United States of America · 5 Days · 6 Moments · November 2018

Savannah Georgia Fall 2018

14 November 2018

Back to river street today!!! Kristen and me went on a walk around town today and made it back down to river street to hop around to different shops! We also walked farther down and found this really cool ship fountain. As you can also see it was very chilly out today so we got all bundled up! I cant complain to much though because it’s in the 20s back home! 😮 ❄️ After making it back downtown more we did some shopping and stopped and had a late breakfast at the Little Duck Dinner. Super good coffee and an even better breakfast! I had one of my favs biscuits and gravy 😋. The rest of the day consisted of going to the park and ending the night making a fort for the kids!! Which I had to drag them out of at the end of the night 😂 hoping for better weather as I only have 6 days left till I go back to the cold for a week.

13 November 2018

I finally got out for awhile today to venture a little bit on my own! I took the bike down to river street because it’s so cute and unique down there. Also I love watching the huge barges come in the river from the ocean. There’s something about them that I find so fascinating! River street is so unique because they still have the old cobblestone and railroad from back in the day. I feel like I’m in a different country when I’m down there, but that just my opinion! Also I got to stop at the Candy Kitchen which has TO DIE FOR ice cream 😋. Then I went and biked around for awhile till I had to go back and came across one of the oldest cemeteries. FUN FACT: there are 10,000 bodies buried here but only 500 head stones. Hurricanes and age have taken some too. I didnt get to walk around to much cause of time but there is a wall with all of them that they have found but didn’t know where they belonged. Lastly I got to talk to my gram today and talk with her for a bit! Which completed the day

12 November 2018

Since Veterans Day was on a weekend today is the big day it’s celebrated. So there was a huge parade we attended! I have to say if you have never been to a southern parade you have to go! Their drumline is AMAZING! The parade took about 2 hours so the first part we went to Savannah Coffee Roaster and had a little breakfast and a latte. Then we walked a little closer to home to finish the parade! Later on the kids an me went to the square outside the house and played with some chalk ☺️. Slowly we made our way down to Forsyth Square where there is a beautiful fountain and a nice park for the kids to loose some energy.. which they needed it 😳. Also peep the doggy in my photos! There is little fur balls everywhere and Sammy want to pet every single one! The weather was really nice today beside the 2 minutes of sprinkles we got. Unfortunately is suppose to kinda rain on and off all week. So let’s pray that changes 🙏🏼

11 November 2018

It’s party day here in Savannah as it’s Eric’s Birthday and also his best friends 50th and we are throwing a surprise party for him and a party for Eric. We started off our day at a really unique breakfast cafe called the Foxy Loxy. They are well known for their breakfast crescents and rolls. They also have a very peaceful back patio we’re you can enjoy your breakfast and also the cool fish pond filled with LOTS of fish! 🐠 We are on our way back now to get ready for a southern birthday dinner at the house! 😁 Tonight’s surprise turned out. He had no clue at all. The kids and me then went upstairs and had our own little party ourselves but we all had a pretty long day so we turned in a little early tonight. Tomorrow is the start of a fresh week! Hopefully lots in store and good weather 🙏🏼

10 November 2018

After a very well needed night rest. I woke up to an absolute beautiful day. It wasn’t overly hot out but the sun kept you nice and warm. Sam and me went on an adventure around town today. We stopped in some really unique shops and went to Ellis square to run around. That’s where we met up with Lucy. Then we ventured to look at the squares and old buildings. Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia. So there is a lot of history behind everything. Later on after after everyone napped we all went back downtown and went out to eat at an Indian cuisine restaurant. It was absolutely delicious. I’m a very picky eater but I’ve been trying to work on that. There’s so many types of food that are amazing if you just go in with an open mind. Overtime I have learned that one thing that keeps me happy is having an open mind about everything. You can pre judge somethings just by how it sounds or looks 💕✌🏼

9 November 2018

Today started off at 3:30 this morning. I had to wake up a little extra early today as there is snow falling here in Wisconsin. It’s actually our first snowfall of the year. My flight was schedule to depart at 5:45; however, with the yucky weather we got on the plane and they decided they had to de-ice the plane. 7:00 O’clock finally rolled around and I was off to warm weather 🙌🏻. My first stop was the ohh sooo busy Atlanta airport. When I arrived the weather was not so good here either. The best part was it was not snowing ☺️. Here I had to switch around my flights to make it to Savannah. Which is a really big headache. When you have a set time to be somewhere it always sucks when you have to push things back. I just have to think to myself how blessed I am to be here in the first place! I then made it to the Savannah airport where I met my uber. Let me tell you my uber driver Venita made my trip to downtown amazing. Finally I made so lu, Sam, and me went out to venture. ☀️