Europe · 16 Days · 26 Moments · August 2017


13 September 2017

Last day of the trip we spent in Reykjavik, eating, drinking, and shopping. And an especially tasty afternoon for Val - vegan crepes with dark chocolate and banana, and Icelandic liquor tasting. Rhubarb won, with blueberry in second place, followed by crow (an Icelandic blueberry-like berry that grows on the moss on the lava rock).

12 September 2017

Glacier day!

11 September 2017

Today was Golden Circle day, minus the geyser and plus the black sand beaches of Vic. These are just a few phone pics... better camera pics forthcoming.

10 September 2017

Straight from the airport to Blue Lagoon! Spent a relaxing day in the water, followed by a surprisingly tasty meal there before heading into town to check into our hotel.
Last stop: Iceland!

9 September 2017

More biking, walking, and the Fram museum this morning, which covered the Norwegian expeditions across the north pole, and included two of the surviving ships.

8 September 2017

More afternoon exploring in Oslo. Love this city. Oh, and Val made a seagull do a move that would make an NFL player jealous trying to catch a cashew.
Grabbed a bike and did some exploring in Oslo today. Found a pocket neighborhood that we loved, just a short ride from downtown. Such a great city with a ton of personality. And OCD cleanliness, which I dig.

7 September 2017

Finished the fjerry leg in Flåm and then jumped on the train to Oslo. Horrendously ugly views on the train. Long travel day though - in trains, taxis, and ferries from 10:45am to 11:00pm.
Got off the fjerry in Belstrand and spent the day exploring the town a bit and relaxing with some canasta. The views from the dock in town and from our room across the way were not terrible. Would love to come back and explore sometime, renting a car and driving through all of these little towns. Now, back on the fjerry headed to Flåm to finish our Fjord journey.

6 September 2017

Tjoday is Fjord djay. Up early and on a fjerry from Bjergen to Balestrand. Fjord Fjord.

5 September 2017

Getting acquainted with Norway. Lots of people that look like me. Had some good Norwegian food at a restaurant/pub with the most awesome beer taps coming out of a Marshall amp head. Took the fernicular up to a view of Bergen. Walked back through a seafood market with insanely big crabs. They were the double decker of the crab world.
We've landed in Bergen?

4 September 2017

Rain walking to lunch in the Old Town, then to the Fotographie museum (which seemed to only have two exhibits). Wrapped up the cold part of the day at the IceBar.

3 September 2017

We hopped on the Hop On Hop Off boat and explored the harbor a bit in the afternoon. We ended up at the Vasa museum, which was a 17th century ship that sank 20 minutes into its maiden voyage, and preserved in the cold water until 1961 when it was brought back up. Besides the Swedish meatballs, was the highlight of Stockholm for sure.

2 September 2017

Still no signs of Avicci... spent the early part of the day just meandering. Spotted two four door A5's almost next to each other. Actually one was an S5 four door. Love the number of Audis here.
Goodbye, Copenhagen! We barely knew you... One hour flight = single serving bottle of wine. And then... Stockholm!

1 September 2017

We worked up a dinner appetite by biking along the waterfront and finding a windmill on the rampart of an old military base. Can't believe we didn't bike every day, best activity of this leg!
Bike day. Off to Torvehallerne market in the morning. Then exploring Christiania in the afternoon. Topped off by Copen-dog!

31 August 2017

A stroll through Tivoli gardens on the way to dinner at 108. This was the most interesting dinner I've had in a while. I don't know yet if it was in a good way... and Tim's reintroduction to wine!
Afternoon boat tour through the canals, starting at Nyhavn. Cool architecture and vibrant colors. Parts were reminiscent of Amsterdam.
Let the walking begin!

30 August 2017

Walked around for a bit to stave off jet lag... found hot dogs, an insane indoor food truck market, the colorful canal street of Nyhavn, and eventually back to the hotel. I slept for five hours, and am now awake in bed, wishing for sleep at 2am.
Landed at our first stop, Copenhagen!
Layover in Iceland.

29 August 2017

And we're off!