United States of America · 2846 Days · 4 Moments · November 2009

New York trip

17 August 2017

NYC- Coney island It was a great experience be in this part of New York city.This city was full of roller coasters.Whenever you looked there was some roller coaster.There was a great restaurant with breakfast food(sandwiches,toast,pancakes and waffles).We went to big aquarium. There was a show with seal.

16 August 2017

NYC-Top of the rock🏙 At the beginning there was sooo many people and for tickets we must waited about 30 minutes but it was worth it.When you were upstairs there was all around glass fences when you could photographing or making a videos.That view was abolutely amazing.You can saw central park,empire state building,one world....all New york city.I recommend it...it was the best tourits attraction in NYC

15 August 2017

NYC-Time Square🎇 Time square was fabulous.When I first saw the time square i knew that i love it.There was an amazing atomsphere.I didn’t like that all the time square was filled by people but i know i couldn’t change it. All these shining signs was amazing.

2 November 2009

NYC- First day🗽 We arrived to NYC at 11:00am✈️.We went with taxi but it wasn’t a good choice because it cost about 50$.Our hotel was in Manhattan near to Time square🏙First day was relaxing and without plants.We went to Bryant park just for a little walk.And then to a hotel🏢