North America, Europe · 11 Days · 34 Moments · September 2017

25th Anniversary trip to Italy- 2017

17 September 2017

So...we were supposed to leave Florence on Sunday morning...apparently 8 mph winds there cause 'wind shear' and every flight out was cancelled😳. After hanging out at the airport all day, we were bussed to Bologna, spent the night in a hotel, flew back south to Rome in the am, then an 11 hour flight back north from Rome to Chicago to GR. Not the ending of the trip we expected, but we had a lot of laughs along the way :). Good to be back home in our own bed tonight.
Firenze airport, bright and early. Addio Italy !

16 September 2017

A Tuscan sunset...goodbye Italy❤️
The final product and a feast!
The cooking begins!
The Marcato- A must see and a must eat at in Florence.
"Taste of Italy" cooking tour begins with a shopping trip with our chef Isaac. Scott and Chase in the 'clown car' :)

15 September 2017

More cooking class
First day in Florence
Arriving at our Air B&B - from our balcony we have a beautiful view of the Duomo. Met up with Gina and Chase and had a tour of the Academia and highlights of Florence with our guide Valentina.
Fattoria Santa Vitoria- on our way to Florence to meet up with Chase and Gina

14 September 2017

Soaking in the mineral springs at Bagni di Sanfilippo.
Montepulciano this morning . Straight up a hill...Dad drove like Mario Andretti 😳. Visited ancient wine cellars. Climbed a tower to see the views of Tuscany.
Montepulciano and bagni di sanfillipp mineral pools

13 September 2017

Back at our place, Mauro served us a 4 course meal with truffles in each course. After a swim in the pool to wake up, we headed to Cortona. I can see why Francis Mayes(Under the Tuscan Sun) decided she needed to live here. Absolutely gorgeous☀️. Visited a museum that had a lot of archeological items from the Etruscan era...I had no idea what that was until Mauro explained it to us today . They speak of things BC like we talk about the civil war!
Black truffle hunting with Mauro and his dog Predo near Arezzo. Who knew that truffles were buried and looked like lumps of coal and that dogs need to be trained to hunt for them???

12 September 2017

More truffle hunting, and our truffle feast afterward
A Ferrari show in Volterra. Ancient city - some from the Estrucean time(BC). High up on a hill in Tuscany . Next stop our "agriturismo" in Posso, Italy . Fattotia Santa Vittoria. Dinner was made by one of the owners - farm to table- delicioso!
More Pisa pics
A quick train from Manarola to Pisa this am. Walked from the train station to the leaning tower(you can check your bags at the train station so you don't have to lug them around).Took our obligatory selfies and tricky pics took dad a few tries...I think the flowery bag was affecting his strength:). Picked up our rental car and are on our way to Volterra.

11 September 2017

Dinner on our deck overlooking Manarola
Hiked from Corniglia to Vernaza today. About 1hr 45 min. Very rocky and slippery due to the downpour last night , but worth it for the beautiful views. Then took the train to Monterosso and spent the afternoon swimming and sunning with Zeus watching over us while sitting on Aubrey's new wall hanging :). We got to watch the guys selling the blankets get chased by the local police then return to sell 5 minutes later. Also ladies on the beach giving "massago " right on the beach:)

10 September 2017

Corniglia to Vernaza
We spent the day visiting Riomagiore and Monterossa. Scott had 2 versions of sardines at our first stop- stewed and fried 😳 Grandpa Patchin would have been proud:). Back at our place our pet pidgeon welcomed us home. We planned to go to Vernaza for dinner but got stuck in a thunder storm..opted for dinner at Ristorante Da Aristide In Manarola. had to carve? our fish. The rain finished just in time for us to head back up the hill home .

9 September 2017

The hike from Manarola to Corniglia
Woke up late..hiked from Manarola to Corniglia. The water path was out , so had to go the long way😳. Made it to Corniglia...lunch at Tre Passi dal Mare complete with proscuto and melon for Scott. Then on to Monterossa by train. Think we will be back there tomorrow to swim. Back to Manarola by train. Quick run through town, wine and snacks at the Wine Bar. Then home before the rain hit for homemade pasta.

8 September 2017

More from Manarola
First day in Manarola. Walking around...up and down the hill 4 times. Swimming and jumping off the rocks(Scott). Staying at Casa Capellini. Dinner at Billy's(reservations at 9:30...we're too old for this:)

7 September 2017

More fun in Genova . Espresso, gelato and windy streets
First stop Genova ! With no sleep last night ...we managed the steep winding streets like champs!
What is with the small cups of coffee?

6 September 2017

Ready for takeoff!