Australia · 49 Days · 37 Moments · May 2017

Scott's journi to to the Top End

9 July 2017

Home and now cleaned up on the outside at least

6 July 2017

Now home Last couple shots

3 July 2017

Left loyalty beach Monday 3 July 2017 for home 4 of us heading south First free camp site Lukin Creek Just north of Musgrave No phone service almost all day

2 July 2017

To the TOP of Australia today Sunday 2nd July 2017 Hard clim to the marker Lots of stone markers marking the trail

1 July 2017

Off for tour Thursday Island and Horne island today

30 June 2017

More photos

29 June 2017

Spent last two days driving the Telegraph track slow 4 wheel driving and heavy creek crossings one or Two almost up to the bonnet. Now at the Jardine River ferry Crossing only about 30 meters but costs over $130.00

27 June 2017

Leaving Weipa Haul truck road crossing

25 June 2017

Frenchman track
Left Chilli Beach by 8am Took Fishermans track But had to turn around could not cross river Pasco river Bad entry and about 3 to 4 foot deep Real bad exit So no go. 2 hours to turn all round so now back track Gunther damaged car and camper Nice photo of some of the features on this track

24 June 2017

Creek crossing traveling to Chilli Beach
Chilli Beach Round a little rough in places but worth it at the end Must pre book camping sites We are right on the beach Also visited the WW2 history at the airport lots to learn
Left Archer River camp site Saturday morning heading to Chilli Beach Lots of sealed road from Archer River to the turn off to Chilli Beach On route crossed over Wenlock river Also found this hanging in tree and then concrete causeway across Pascoe river Gavan going through full-bore

23 June 2017

Friday Still no service Made way through Wakooka ruins Rod to right to Cape Melville We turned left much nicer travel today Lots of Ant nests Morning tea at Kalpowar crossing Nice camp site great toilets
Well after 133 creeks numerous tight trees and other obstacles Average speed was around 8 kms per hour We decided to stop on the road just as the sun went down Just short of Wakooka ruins Every body up early for a early start need to make time

22 June 2017

Very hard day of driving so far over 120 creek xings majority no water Tall grass sandy rough tracks
Gunther attempting to climb up out of jeannie Creek Had to be winched I drove up as did david and gavan all others winched 2 hours to do the job
Left Elim Beach Back to Hope Vale then on to some real good dirt road towards Starkey Station Then on to a goat track A couple of shorts interesting driving Average 8 kms per hour Tight through the trees with the camper

20 June 2017

Elim Beach Camping at Elim Beach Lotus caravan here when we arrived Lots of campers but plenty of room flushing toilets but only cold showers
Left Cook Town traveling North Sealed road to hope vale Stopped at the Endeavor Caravan Park very nice From here short walk to the Endeavor falls 4 pictures
Arrived Cook town Tuesday 8.25am Town has grown hug since last time here View from look out 4 pictures Road sealed all way now
Stayed the night at the Lions Den pub The camp ground behind the pub was packed caravans, camper trailers The wind blew all night tree top sounded like we were camped near a 747 jet engine Fist morning pack no dew and all canvas nice and dry Off this morning to Cook Town then on to "Elum Beach" Should only be a short drive today

19 June 2017

Just arrived Wujil wujil 8 creek crossings Very steep climbs down to 1 st gear but now they are concreted A couple of new bridges Trip much faster the the last time i came through 30 years ago
Gunther crossing the river prior to Crebb track
Crebb track closed So going up the Daintree road

18 June 2017

Another big day driving left Townsville at 8am and arrived Daintree caravan park 4. 15 pm

17 June 2017

Finaly arrived Townsville free camping at the back of Gunthers mates house Had a couple of big driving days to day Left Rockhampton at 8 am arrived Townsville 5 pm

16 June 2017

Arrived set up at Rockhampton at Sheralee's place

15 June 2017

All hooked up Car serviced All ready to go on trip of life time Leaving with gunther Friday AM

11 June 2017

Overview of map and trip to the Cape

27 May 2017

Well pack and re packed almost done now What a rig Better then I expected
Another view

22 May 2017

Well been very busy getting to know the new Camper trailer. Also added rear view camera, place to carry, step latter, shovel, wheel leveler, shower floor Some new new pieces of rubber to add some protection to critical places. The biggest issues is to find what i need to take and where do i fit it in and carry it.

21 May 2017

Setting off on Thursday 14th June for trip to the top Cape York