United States of America · 15 Days · 33 Moments · July 2015

McSatty Voyage USA

16 July 2015

We're home!!

15 July 2015

Idaho memories... Early morning drive, sunrise, family, swimming, water slide, football tosses, horses, flies, watering 24/7, hay, kids store, new baby, late night chats.

14 July 2015

Wyoming memories... Beautiful landscape, bison, moose, elk, Yellowstone, loooong drive, bike riding around geysers, warm rivers, BBQing in the parking lot, road construction, pastries, sweatshirts, pretty scenery.

13 July 2015

South Dakota memories... Badlands, big horn sheep, prairie dogs, no bison, pretty land, Mt Rushmore, boring speaker, presidents light up at night, crazy pizza bar, tourist traps, late night driving.
Nebraska memories... Corn, Ryan Masloskie, Omaha, malt shakes, sandwiches, rooftop flower shop, dumping water fountains.

11 July 2015

Mt Rushmore

10 July 2015

Omaha, Nebraska
Missouri memories... Fireflies, grandma, good food, fireworks, loud cicadas, Katy trail, climbing for fresh water, floods, Missouri River, Amish furniture and candy, chatty Amish guy, Amish, cousins, Royals stadium.
Kansas memories... Driving, driving, driving, cowtown, tacos on the road, corn, green, storm clouds.

8 July 2015

Oklahoma memories... Visiting Stephanie, 4 dogs, good bar-b-q, storm cellar, squished frogs, good nights sleep, flat, walk down memory lane for the McKnights. 😃
Texas memories... Visiting Grandma Bettie, Marcus and Debbie, swimming at the KOA, cold chick fillet, warm playground, crazy storm, leaky RV, lots of rain/lightning/flooding, closed drive in, yummy breakfast, loooong tire fill up, and kids splashing in puddles.
Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita, Kansas

7 July 2015

Texas sized storms last night! KOA pool and puddles were fun!
New Mexico memories... Water parks, flat tires, bad AAA, God's cussing angel Kenny, Bear Gryllis rain structure, escalators in target, loud train rest stops, cold Denny's and water spills.

6 July 2015

Visit with grandma Bettie in Lubbock, TX.
Rest stop exercises!!

5 July 2015

Flat tires in New Mexico. Boo. Luckily God sent a cursing, stressed out angel. Thank you God!!
Arizona memories... Cliff dwelling, Grand Canyon, pocket knives, Jeremie freaking out, pics on the edge, Flagstaff fireworks, driving and driving, kids sleeping/adults awake listening to trains, Navajo fights, Linkon {almost} pushing his dad in the Grand Canyon, amazing scenery.

4 July 2015

Utah memories... Dinosaur footprints, red rocks, Zion, swimming in the river, floating Dean down the river, hiking Emerald Falls, flash floods, timing running speeds on car speed checker, RV living, black water flooding, excited kids, beautiful.
1000 miles into our trip!!!
Grand Canyon north rim... 😃😃

3 July 2015

Zion Park hiking... 😃😃
Zion National Park, Utah. Beautiful!!!

2 July 2015

Dinosaur footprints and ice cream in St. George, Utah!
Nevada memories: Wild stallions, Bulls crossing, heat, dessert. Cactus, exploring the desert in Jammie's, slushies, rest stop, Dean alarm clock at 5:00!

1 July 2015

Driving through Nevada...
Eating pizza in Tahoe!!
RV Life!!