United States of America · 7 Days · 76 Moments · January 2019

Sarasota Florida round 2

23 January 2019

U don’t see that every day!!!
Had a blast in Sarasota. Some good memories. Headed out today for Clearwater Florida

19 January 2019

Taking a time out
I got some sun today
We enjoying some sun.
He’s tired from the walk to town for a pup cup and back
Beach walking
You can take the Amish out the fields and away from there horses BUT The drive is still in them even on the beach I might have even heard them yelling lido beach baby LMAO

18 January 2019

Made it to Sarasota. He is whooped after running on the beach at nighttime.
Taking a break
More pics
Orange picker
Found a lil spot to run buck and I decided to catch some rays
We found a spot to run buck and run apon a truck hauling bees.
The detour
On the road goin to take a little detour
Breakfast with my fresh squeezed MAUHWA

17 January 2019

Gonna rest here for the night. Buck couldn’t go on the beach because he wasn’t ADA trained. There’s no such thing. But we didn’t want to to up the fight. Fuck em.
Lifeguard PD is on top things out there
Banana boat with peanut butter and chocolate is awesome
On our way to Daytona beach. On the road at 11:30
Working on her tan in Jan
The pool and hot tub steaming this morning
Such a beautiful morning

16 January 2019

Just passing through
Bucky has to have a pee break
Stop off in Douglas Georgia for a Wendy’s salad and chili
Updating my journey
Look at all that cotton!!!
Going to fill my jug up and pee!!
I’ll never go thirsty again!!
On the road at 10:00. We are going to take a scenic route. Through Jacksonville, Daytona beach and Orlando. Let the adventures begin.