France · 20 Days · 68 Moments · July 2017

Sarina's voyage in France

22 July 2017

Sorry forgot to say that this beautiful cathedral is in Orvieto, we were there for about 4hrs before heading to Perugia where we will be staying for 4 days
On the road.

21 July 2017

Last night at the villa!

19 July 2017

Went into town about a half put away from villa. We ate at a restaurant which I was kinda stressed to order pizza since my top five choices were unavailable in the pastas and salads but it was still good. Not as good as the home made or the one I had by the lake(more info later) but still good. Then we went to a large convenience store much like our Costco where I picked up a pack of chewing gum since I accidentally left mine back in Nice. And then we had dinner; risotto. It was SUPER yummy!

18 July 2017

Went for a walk into the town next to our villa and got some gelato I got melon it was ehh ok. But we had a cute cat sit with us for a while named him Fred.

17 July 2017

Went to this cool old castle, story has it that most of the castle broke off during an earth quake and this is what's left. Very touristy but also pretty.

16 July 2017

Pizza night!!!
Our views and the pool we have here as well

15 July 2017

My ceiling in my shared bedroom with Anicë
Food! Not sure if this was on our first nights stay but hey it was a dinner we had.
The road to the villa
This is the kitchen in the villa we're staying in. Love it!
On the road again.

14 July 2017

We are at this restaurant which was superb in every way, wonderful waiters spectacular food it was just perfect! I had the mint pesto spaghetti and a cheesecake in a small mason jar for desert but Anice's tiramisu was sublime!
On the wall
Our first day in Italy we spent our time in Lucca it was beautiful. We walked around until we found a restaurant, reserved a table then went for a walk on the wall surrounding the city. Had a great day!
Now we move on tooooooooo........ITALY!!!!

12 July 2017

10 July 2017

Yes, lets sell brains at a kids shop! Fantastic!

9 July 2017

Went shopping with the girls again, the starts are lit up in hot topic very cool. And then we rode the metro(this is a few shopping trips in one btw)

8 July 2017

Went to this fancy restaurant where they only serve steak or salmon with chips(fries). It was very interesting, didn't really like the chips too much oil for me but the rest of it was good. This was my first encounter with Anice's grandparents they were very interesting and lively. But I enjoyed meeting them and also enjoyed our later encounters as well.
Went to the market, a lot like the Saturday market we have in Eugene but no live music, and there was a wedding taking place right in the square though I wasn't allowed to take pictures.
Some cool buildings

7 July 2017

Went with Mrs.Rebecca and Anice to go to the orthodontist. It's in a very large apartment practically the whole floor of an apartment building very different from in the US.
Hey sorry it's been a while since my last update, we are in Italy at the moment but I wanted to take a moment and share the rest of my France, Nice pictures with everyone.
At the grocery store.

6 July 2017

Back from the beach took a shower and am about to go on a walk with my family here! Yay!
The beach was beautiful and the water was very pleasant. Had a couple of pigeons stay and visit with us a bit. Found out many different things to do at the beach. Water pong pong, water frisbee, and tanning your whole upper half regardless if your male or female.
Today's lunch at Locoloco a cute small place with very different mozzarella cheese. It was all tasty, though I don't think I've ever had to wait so long for a salad.
This is the view from the apartment I'm staying at in Nice. Beautiful!

5 July 2017

On the plane ride. This is on the first plane cause my phone died and I didn't get another window seat but here are some pictures flying over Oregon.
Saying goodbye to my beautiful family. Will miss them on this long excursion but I know that they will have a fantastic 4th of July.
On my way to the airport to get on my first plane out of three.

3 July 2017

Just want to share with everyone some of my favorite moments with someone I am missing dearly! His name is Stiles and he's my boy. ❤️