Germany, Egypt · 15 Days · 37 Moments · July 2018

SCR production in Egypt

10 August 2018

Long queue for taxis. I really want to get home now.

9 August 2018

Red Sea coastline by night
Final beer after check-in at Marsa Alam international airport
On the way to the airport...
... time to post some shots of me.
After 10 Egyptian minutes (1 hour) we finally checked in to our day room.
Leaving the Seven Seas.

8 August 2018

The last evening with 400g of camel steak and a lot of beer. Awesome night out.
Almost finished filming the three projects.
Almost finished filming the three projects.
Last water scenes.
Back to the mainland. But no time to watch the desert. We had to jump off the boat for a two hours dive. Trying to get warm again...

7 August 2018

Zodiac's on board and off we go back to mainland. Plans for tomorrow's early morning dive are finished. Time to get some sleep.
Today was all about shark diving. During the early morning dive a whale shark passed by. Later on we played with some Oceania white tips and could only be stopped by the very strong currents. After four rather long dives I was pretty smashed but managed to take some pics for the kids.
Deep wreck diving accomplished with some really nice scenes. Quite a bit of current that flipped one of the Zodiac's over. In the evening we presented a short film of what we've done so far.

5 August 2018

Debriefing and planning for the next days in a relaxed atmosphere.
Leaving the sharks at Little Brother we sailed to Big Brother for some deep wreck dives.

3 August 2018

A lot of diving and a beautiful sunset afterwards.
Leaving Port Ghalib. Six hours ride to Brothers Islands.

2 August 2018

Arrival at Port Ghalib. Entered the SevenSeas and tomorrow we are ready to depart to Brother Islands.
Time for a desert walk and some geocaching.

1 August 2018

Another day at the office.

31 July 2018

Three dives today, each longer than one and a half hours. I'm a little tired now.

30 July 2018

Early diving doesn't mean you cannot have fun.

29 July 2018

Late Debriefing and planning for the dive tomorrow at 0600.
Filming and taking pictures at the pool this morning

28 July 2018

Another awesome moon after a long day working
Early morning dive. Actually way too windy.

27 July 2018

Watching the eclipse after a long production day. Awesome.
Finished diving

26 July 2018

Smoothest arrival in Egypt ever
Almost slept the whole flight
Prebooked seat not available, diving luggage not in the system. However, we are finally checked in.
Ready to go
Only a few hours to departure