United States of America · 40 Days · 26 Moments · July 2016

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25 August 2016

Went to DeadWood South Dakota and had a marvelous time with my family, spent a lot more time there than we thought we would, and spent a lot more too.
The largest bikers bar in the nation, well not anymore. Sat at an outside "bar" and had a nice cool beer and shopped for some souvenirs, had a great time here in Sturgis.

23 August 2016

This will be the beginning of my trip for the summer, goodbye Oregon hello Minnesota.

22 August 2016

So pretty in the dark cave.
Had to stop at the Mammoth caves to check it out, they are so cool, and warm?

21 August 2016

Had a good dinner at Brios and are now walking off all the carbs in the purple people bridge watching the spectacular sunset listening to live music on the water. It has been such a fabulous trip sad to have to leave tomorrow.
Went to a Museum to see Da Vinci, it was spectacular! The art and the work he did was phenomenal. Spent a good three hours in the exhibit with everyone just learning all kinds of things.
On the road again!

20 August 2016

Sorry for the bad photos, it began raining. I know it's hard to see but I hope you can see a small part of the artistic beauty that the people of this beautiful city have created.(we're in Cincinnati by the way)
The architecture here is spectacular, what happened to the hard work and creativity that we used to make?Nowadays there's only boxes and triangles.
Cute! Found a very interesting snail, well my dad did but he's still cute. And more plants.
There is so much to see, we have already been here for about two hours and were Maybe half way through.
Plants plants plants. They are so beautiful! I love this trip, it just keeps getting better and better!
Now the Japanese room, it's amazing how these small trees are actually vary large and old, they can grow bigger but these ones have been trimmed in a way they won't grow bigger. Incredible little Bonsai trees.
Now the orchid room.
In the desert room.
We are in a gorgeous conservatory in Cincinnati and are currently in the "normal" flower section.

19 August 2016

Wow what a welcome party!!!! Apparently every other Friday the citizens of Kentucky/ Ohio decide to let off a whole bunch of fireworks on the Ohio river on Fridays, just to celebrate the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. Absolutely beautiful, got to see the bell of peace in our way over to see the fireworks. Very cool stuff, so far this has been a great trip.
Had a wonderful visit. Sorry don't have any photos on this phone to put up. Anyways we had a marvelous visit with our "cousins" and are now in our way to Kentucky/Ohio to see another one of my cousins.

17 August 2016

It's not everyday you can see two of the Great Lakes at once! It's hard to tell but on one side is lake Hiron and the other Michigan, not that you can tell from my bad photos but they are huge, and very beautiful even though it's raining.

16 August 2016

Michigan is beautiful as well. Almost to our hotel we will stay at for the night before reaching another one of our friends place where we will stay for about two days, can't wait to see them!

15 August 2016

Still in Minnesota, though instead of being in the middle of the woods am now in Minneapolis with some family friends of ours catching up on the years away from one another. Got to see my very first ice hockey game, we won! Met some wonderful people on the way as well. Gonna stay here for a few days then head out for Michigan.

13 August 2016

Just got out of camp. It's been over a month since I've seen my beautiful family. Although my sister wasn't there my parents drove all the way to get me. When I saw them I cried of happiness, so did they. Had to perform three dances for everyone who came to pick up their kids before being able to leave with my own. All my sensei said goodbye to me which made me happy and also sad to leave, being with them for a whole month makes it hard to part with these amazing women. Will miss them dearly.

1 August 2016

Been at my camp for two weeks already, everyone is taking a break from it all hanging out at the mall in Fargo ND. Hanging out with my group of friends. Don't they all look just excited and happy?

17 July 2016

Pictures from the train ride traveling through many states.

16 July 2016

On the train ready to take off, will be on it for three days two nights. Missing my family already, but super excited.