Australia · 416 Days · 48 Moments · January 2018


17 March 2019

Wasabi continues
Wasabi degus - fantastic!

16 March 2019

Locale - just a wonderful night! Took a Standish Schubert Theorem 2010 which was fantastic but the food was definitely the highlight. The pastas were some of the best we’ve had for a while and the entrees were great too. Staff were great and the place was packed for dinner. Will definitely be back for lunch this week.

2 March 2019

Kazuki’s- fantastic jap. Kathryns fave was the scarlet prawn. Starters were beautiful. Had the same great Alsace chenin blanc that we had at Stokehouse.
Grossi’s The Grill. Really nice Italian pastas. Definitely come back again, want to try upstairs at Florentine.
Best bloody Mary’s in some time. Hell’s Kitchen in Degraves lane.

1 March 2019

Dinner by Heston. Wonderful incredibly tasty food. Venue was beautiful, staff incredibly attentive and food was totally enjoyable and the white wine we had was fantastic. Great sommelier. Will definitely be back!

28 February 2019

Coda for dinner. Great as always.

23 February 2019

Fred’s for lunch. Stunning food and service again. Claire de Lune Oysters beautiful, the two pastas were incredible - mussels and crunch in tagliatelle was my fave, Kathryn loved the buttermilk ricotta ravioli. The corn pancake was even better! Veal and beetroot tartare was nice. Kathryn finished with a rice pudding.

26 January 2019

Lumi. Australia Day. Way too hot in restaurant. Asian waiter was a punish. Food only just ok. Had a fight on wagyu / pork / veto option. Not a 2 hat experience.

17 January 2019

Olio, Kensington St. Beautiful pastas, very authentic Sicilian. Wine list crap, seats bad. Beautiful room.

13 January 2019

Me Wah

12 January 2019

Evolve spirits bar

11 January 2019


10 January 2019

The Source

4 January 2019

3 January 2019

Stokehouse - Jan 2019 Food incredible, service exceptional. Ceviche was probably best ever. Tuna great, so tender. Prawn taco was ok, not great. Crab tartlet was nice. Goats cheese was brilliant. Kathryn thought risotto was one of the best ever. Bug was great, probably a touch over cooked. Flathead was great. Somellier was brilliant. Recommended great wines to go with our food - perfect pairing. Felt like a 2 hat experience.

31 December 2018

Rockpool for end of year blow out. Amazing 2004 Standish Relic magnum. Was unreal. Bone marrow was Kathryn’s fave and my steak was incredible with that wine. Bring on 2019!

15 December 2018

Blanca for Tipalea Christmas party. Seans Panorama, Bondi next day.

18 November 2018

Fred’s for a long lunch. Awesome as always.

22 September 2018

Sean’s + Cocktails after at Bondi Pacific - they were excellent!
Sean’s Panorama... so simple and beautiful. Lovely!
Pacific Club before lunch at Sean’s.

21 September 2018

Blanca @ Bondi. Beautiful, wonderful food. My birthday weekend.

18 August 2018


17 August 2018


14 August 2018

Lumi part 2....
Lumi - amazing, wonderful food as usual. Celebrated the Bourke Road deal. Beautiful Alsace Trimbach Riesling and an ok Grant Burge 2004 Shiraz. The Chawanmushi was Kathryn’s favourite and mine was the Agnolotti pasta and the toothfish was brilliant whilst the wagyu beef was incredible - marinated 3 days and melt in your mouth - needed nothing else with it, just amazing beef on its own - see next entry for the beef etc.

17 March 2018

Sepia continues. After the last lunch we had here was un-memorable, this meal was wonderful. Vue de Monde still No.1 for us but this is still excellent.
Sepia for Kathryn’s birthday. Beautiful, amazing meal. Staff were wonderful and seating in the lounge was fantastic. Early dishes of the tuna and oysters were a favourite. Only issue was the sauce on the marron - which was a late entry anyway as we swapped out our duck breast for it. Be careful of the cocktails - $40 each!!

3 March 2018

Beautiful desserts at Kazuki’s. the sorbet with Rocquefort cheese was great.
Kazuki’s at Daylesford. Went to visit the artist doing Kathryn’s nude renaissance painting for her birthday. Beautiful area and the food was wonderful! One of the best degusts we have had for a while. Bottle of 2007 basket press certainly helped with the lamb and dessert. Alsace Pinot Blanc was very nice and the negronis one of the best we have had. Favourites were the lamb, the salmon / spanner crab and the desserts. Snapper a bit over cooked. The nori, sake, squid ink butter was beautiful, as was the glassware from Japan - Kumra.

26 January 2018

Last few dishes at Berowra Waters. Forgot to photo the wagyu...
Berowra Waters Inn... first time in ages... trial run for wedding venue...