Finland, Russia · 8 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

My Summer Internship in Russia

9 June 2017

One of the best birthdays ever! On Friday 9 June I turned 20 years old. In the morning I was getting ready for work when someone rang the doorbell. As I opened the door I could only see a ton of balloons in front of me. Behind the balloons suddenly appeared a lady who told me that it was a delivery from Yaroslav. I was so surprised, touched, and amused at the same time that just I put the balloons in my room and stared at them for awhile. Then Yaro's parents came to pick me and Lisa up and with them they brought me super pretty flowers and perfume as another gift from Yaro. It was so extraordinary that I couldn't do anything but smile about it, he's such an amazing boyfriend in all ways:) Then we arrived at the school and I was immediately greeted by all the students who gave me adorable gifts and and sang me a birthday song, which was so amazing and sweet from them. In the end of the day we had a great Chinese style party at the school, which was the perfect way to end the best day:)

6 June 2017

First week of iWeCamp! On Monday I was super nervous to start actual teaching for the first time in my life. I had some doubts about myself but I was also feeling very excited which helped me to overcome those doubts. The lessons went surprisingly well and the students were super sweet and easy to work with. Outside the lessons we went outside to play games, to the movies (dubbed in Russian though, that was an experience), and to an extreme park, which was probably the coolest thing I've seen for a long time and I felt (a little) jealous of the kids who got to try all those cool activities. After the week was done I was feeling super tired but also happy that it had gone so well and that I actually realized how much I liked teaching.

2 June 2017

The first days in Russia went by really fast. I spent my time with my boyfriend Yaroslav and his family that takes care of me during my time here. Now, I was a little concerned about how the communication between us would work since I basically don't speak any Russian at all and they barely speak any English but as it turns out, by using hand gestures and understanding meanings through loan words and such it's fairly easy to understand one another. And in case of an emergency we use Google Translator:D We had an amazing time that weekend seeing Dmitrov, eating out, and just relaxing. I also met quickly with the staff of Language Study Center where I would be working and they all seemed really nice so I couldn't wait to start working with them! Of course I was sad that Yaro and I won't see each other for two months but I'm sure it will work out alright. Anyways, after the weekend I was relaxed and exited that on Monday my internship would finally begin!

1 June 2017

It was time to start my journey to Russia! I got my visa in the morning of my departure from Finland due to some minor earlier difficulties (I got my passport and wallet stolen in Spain). Despite all the craziness that had been happening the past two weeks I was so excited to go and honestly, even though I had been to Russia before I had no idea what to expect.