United Kingdom · 8 Days · 39 Moments · September 2017

Cornwall - September 2017

23 September 2017

Stourhead Gardens - Cottage folly and Temple of Apollo.
Stourhead Gardens and grotto
We stopped at Stourhead House on the way home for a few hours - it had a lovely library room.
We left Cornwall and the doggies around 11ish

22 September 2017

Eden Project - Gardens outside
Eden Project - Gardens outside with Eve sculpture made from mud.
Eden Project - Mediterranean Biome
Eden Project - Flowers, Pineapple plants, Banana tree, Boab Rum Smoothies Bar and Coffee bushes in the Rainforest Biome.
Eden Project - Rainforest Biome, with birds that live there!
The Eden Project - Entrance and the Rainforest Biome

21 September 2017

The Lizard Lighthouse - We took the last tour of the week at 4.15pm, and were taken up into the lamp room. It was hot up there! It used to have two working towers but one lamp was decommissioned. They paint the chimneys in between black so that the two towers can be seen easily.
Lizard Point - views, and a hovering helicopter
Lizard Point - most Southernly point in the UK
Lizard Point - map and picture from the car park where it looks like people are being beamed up by aliens
St Michaels Mount - The gardens
St Michaels Mount - From the top of the castle ramparts, its chapel, and on the way back down the hill... the giants heart (a tiny heart shaped cobblestone)
St Michaels Mount - Inside the castle
St Michaels Mount - Top of the hill, south side of the castle
St Michaels Mount - Top of the hill, north side of the castle
St Michaels Mount - on the way up the hill to the castle
St Michael's Mount - walked along the beach and over to the island by foot using the causeway

20 September 2017

Popped into Boscastle Harbour on the way back from Tintagel to mooch and pick up some milk bottle sweets. Loads of people had yellow rain coats! (Including me)
The old post office at Tintagel. We didn't go in as we were running out of parking time.
Tintagel Castle with Mike. It was very windy and rainy so we didn't go up into the castle ruins
Walked Barney and Loki at Cardinham woods with Mikes mum, and then had lunch there

19 September 2017

Padstow, looking across to Rock
Lunch at Padstow Harbour
Boat to Padstow with Mike and his mum

18 September 2017

Lanhydrock house
Lanhydrock house

17 September 2017

Watched Wonder Woman in Phil's flat
Mike cleaning old car
Sand dunes
Sand dunes
Sand dunes
Me and Mike went for a walk along the sand dunes
Looking at Mikes new car

16 September 2017

Driving to Cornwall. Arrived sometime after 11.30pm