Around The World · 76 Days · 33 Moments · June 2018

Sea Princess World Cruise 2018

15 August 2018

New York Day 2

13 August 2018

NewYork Day 1

12 August 2018

Peggy’s Cove and Halifax

9 August 2018

Quebec and Fireworks

6 August 2018


3 August 2018


2 August 2018

Qaqortoq sculptures

21 July 2018

The Rock of Gibraltar

17 July 2018

The horror of Herculaneum

16 July 2018

Mt Aetna via Messina

14 July 2018

Jesi via Ancona a day best forgotten

12 July 2018

Canal views of Venice
Views of Venice from a cruise ship

11 July 2018

Cavtat and lunch in the countryside
The beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik

10 July 2018

Beautiful Kotor Montenegro

9 July 2018


8 July 2018

Kefelonia vising Argostoli and Fiskardo

23 June 2018

Amer Fort Palace
Taj Mahal

22 June 2018

Agra Fort
Fatehpur Sikri

17 June 2018

Shopping in Orchard Road on a busy Sunday. Only day off so super crowded. Lots of designer sites so way out of my price range!

16 June 2018

Crossing the Equator

14 June 2018

We’re going on a dragon hunt

13 June 2018

I became a ‘boy’ Grandma in the middle of the Arafura Sea off the coast of Darwin, Darcy Ross Colin McDonald born at

8 June 2018

Formal nights
The girls are back together! Happy times on formal night.

7 June 2018

“Beautiful one day and perfect the next”, but Queensland did not keep her famous promise! A rainy day in Brisbane but I still wandered the neighbourhood near the cruise terminal and admired the beautiful apartment developments on the river. After a U turn in the Brisbane river, a fascinating sail away past the ‘islands’.

5 June 2018

We arrived at the head of Sydney harbour at 5am on a grey and drizzly Tuesday morning but the view through to the city and the harbour bridge was still magical. It was a ‘gasp’ moment as the Sea Princess passed under the bridge because the ship seemed to almost bump her head on the car deck above. A woohoo moment!

1 June 2018

The Sea Princess left Auckland on a beautiful winter evening for 107 days of adventure. The first day of June and the first day of my second trip of a lifetime.