North America, Europe · 58 Days · 58 Moments · June 2018


15 August 2018

The first time I miss a bus and it's in Toronto

14 August 2018

Stocked up for the flight home
View from Stockholm city hall

13 August 2018

Met up with a friend in Stockholm
This sign gets me
Top quality photo of the Finnish sauna I thought was killing me

12 August 2018

You don't own me, Kendrick.

10 August 2018

No reindeer in sight and it rains. Hm.
Flow Festival lineup, because there's nothing else to do in Finland

9 August 2018

Reindeer burger > pasta for a week straight

6 August 2018

It hasn't rained since I saw this reindeer. Coincidence?

3 August 2018

I didn’t die I’ve just been walking here without wifi. The little huts have it but I probably won’t again for a few days.

2 August 2018

This is pretty lit. Heh. Because it’s bright for 11pm.

1 August 2018

Wasn’t in Lofoten long enough to do much, including take good pictures

31 July 2018

Trondheim has more houses in nice colours. And this nice cat.

30 July 2018

They wasted the opportunity to call this a fish-bergen

28 July 2018

This is how I stay not dead

27 July 2018

Grocery stores here have electronic price tags which is pretty cool. And helps explain why this cost $20.
Since I was close I went back for pictures with better lighting, which isn't something I knew I cared about.

26 July 2018

Lil hiking montage, I camped a few km away from Trolltunga itself.

25 July 2018

I thought hiking up the mountain was a necessary part of the trail. It was not.

24 July 2018

Bus missed a connection so I ended up hiking to Preikestolen again, the weather was nicer this time.

23 July 2018

$90 worth of food in Norway. Also a graph of how much my feet hurt. Also my friend Jeanette.
Kjeragbolten, a 22km hike from the closest town, far enough up that there’s snow. And really hardcore sheep.

21 July 2018

This is a 50km mountain hike montaged into a few photos.

20 July 2018

Preikestolen makes all the other Fjords look like Doug Fjords.
I didn’t name the ferry but that’s probably what I would have gone with.

19 July 2018

City tours in Oslo begin at the tiger statue, and always pass by the prostitution statue on city hall.

18 July 2018

Of all the nude statues I’ve seen, the penis swan is by far the most elegant.

17 July 2018


14 July 2018

Met up with Malcolm in Prague. Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

13 July 2018

A lil piece of the Berlin Wall. Things have changed a little bit I hear.

12 July 2018

Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

11 July 2018

As far as buildings that look like marshmallows on a stick go, I think the CN tower wins

10 July 2018

Adios pupperinos

9 July 2018

Last night at Anne’s before moving on

8 July 2018

Borrowed Anne’s bike to ride 25km to watch Ant-man. They figured out how to make two pairs of glasses for 3D not the worst, and the sun was setting for the entire ride back.

7 July 2018

There are cows here as well, who knew

6 July 2018

5 July 2018

Spending the next week or so watching these dogs and doing some maintenance work in a small property in Denmark. They are good girls.

3 July 2018

Went to Malmö to watch the Sweden World Cup game. Was in the washroom when the only goal was scored 👉😎👉

2 July 2018

This statue is 20m away from the little mermaid, and I felt bad no one was taking pictures of it.

1 July 2018

This is not ideal.
Danish tradition is that when you graduate highschool you rent a bus with all of your friends and drive around the city screaming. Seems pretty cool.
Met "the bike mayor of Copenhagen."

29 June 2018

It's truly incredible how advanced this country is.
Most of my pictures from here are horrible but the museum was sweet.

28 June 2018

"Gothenburg's biggest cinnamon roll" Good, but could definitely be bigger.

27 June 2018

Sweden: 3 Mexico: 0

26 June 2018

Life has its Uppsalas and downs

24 June 2018

Swedish museums really grab you

23 June 2018

Midsummer festival, doing this hungover is the most important part of the tradition.

22 June 2018

I thought Sweden was a very progressive society. Very disappointed to see these seagulls wearing blackface. I understand their views don't reflect all Swedish birds, but it definitely shatters a lot of the illusions I had.

21 June 2018

19 June 2018

This is just a test post, there is nothing special about this bus.