Australia · 9 Days · 6 Moments · January 2019

Savages Road Brewery

27 January 2019

Day 7 - Coopers Larger - Specific gravity now 1.015 (moved from 1.017 yesterday). So still fermenting. Still not high ABV at 2.49%. Will wait another day and check again to see if fermentation has completed. Went and brought a larger container today to place the fermenter into for the next batch and fill with water. Starting to plan my next beer a Red IPA. Will discuss more in a future post.

26 January 2019

Decided to head over to my closest home brew shop. Location Wacol. The guy was great. I had lots of questions and he was more than happy to provided some suggestions. First was around cleaning and sanitisaton. Got the right products so now ready for bottling. Also brought a bottle tree and bottle cleaner to help with the process. I then had a long chat about temperature control. Obviously the best solution is to buy a fridge and a control panel to be able to monitor the temperature. Something definitely for the wish list moving forward. He is provide other options such as put the fermentor in a large container filling with water and place a towel to help cool it down. Thinking about it now. How do you do with the collar. Anyway something to explore. He then showed me all the opinions to go different beers from extract kits to wort from all in brewery to various options in between. His advice. Was try doing a beer that you love no matter now hard. Ok so let’s do a Red IPA!
The brew has been fermenting for 6 days so time to time to check the specific gravity. Was 1.017. If it is the same tomorrow then we know fermentation has stopped and we can start the bottling process. If fermentation has stopped the ABV would be 2.23% which is a little underwhelming. Starting to think something has happened with the high temperatures which had caused the low ABV. Tasted the brew. The taste was a bit watery with a slight bitter aftertaste. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

24 January 2019

The weather has been quite warm in Brisbane this week and I am concerned in the effect on the brew. Rather than trying to fix it I have decided to leave it and go and discuss at a home brew store over the weekend so get some advice for my next Brew. Most days the temperature was 28 degrees when I arrived home from work.

19 January 2019

The brew kit came with a Coopers Lager Extract Kit so for the first brew it was obvious to go with this. So after watching the instructional videos it was time to brew. Extract Kit - Coopers Larger Malt / Sugar - Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 Fermentation temperature was 25 degree in line with the rate of between 21 to 27 degrees. Specific Gravity was 1.034. I am not expecting an amazing beer on the first attempt given the basic extract kit and the high temperatures.

18 January 2019

This journal will be a record on my journey in the world of home brewing. Jo and H brought be a coopers home brew kit for my birthday. I have wanted to home brew for a number of years but have always been a little nervous to start and didn’t really know where to begin. Let the journey start!