Croatia · 7 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Dubrovnik and Split Adventure - Bring on GOT!

28 May 2017

Today we took a food and cooking tour in Split. Our guide/cook met us at our hotel and another couple from Hong Kong joined us (the husband is a runner... so we had plenty to talk about). We toured the fish market and green market to buy our lunch items and then drove to a winery (only Zinfandel grapes) to cook, eat and drink. We had prosciutto, cheese, tomato and bread to start with a Rose wine. We then made monk fish with beets and zucchini followed by risotto in red wine with prawns. Our last course was grilled white fish, sardines, clams and mussels. All of the food was delicious and we were stuffed. The winemaker joined us to provide a young Zinfandel (from the barrel) and an aged Zinfandel with our food. Zinfandel is originally from Croatia and this winery only makes Zinfandel and a Rose Zinfandel. Great day and great food!

27 May 2017

We spent the day walking up to one of the high points in Split to view the city and have lunch. We walked the city harbor and through the old city again to admire the architecture before going on a sunset sailing tour on a sail boat. The winds allowed us to sail the entire time which was great although we had to get used to how much the hull of the boat raised when the sails were full! Our skipper was funny and also informative... the other passengers were German and were nice enough to speak English since our conversational German is still pretty bad...
Each night we enjoyed live acoustic music in the old Roman square ... the music is good and the setting is amazing at night. Another perk is that the restaurant in the square also serves drinks while you talk and listen. It has been a relaxing and cool experience each evening!

26 May 2017

We took a historical walking tour of the Split Old Town and were fortunate to have a guide that was also an archaeologist. We walked through the gates of the city (4) and through the Palace of the Roman Emperor. In the ruins we could see the architecture of how the Romans constructed the city using brick, stone, pillars, arches and domes. The city was rebuilt during medieval times keeping some aspects of the Roman architecture but changing the layout of the old town. We ended with a wine tasting and some local appetizers.

25 May 2017

Our boat trip from Split today took us to several of the islands nearby. We first went to the Blue Cave which is one of two in the world (the other is in Capri). We traveled from Bisevo to Komiza and visited the small town there and then to one of the best beaches in Croatia. We then visited the Green cave and watched people cliff jump before having lunch near Hvar. We visited Hvar and bought wine and cherries before coming back to Split. Fantastic day!

22 May 2017

We spent the morning in the Game of Thrones walking tour where Dubrovnik is the scene for Kings Landing and Qarth. We had a fantastic guide that gave us GoT background and also historical information for Dubrovnik. The city walls are the third longest in the world and made for a fantastic view of the city!

21 May 2017

Our hotel in Dubrovnik- the Grand Villa Argentina.
Our view of the Adriatic from the Grand Villa Argentina. The hotel is built into the side of the cliffs and we have a view of the old city of Dubrovnik.