United States of America · 7 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Go West, Young Man

25 March 2017


24 March 2017

Another great day, another need for a double Journi entry. After Tombstone, we hit the road for the hotel in Yuma, AZ--and once we got through Tucson...a sign for San Diego appeared!! The excitement was short lived as the next sign informed us we were still 353 miles away 😂😂. We could've made it to San Diego this evening, but it would've been 12 hours of driving today and I want the four of us to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow for when we get to see the new house!!! Our hotel in Yuma is on the banks of the Colorado River and a few blocks from Main St. We walked to a delish sports bar--bacon wrapped shrimp with pesto 😍😍, watched some basketball, had a few beers(me), and cheered to a wonderful road trip . After dinner, we walked around some more and ended up swimming in the Colorado river!! Such a fun way to end a wonderful trip. We have a three hour drive in the AM and then we'll be HOME in San Diego.
Fun day in Arizona!! After we crossed into AZ this morning, we drove 2.5 hours of picturesque landscape to Tombstone, AZ. We were originally going to see a spring training baseball game in Phoenix, but the other day Ryan was reading about Tombstone in a book and asked if we could go...It was a few hours out of our way, but worth every extra second. The moment one steps foot onto Main St. you're in the Wild West--besides the cellphone, credit cards, and keys in your pocket! There are actors in costume walking around, some of the store fronts are authentic from the 19th century and the street is dirt with horses strolling through. We saw a reenactment of the shootout at the OK Corral--the show was 20 min and to the credit of the actors, they kept the attention of my kids!! They were enthralled. After the show we had a Tombstone delicacy at the renowned Big Nose Kate Saloon--pizza! 😉 Maybe Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp didn't eat pizza, but we sure as hell enjoyed it!!

23 March 2017

Double entry day!! After Roswell, we continued on many of New Mexico's two lane rural roads I love so much. I received a text from Mama and Papa Metcalf this morning and they suggested a restaurant in San Antonio, NM that makes a terrific green chili cheeseburger---lord knows I love me some red meat!! It was only 30 minutes out of our way and the food was worth every extra minute!! It is simply a pass thru town and if not aware you wouldn't even notice the Owl Cafe. THANKS MAMA!! After burger fun, we entered the Gila National Forest--winding mountain passes that didn't allow for speeds above 20 MPH, a plethora of wild animals, and once we reached the summit of the park a SNOWSTORM ensued!! In the span of about half an hour the temperature plummeted 30 degrees and the snow was coming down at an incredible rate!! The weather was completely unexpected--the four of us were in t shirts and shorts, yet it didn't matter because in the words of Derek "Snow is just so awesome, bro".
Another day, another football stadium used as our playground. Texas Tech has one of the nicest college football stadiums I've seen. Great recruiting tool in order to get kids to Lubbock, Texas!! After significant energy expenditure, we hit the road to find some aliens. Roswell, NM is awesome--the city is so smart to capitalize on the UFO sighting in 1947. Tourists are EVERYWHERE fueling this city's economy that otherwise would be nothing more than a dot on a map. The local burger place had a 30 minute wait--on a Thursday at 1pm!! Roswell has souvenir shops on every corner and each store had a constant stream of alien enthusiasts. We were no different--the kids each got an alien souvenir and I got a coffee mug. Roswell is just so cool, so surreal, and to me, the neatest part is that the residents are so damn proud of their unique history. A good life lesson to all of us that it's ok to be different!! The museum was a lot of fun--the kids got a kick out of the Alien lifelike figures.

22 March 2017

A whole lotta Texas today. Everything is bigger in Texas--even the biceps 💪😉. The route primarily consisted of a desolate 2 lane road to Lubbock. We would go ten minutes at a time before seeing another car. Avoiding traditional highways is what makes road trips so fun for me--having the opportunity to see the unique landscapes of the country stress free is priceless. More of the same travel tomorrow to New Mexico! Our hotel is located conveniently next to a Chuck E. Cheese--America at its finest. For $15 in tokens, the children made out with 3 pieces of candy, 2 plastic spin tops, and plastic vampire teeth...combined. What a business. But damn is their pizza delicious!! After the Chuck, we went to the western outfitter store and unleashed our inner cowboy 🤠. Hell no we didn't pay $50 for a cowboy hat. Onto Lordsburg, NM tomorrow by way of Roswell, NM. We'll be scoping extraterrestrials 👽😱I'll make sure to take a picture if we see one.

21 March 2017

Three states conquered today. I am quite proud of the kiddos for repping The U in the Deep South. We drove through Hattiesburg, Mississippi--home to the U of Southern Miss. Instead of finding a generic playground for the kids to use up their energy, we were able to get onto the Southern Miss football field. They took turns introducing one another out of the tunnel and then spent close to an hour tackling each other and scoring "winning touchdowns". Hopefully some Brett Favre (Southern Miss alum) pixie dust is on that field and the kids acquired comparable skill! Once we got out of Florida gas prices plummeted--$2.50 in Boca...$1.91 in Louisiana!!! So very exciting being that we are cruising around in a Suburban. Finished up the day on an inaugural trip to Wingstop--the hype is justified! Onto Lubbock, Texas tomorrow--I've been told in the past it's in the middle of nowhere and rural roads are used to get there, yet it is a big city. So random...I love random. 😎

20 March 2017

Longest drive of the road trip is complete. Boca to Pensacola. Over the years I have driven the Florida peninsula too many times to count--surprise, surprise...the Florida roadside scenery hasn't changed since we did this trip last summer. BORING. Today's drive was easy and the kids were great. 9 hours and no bitching. Besides the odor around Tallahassee 🙌 it was exciting to get on I-10 WEST---correct heading to the west coast. More exciting than the progress made today--the hotel screwed up our reservation and gave away our reserved room. So in lieu of the correct room, our new room is COMPED and they gave us $50 cash for dinner at the Mexican restaurant next door. Furthermore, it was .99 taco Monday!! After 12 tacos,a beer, and tip we are essentially being paid $30 to stay the night at the Pensacola Homewood suites. You all know how thrifty I am, I could hardly contain my giddy excitement as the front desk was apologizing profusely. Onto Shreveport, LA in the AM.

19 March 2017

T-10 hours until the road trip west commences. Cya in six days San Diego!