New Zealand · 30 Days · 25 Moments · September 2017

Sara's tour through New Zealand

29 October 2017

C1 restaurant . .. Harry potter audiobook in toilet

26 October 2017

Milford sound
Wanaka to Queenstown Puzzling world Tire swing mark & Tata etc Dinner on warf Bridge bungie
Wanaka to Queenstown Puzzling world Tire swing mark & Tata etc Dinner on warf

13 October 2017

Wanaka Rob Roy glacier
Wanaka 15th Skiing Wine at cork
Franz josef to wanaka 14th That wanaka tree
Franz josef Rain ... everything cancelled Hot pools Move hot fuzz

12 October 2017

Manhipua to franz josef Heli-hike cancelled Free wine Attempt skydive Saw a kiwi

11 October 2017

 We had a long bus drive in front of us today but we had many stops with different walks. We explored the pancake rocks and water holes and walked along the coastline for a bit, we stopped in a city to get lunch and buy costumes for the dress up party which was to take place that night. That afternoon we arrived at “The Poo Pub” – a unique stay of Kiwi Experience. We all explored the nature around the hostel and walked to the lake close by. A few of our group got out their swimmers and jumped into the bloody cold lake. An awesome home-cooked meal was waiting for us when we got back to the hoste

10 October 2017

Kaiterriterri to westport Sunrise Walk to lighthouse Hitch hike Gym Unit room Cute dog Bazils

9 October 2017

Wellington to Nelson to kaiterriterri Ferry crossing

8 October 2017

Wellington Night out Midnight shopping Go back

7 October 2017

River valley is a ranch smack bang in the middle of the North Island, it is the finest representation of rural NZ. There are no points for guessing that a beautiful river runs straight through the middle of this valley and so it gets it name. There was no television, no wifi, no phone signal and it was nothing short of magic. For a small second, I thought we had fast-forward to Christmas day with the roast dinner we were served – roast chicken, cheesy broccoli, and gallons of gravy. The next 24 hours were so chilled – card games, river walks, hot chocolates – the works. It’s on my ‘go back there’ list. Although rain canceled my horse ride we went on a walk (again muddy and up a hill) Firstly, we had to get across the river on a rickety plank which stopped in the middle so you had to pull yourselves along a rope the rest of the way. Then came the hour climb, across waterfalls and landslides on a narrow path for an incredible waterfall and river rapids view.

6 October 2017

Taupo Tonoringo crossing

5 October 2017

Rotoroua started with me departing the bus for my first solo adventure! A walk in the geothermal park past smelly bubbly mud pits and steam vents from the earth started the day. After a "short" walk to the luge i had my first mishap of the adventure ... loosing my glasses on the gondola. After a mini freakout someone handed them in and i was ready to luge! Racing down the tracks on a NZ exclusive gocartish contraption i got some massive airtime and a real-life Mario experience- just needed to add bananana. Following the luge with incredible views of lake Rotorua i took the gondala down and was ready to ogo. Picture this- big ball of water rolling down the mountain with Sara inside. Perks include hot tub on top of the hill! With not much time to spare I hitched a taxi to go white water rafting! With a boat full of my Mexican friends we floated and fell down rapids and waterfalls including a 7m drop. Our guide was hilarious. The day finished with a walk around Night markets & late Bus.

