffet life!
#firstworldproblems Definetly didn't consider the height of the Thule when cruising through the parking garage. All ended well!
Hello Reno! Hello Harrah's! #casinocarpet
So close! 17 miles! Candice playing with Candice is saving us so much right now!
42 miles to go!
And then it poured for 3 minutes! And then it stopped.
Awesome stop at a rest area in B.F.E.! Picnic lunch, nauseating bathrooms, and a little running around. The red prius was a lady from Sequim. Unreal! She is headed to Las Vegas, via Lake Tahoe. Next stop Reno, Nevada!
Grandparent selfie and CJ sawing logs. I love my life!
License plate sightings update: maine, vermont, new mexico, arizona.
Ramsey watching Daniel Tiger. CJ woke briefly then passed back out. Rents reading paper and playing footsie ❤. Sean and Steph desperately wanting dopios. Alturas in 13 miles!
Hello California! Farms for daaaaaays
Here but rattled.
Ramsey finally woke up. I hit the continental breakfast for a 2nd, and 3rd, time. Grandma came over and hung out after she woke up. The girls played like crazy. Ramsey LOVED pretending to use the phone. I was a pretend doctor and she was the patient. The injuries treated varied from minor to severe, but thanks to expert care, doctor was able heal all. After playing doctor, Ramsey lost her mind when grandma called our room on the phone! Meanwhile, Candice couldn't stop playing with the AC unit. Hilarious! As the clock struck 10am, CJ was cranky as all get out, so we packed up the jalopy and rolled out. Gooooodbye Klamath Falls! Next stop - somewhere between here and Reno!
Sleep went about as well as expected. Ramsey is actually still sleeping 😴! Yay! Cerulean had a nice spread at the continental breakfast. Wifey and I got some organically brewed coffee, while CJ is now a couple bites into her maiden bowl of fruit loops #winning !

25 July 2017

1008 pm. Everyone asleep here at the Cerulean Hotel in Klamath Falls, Oregon. What a marvelous travel day it was. Girls did great! Grandparents were incredible troopers, helpers, supporters, gas-financers. I cannot imagine this day going any better. What a wonderful job by my wife to find a stunning hotel for a screaming deal. See you tomorrow at 6 am for continental breakfast!
Sean: "Oh look. Mt. Hood" Grandma and Steph: 😐 (Mt. Hood is 200 miles North of our current location)
Welp, forgot that we had a cooler packed full of fresh food. So when we stopped in Grants Pass, we rolled that puppy out to Riverside Park and had ourselves a picnic. Luckily for us, every Tuesday night there is music in the park, just like in Sequim. Arriving an hour early, we were able to nab a great parking spot and a shady picnic place. We ate, conversed with the locals, and played the park. The 45 minute visit ended with ice cream for Ramsey and Grandpa, a strawberry ice cream sandwhich and a neopolitan ice cream sandwhich, respectively. Oh yeah- it was 99 degrees outside! On to Klamath Falls!
Seconds before taking exit 58 to get off I5 and take the mountain pass to Klamath Falls, ODOT officials told me 58 was closed due to a raging wildfire. Evacuations had just begun. That means our trip just got 59 minutes longer with a lot more I5. However, our food prospects have improved greatly! #silverlining
Potty stop complete. 3.05 iced doppios. 'Merica. I-5 for days.
Cydne flexed her local mama knowledge and brought us to a beautiful park. On the ride over, a seating change was made, with Sean in the back seat with Grandma. It was shaded, thank goodness, as it was already approaching the mid-eighties outside. Setting the tone for our park outing, Grandma immediately went buck-wild on the spring loaded bouncy animals! It was amazing. Chloe and Ramsey busily played on the ship, while CJ, Mama, and Cydne chatted on a blanket in the shade. Sean and Cooper had a golf battle, with Cooper coming out on top. Soon, everyone played ship captain, with Coop, Rams, and Chloe taking turns being captain. Silver dollars were the "tickets", and the rides varied from smooth to rough. Fun was had by all. At one point, CJ had a tough time, but we solved it with hugs and kisses 😘. All too soon, the fun had to end, as energy levels dipped, the sun climbed higher and burned hotter, and the clock read high-noon. Off to get gas, coffee, and use the potty!
First stop on our southward migration: lunch at Bob and Charlee's place. Great fare served, including biscuits and gravy, pamgpakes, and Bob's personal favorite--scottish oatmeal. Local lore has it that ole Bobby frequents the joint multiple times a week. Plays a mean viola as well as the piano. We ate lunch with Cydne, Cooper, Chloe! They were great. Ramsey and Chloe hit it off, especially; a favorite move was dancing in circles as chickens saying "bok bok!" while annoying the hell out of nearby dogs. Baby CJ especially enjoyed eating while sitting in her great grandpa Dean's lap. 😍 After lunch we headed to the park!
Usher comes on and Sean and Steph be like....
Texas plate confirmed.
Idaho plate confirmed.
Chapter 2: bookie is great so far. Girls doing well. Grents doing well. Grandma's muffins are delicious, as are the fresh blueberries. 48 miles away from Portland. License plates seen so far: Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Oregon, and Washington. Just passed through Kalama, the town Mindy Gardner graduated high school in!
Hello I-5! Olympia is beautiful this morning! As we passed through Shelton, where Grandma Candi grew up, she shared that back in her day, 101 went directly through Shelton; today, as in Sequim, a bypass has been built to take 101 out of downtown. Meanwhile, 2 hours into the trip, Steph realizes that grandpa did not have his head rest up. Upon learning the news, grandpa immediately chided grandma for poor advice #lovebirdbickering Finally, NPR is abuzz with news that Prez Trump tweeted a lot this morning. Yawn.
Daniel Tiger Time!
"SOOOOO big!" Baby CJ enjoying having the 'grents in back!
Hello Hood Canal!
The downside to 101... Curent speed: 29 mph. The beauty of the drive makes it all better!
First stop of trip is Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukee, Oregon. Should be there by 1030.
Book one of the trip, aided by coffee consumption as per always.
Departure time was slated for 6 am sharp. Grandpa was up BEFORE 530am. "This is an event if Grandpa is up before 530!", exclaimed an exasperated Grandma. Grandpa remarked that he suspected a smear campaign... We ended up leaving at 612am. Grandpa was complaining before we were even off Fir St. Girls are quiet at this point- Candice cuddling shlumpy and Ramsey begging for movie. How exciting!