Canada · 2 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

Savannah's Adventure In Thunder Bay, Ontario

4 October 2016

You have to turn the last post because I took the pic horizontally, so😕 yeah😑
We finally arrived at La Quinta Inn and Suites! Time to get to bed, shuttle goes out at 4:30 and flight goes out at 6
Volleyball practice was cancelled, so I get to leave earlier, so then I can use the fitness room!🤗
I'm so excited, we leave today right after volleyball practice! I' m on the school bus right now with my friends showing them this blog.

3 October 2016

I am just so excited to go and visit Canada. Even though I go every year sometime twice every year, every time is special. But, this time is even more special than the other times, this may be the last time that I get to see my grandfather before he dies. 😭