United States of America · 3 Days · 14 Moments · March 2017

Spring Break 2017

12 March 2017

Getting started in the park and LEGO land. Matthew was so excited about the Ninjago ride.
Breakfast and figures around the hotel!

11 March 2017

Our adventure room was amazing! The kids did a scavenger hunt to work out the code to the safe in our room. Fun toys!
We arrived at the hotel and man was it crazy busy! But it was pretty neat and the kids loved it. The elevators go into disco mode with music. I now wish all elevators worked this way.
Stopped for snacks and games. Kayla and mom went to look at jewelry next door and Matthew built the "tower of towers". The kids ran around the green space outside and Kayla did cartwheels. So fun!
Saying hi to seals. The kids loved watching the babies.
Chilling at the park and maritime museum! Matthew climbed through the submarine but was glad to see the sun again.

10 March 2017

Hotel del Coronado. So lovely.
Watching monkeys. "Mommy they are like me! They jump around a lot" 😂💗

9 March 2017

Ale smith! Taco truck, churros, beer and our friend Ian! Time for bed. Long first day.
Modern times is awesome. Bar made out of books, post-it mural and a whole wall of comic pages. So cool!
At Modern Times. Beer for Charlie. Coffee for me. Muffins for kids. And a post it mural. Getting off to a good start!
Good travels from Austin! Kayla got a nap on the plane. Going to get some wheels!