United States of America · 4 Days · 7 Moments · December 2016

Savannah's adventure in Las Vegas, NV, Uni...

19 December 2016

We saw a beautiful sunset before we began our decent back to Atlanta

18 December 2016

Last full day in Vegas!! We got to ride in dune buggies in the desert. I low key thought I was going to die!! Sarah was laughing while I was crying. After that we saw our last show, O by Cirque du Soleil!! Wow, what an amazing performance. We were in awe over the performers!! After we enjoyed our last meal together, followed by a delicious desert!! We don't want to go back to reality!!!

17 December 2016

The staff at Exotics Racing was so helpful and friendly!! Spent the day watching people race around after Sarah and I got to drift in a corvette. Then later in the evening we saw David Copperfield perform and Sarah got to go on stage twice. What???!!! Then we walked around the New York New York to buy awful, over priced mini pretzels and chocolate popcorn. I don't advise buying food from there.

16 December 2016

It was a little windy today, but beautiful none the less. I'm in awe of what God has created, and blessed to be able to share this experience with my best friend. Truly breathtaking
LOVE was by far the most amazing show I have ever seen live. I was mesmerized by the performers!! Can't wait for Cirque Du Soleil to come to Atlanta
Today we went to the skywalk at the Grand Canyon. We got lost, but ended up taking Route 66!! Get your kicks on Route 66 was stuck in my head the entire time. We had to drive at least 20 miles on a dirt road in the middle of no where, but didn't think about getting a flash tire until we were 13 miles in! Eventually, we made it to the breathtaking view. My dad yelled every time I got close to the edge, but that didn't stop me. Now we're on our way back to the hotel to see LOVE Cirque Du Soleil!! More pictures to come

15 December 2016

What a way to start our day!! Once we arrived at our hotel, we wondered until we agreed on a restaurant to eat dinner. It was excellent!! The chocolate cake was to die for, even if my pants didn't agree with me. After we ate dinner Sarah and I went on the roller coaster at the NYNY, and we weren't expecting how legit it would be. 10/10 recommend, if you enjoy tall, fast rides. Overall, our first night has been a success!!