Norway · 28 Days · 54 Moments · March 2016

Saxtyn 's odyssey through Norway

5 April 2016

I'm almost home

5 April 2016

First flight and I've got the entire row to myself!

4 April 2016

Last night in Norway! I attempted to make lutefisk and I'm not sure if I screwed it up preparing or if it really is that nasty 😂 thank god for back up sushi burrito plans

3 April 2016

These are my new friends
I went to the college area thing called kvarteret and there was a concert and I'm very drunk and Norway is great

2 April 2016

Been taking it easy since I can't walk more than a block without coughing up a lung on account of pneumonia so we've been binge watching game of thrones all night and we've almost finished the first season in two sittings

28 March 2016

Good news!! The doctors suspicion and pre cat scan diagnosis ended up being not the case!! No blood clots anywhere let alone in my lung. Just some crazy acute pneumonia
Most likely have a blood clot in my lung. Won't know for sure how bad it is until my CT scan that's coming up soon

27 March 2016

25 March 2016

Passing Drammen
The scenery between Bergen and Dale
I'm on the train to Oslo!

23 March 2016

McDonald's tastes exactly the same in Norway
Went for a hike

21 March 2016

Hanging out with Thea today!!
Done by Key at King Fisher Tattoo in Bergen. A super cool dude from Colorado

20 March 2016

The main exhibit at this museum lived up to its name

19 March 2016

Local brewery named for the 7 mountains around Beren
Rainy day

18 March 2016

and now home safe in bed
I got a hat cause I made friends with the bartender

17 March 2016

Go Liverpoollll!!
I forgot, this was my weird Norwegian lunch salty lamb thing

16 March 2016

Fiskekaker fra Söstrene Hagelin

15 March 2016

This is still my favorite view

14 March 2016

Drøm Søtt
Yesterday at a coffee shop I met this 45 year old man from Leeds who hadn't been home since he was in his early 20s. He went to culinary school at Cambridge and is basically just a vagabond chef. Right now he owns the cafe, but he's turning it into a Mediterranean restaurant. Probably one of the most interesting people I've met

13 March 2016

Coffee to kill a hangover

12 March 2016

Tried reindeer in the form of a sausage, checked out a farmers market, wandered the city. A good day of getting to know Bergen
Today I went to an art galleria's opening party and though the art was amazing and the vibe extremely enjoyable, however, the graffiti I passed wandering Bryygen and the city central caught my attention even more than art pieces with clever names like "In Cod We Trust."

11 March 2016

The prices here are so strange. The simplest things are so expensive like toothpaste and beer but then for only a few kroner more you can get a giant fillet of fresh fish
I'm shopping in a foreign country!
Norwegian mornings are beautiful
Good morning from nonstop fair from o'hare to Copenhagen!

10 March 2016

Made it home with Aurora! Now enjoying some wonderful Scooby Doo
My first view of a Norwegian fjord!
I forgot this selfie at the Copenhagen airport
Landed in Copenhagen!
My airborne night cap over Canada
An inflight gin and tonic!!
I'm so pumped for my first intercontinental flight!!
Had a hard time finding my way through the o'hare airport but I'm finally on my plane! I'm going to ask for a glass of wine once we get up there and see what happens since this is an international flight. Ready to take on Copenhagen and maybe sleep for a bit
Getting ready to land in Chicago!
Ha det SLC! Chicago is up next!

8 March 2016

Leaving tomorrow! Getting geared up for nearly 2 days of travel to get to Bergen. I'm feeling bitter sweet about leaving Magnolia for a month this close to her going to bootcamp. Time to go say a final goodbye to her