Zimbabwe · 5 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Sarosi Family in Zimbabwe

14 July 2017

The sunsets at RSC were simply beyond description- Mother Nature at her finest. The dead mopane trees in the lake added a surreal element. Here are just a few shots of many
Some shots of around camp and fishing. Most importantly is that Nate learned to make a proper Gin & Tonic! The quintessential African sundowner drink! Got some really cool drone footage too!

13 July 2017

We went on game drives, did a cool walking Safari through the bush, kids drove the Land Rover around, went fishing and just hung out in camp. Peter, one of the owners and the most experienced bush guide I have ever had entertained us with his stories of his experiences in Africa for the past 35 years. He was so funny we were peeing in our pants with laughter😂😂😂. Some of the very best African stories ever!
Rhino Safari Camp 2 nights only here at RSC in the Matsudona national park, a 1100 sq mile NP once famous for black rhino. Much to our surprise, we were the only guests booked there for the next 2 nights😁 Because this NP is so remote, and this is currently the only operating camp in the NP, we were the only tourists in the entire park!! Pretty awesome. Once we arrived and were created by the staff and resident elephant Marula, a younger bull that has made the camp his fav hangout. Quite amazing having this beautiful 6 ton beast only a few feet away. We had to be escorted to our rooms by the armed guides. Sometimes we couldn't go to our chalet as marula was a roadblock. Our chalet was simple but the outdoor bathroom was perfect - nothing better than showering under stars The camp is entirely constructed of local materials and well appointed with the most important things you need in the bush - hot showers, cozy beds and good food
Landed in Kariba town at 8am after a few hours of sleep on the open deck of the ferry. It was hard to sleep as the moon was so bright. The ferry had pretty cozy mattresses and blankets that people just arranged throughout the boat to crash for the night. Next stop was Rhino Safari Camp which was an hour boat ride from the ferry landing place. After some confusion about where exactly the boat charter place was located, I flagged down a white local Good Samaritan who took us right to the place. Got on the boat with the boat driver Funny Boy and another guy named Proud, after a 2 hour tour of the town and headed to RSC!

12 July 2017

Few more pics from the ferry ride. I had read about this ferry and definitely wanted to cram it into our itinerary. It was really difficult to get there with our Namibia trip ending so late but was certainly worth the detour😁

11 July 2017

After the stay in Mbilizi, we boarded the Sea Lion ferry for the 24 hr journey the length of Lake Kariba. The trip was truly magical. Completely remote, we didn't see another boat or signs of humans for nearly the entire trip. The food was good, snacks great (kapenta-deep fried fish) with cold Zambezi beer is awesome! The ferry stopped for an hour so people could swim, kids jumping of the deck with their new friends from California and Cape Town. They played cards till midnight and all slept out on the back deck of the ferry by themselves. We were treated to a spectacular sunset and an amazing fire ball of the full moon rising over the lake. Lily and I hung with folks, eating and drinking, talking about African travels and just watching the amazing spectacle of nature. A Great experience !

10 July 2017

Day 2 After the white water adventure-disaster, we got picked up for the 3 hr drive to Mbilzi were we will pick up the Lake Kariba ferry for our 24 hr ferry ride across the 2nd largest man made lake in Africa. This village of Mbilzi is pretty remote and driving the rural roads of Africa is for me very interesting and humorous. We stayed with the Burtons, Rose & Don who have a modest lake side house. I connected with them thru the ferry company as a good accommodation to stay as the ferry leaves early the next morning. It was a lovely time with them and we learned a lot about how low income whites live in an African country. A different perspective. They host tourists and groups going on the ferries for meals too and the other family of 10, 3 generations were from Oakland so it was nice to catch up with them.
Namibia to Victoria Falls We turned in our beast truck early morning completely filthy - not sure how they are ever going to get that truck clean again. A quick 1.5 hr flight to Vic Falls for a very fast visit - less than 24 hours! We went out for dinner at the classic Victoria Falls hotel and had some memorable taxi rides. Next morning was white water time down the mighty Zambezi!! Just the boys and I, lily did it 20 years ago and one time was enough for her. We had an awesome trip but on rapid 16, called the Terminator where we got terminated. The raft flipped and we all went into the rapid - not fun and scary. We survived but in turning the raft over, we had to jump off the top of the raft back into the river so the guide could flip it right side up. I jumped in and my shin landed on a submerged rock which wasn't a friendly one😩 ended up with a good gash, bloody and frickin painful. Still had 8 more rapids to go before the 800 vertical foot climb up the canyon wall😢