United States of America · 9 Days · 48 Moments · March 2018

Savilla's adventure in Phoenix, AZ, USA

14 March 2018

We landed safely and now it's over!
Last night we went to the local Knock Kneed Lobster restaurant that my big brother introduced me to a few years ago.Its close to my brothers house and a real good place for fish & chips.
All good things come to an end.😥 At the airport , boarding right now and it looks like we will have the big big watching over us this time. ( On the tail of the plane)
Goodbye Phoenix, Arizona!!
I went to see my aunt Barbara this morning who lives in Sun City!

13 March 2018

We had devotions at the hotel and then started our way back to Phoenix, going through a few National Parks and once again through beautiful Sedona. We stopped along the way at a road side stand and bought Indian Bread from the Navjos and it was wonderful.

12 March 2018

After we watched the show at the Imax Theater we headed out to see the sunset over the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon!
Sharon had matching shirts with the " Hershey Hikers" made for them, so it was easy to spot them on the trail. We parked the van and took the shuttle to the Bright Angel trail. We hiked down 3 miles and had a picnic on the rocks.And then hiked back up.

11 March 2018

We drive through a part of The Painted Desert and then on to our hotel in Tuba City, Arizona. The hotel was a beautiful place owned by the Hopi Indians. It was there that we learned that only the Navjo Indians accept daylight savings time, the rest of Arizona does not change there time. So on one side of the highway through town lived the Hopi Indians and the other side lived the Navjo Indians and so the times were different whenever we crossed the road! 😂😂 We saw some real authentic looking Indian villages! And got to chat with 2 older women at the laundromat who said years ago they remember a Mennonite coming to be a missionary to the Navjo Indians and they told us good memories of this person.
We entered the Petrified Forest National Park and stopped along the way to have a picnic lunch in the sunshine.
Along the way we saw old ruins & a windmill and by the time we reach Petrified Forest National Park it had cleared off. We stopped to use the bathroom & take some photos.
As we left the White Mountain Apache Reservation and headed further north to the Petrified Forest National Park we saw rainbows & dark storm clouds and drove many miles of long, endless highway across the middle of nowhere!
Sunday morning it was rainy and the clouds we're hanging low as we left Globe , Arizona and headed towards White Mountain Apache Reservation. Inspite of the rain, it's was a nice drive & when we got to the bridge & river it cleared off and we got out & took a walk down to the river.
After we picked up Kate's fiance on Saturday night we drove 1 1/2 hour to our hotel in Globe, Arizona. Sunday morning we slept in and then had " worship service" at the hotel before we head out and up north.

10 March 2018

We also went to watch the sun set over Phoenix from The Hole In The Rock while we waited on Kate's fiance to arrive at the airport.
Also along I-10 we saw 2 huge and I mean huge dairy barns. We got off the exit and drove past them but it was too late to get a tour. Jon loved it because he was a farmer in the past!
On our way back to Phoenix from San Bernardino, California on Saturday we saw hundreds and hundreds more of these wind thingys. We lost count because there was miles of them.

9 March 2018

As we headed out of the Death Valley desert we did see a crow and even some pretty yellow flowers. It's amazing how you notice " life" when you see " life" in such a dead, vast place far away from everything! We drove endless miles of highway for about 4 hours until we finally got to Barstow, California where we spend the night at a hotel.
Yes there was some puddles of water right there in the desert but it's " bad water". It's smelly & not good to consume. The white you see from afar looks like snow, but it's like a sulfur/sand type undescribable thing. Everything about it is death. You will find NOTHING alive here, except the people that are there. Of course it was perfect for us to visit as the temperature was in the 80's, but I can't imagine how extremely hot it would be in mid summer.
Bad Waters is a spot within the Death Valley desert that is the lowest spot in the USA. It's 282 feet below sea level. The mountains seem absolutely huge & towering when you stand there in amazement! You will see a sign up in the rocks that show you where the sea level is and how far below that level you are when you stand there. It was a good spot for family photos.
Some of them decided they want to get out and jog along a dirt road in Death Valley desert. 😊😎
From Las Vegas we headed straight to Death Valley! We saw a ghost town along the way and spend many hours driving miles of highway, in awe at the unique ways God formed the Earth and wondered in amazement!
We left Hoover Dam and headed towards Death Valley desert. On the way there we decided to drive through the town of Las Vegas and show the children what exactly all they have to be thankful for. We drove right past the hotel where the shooter shot out the window a few months ago , killing and hurting many who were at a concert down below. May the Lord Jesus go into the uttermost parts of Las Vegas!!!
Hoover Dam. ( Nevada)
We left Kingman and headed towards Hoover Dam which is located in Nevada. On the way there we were going to stop to see a ghost town, but discovered it has disappeared.
The beautiful hotel we stayed at in Kingman Arizona after leaving Sedona.

8 March 2018

A few more shots of the indescribable beauty of Sedona. Please take it in if you ever have a chance. Afterwards we were all very hungry & so we ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Their service and food was wonderful and it was my first time eating a slab of cactus with my fajitas. It was good!!!
We did the 1 1/2 hour Hummer tour up into the mountains of Sedona. I had done the Pink Jeep tour a number of years ago, but the rest we're in awe as we headed into the mountain, over the rocks & to the top. The guide/driver was brand new on the job, he had just moved there from Maine & was camping in his car until he makes enough money to rent a place! 🙄 He was kinda green, but we were thankful that he gave us the tour without dumping us over along the ways as we climbed the rocks. 😊
We drove through an original looking western town called Wickensburg and then up into the beautiful town in the mountains of Prescott! We left Prescott and drove through this unique little town called Jerome that is built right into the mountain side. It was a ghost town at one point and then the hippie's moved in and started using the buildings again and now it's a quaint little town. The road is extremely steep & has some very serious switchbacks and sometimes it's like your tires are passing inches from someone's front porch. We were in a hurry to get to our Jeep tour in Sedona so we didn't have time to stop and take in the town.
Thursday we left the flat owned by Amish where we were staying and headed northwest towards Prescott, stopping along the way, ending up in Sedona.

7 March 2018

Camelback Mountain!
We left Tuscon and came back to Phoenix and headed to Camelback Mountain to quick hike half way up and back down before sun set!
We had a picnic lunch up on the mountain.
We left Tuscon and started the drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. We got up as far as Summerhaven & the they had closed up the primitive road so we couldn't get on through, so we ended up driving back down 27 miles, the same route.
Endless stretch of highway for many miles.. towards Tuscon!
This morning the girls & I got up and took a walk through the neighborhood. We saw someone taking an early morning hot air balloon ride up over South Mountain and a homeless man sleeping on the park wall. There was so much beauty in the morning as we headed back to eat breakfast and then be on our way to Tuscon.

6 March 2018

After we were done eating , we had prayer time together & now we are all in bed. It's been a long day, crammed up on the plane. Tomorrow is a brand new day. !! 😴😴😴😴😴
Our supper. I made some fresh gaucomola from the avocado I got at the market.
We went grocery shopping after we got back from North Mountain!
Our Chevy Van parked in front of our flat where we will be staying!
Landed at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix around 4:00. Claimed our bags then headed over to get our rental van, then off to find our house!!
Flying Frontier and we have Mr Raccoon on the tip of of the wing looking out for us! ( Note leaving the snow behind!!!)
Nalani & I are excited that we are on the plane, ready to head to Arizona!! 😂
Here we are....all 9 of us, together for 9 days! 😊
My bags are packed & I'm ready for 9 days of Sun!!!!! ✈️☀️