4 October 2017

TAMAKI VILLAGE At night, we headed to the Tamaki Maori Village for a kiwi exclusive overnight stay/cultural experience. This was AMAZING. We had all you can eat afternoon tea with banana loaf, fried bread and hot chocs. We then played some hilarious Maori games, learned a Maori song/dance and set up camp for the night in a 20-bed dorm smack bang in the middle of the forest. Our evening involved a tour of the grounds – learning all about the Maori culture which I LOVE because they are such spiritual people. We watched them dance and perform the Haka and it was nothing short of beautiful – as were the men. Our evening dinner was cooked traditionally in the ground using geothermal activity, if that’s not impressive then I don’t know what is. Again, this was served in buffet form. The night finished with sitting by the fire and a dip in the not-so-traditional hot tubs with $5 wine witg truth or dare to keep things interesting !
WAITOMO TO HOBBITON As seems to be the recurring theme, I had another amazing day as we progressed further through our trip. We headed towards Rotorua – stopping at Hobbiton for a tour. As we drove into Hobbit country our driver put on the theme music and it brought a tear to my eye! Although being in a big group it was rushed I got to see the attention to detail on the set! There were whole hobbit houses built for seconds of screen time. And little props everywhere. Time at hobbiton included a ridiculous amount of photos, compmetely appropriate LOTR and Hobbit quotes and a free cider at the green dragon! The trip back through the farm to rotoroua was absolutely beautiful. A quick spin around Rotorua tells me this is a town I will come back to and spend more time (even if it is a bit smelly)

3 October 2017

WAITOMO - BLACK WATER RAFTING I was so ready for my first adventure activity 5 hours down in the caves visiting some Glowworms. Stepping into a soggy, clingy wetsuit is never going to be on my list of favourite things to do but given the fun and games which followed, I can almost forgive the attire. We started our journey into the Ruakuri caves by abseiling 35 metres down through the tiniest of cracks in the limestone – I am quite the abseil master and feel like I can add this to my adventure CV right about now. The following few hours included a zip-line in the dark(I got the classic I didn't tell you the breaks joke as I went first) tubing down the river, gorge walking, climbing UP waterfalls and gazing up at the roof to view the shining derrieres of the glowworms or should I say glow maggots! All of which was broken up by stops along the way for hot chocolate, flapjacks and warm orange juice. Free t-shirt and soup at the end topped off the trip.
HOT WATER BEACH TO WAITOMO I am not a morning person, I never have been and never will be yet Kiwi Experience has this bad habit of presuming that we all love a 6am alarm. For future reference.... we do not! First stop of the day was paeora to the world famous in NZ L & P drink and OMG we need to import this stuff it's a light lemony sherberty taste. En route I was glued to the window at the incredible countryside. New life goal- marry a NZ farmer! Karangahake george we made a stop at the the site of an old mining village. We crossed two swing bridges and did a gorgeous walk through tunnles and old railway tracks through gold mine ruins. It was so peaceful with incredible views. Note to self come back and explore longer next time! Arriving at the backpackers at Waitomo was a highlight as I got a free room upgrade.... winning!!!!

2 October 2017

HOT WATER BEACH Hot Water Beach, during periods of low tide (between 9pm and 12am at this time of year) if you head to the beach and dig yourself a little hole, you’ll find some natural hot water springs and can, in theory, create a make-shift hot tub sponsored by mother nature herself. The water is usually between 60-70 degrees Celsius but if you can engineer a cold-water tap from the ocean, you may ace the perfect temperature for a dip. In this instance, I opted to climb in with some fit English boys in a hole already dug (genious I know) cue a night spent talking, looking at the stars and being in awe at mother nature. At times the pool was too toasty as water bubbled up from the spring. The walk back to the cabin at 1am took us past out first glow worms gently lighting the way up the path.
AUKLAND- HOT Water springs Day one saw us drive off out of the city confines into more rural territory. We were headed for the aptly named ‘Hot Water Beach’, 3 hrs east of Auckland. On the way, we stopped at Cathedral Cove for a little splash in the water and chill on the beach. The driver showed us clips taking us to Narnia and macklemore. If I have learned anything so far in New Zealand it is this: if you want to see the good stuff, you’re going to have to wade through a lot of mud and climb a hill. The walk to cathedral cove was no exception to this rule, after a 20 min walk we arrived at the beach and the views were out of this world. The sun even popped its hat on for a brief half hour to offer us a window to paddle away in the water and do bombs off the rock. Note to self: if you’re travelling to New Zealand in October, swimming is not advised unless pneumonia is the goal. We continued on our road trip and arrived at Hot Water Beach holiday park where some classic fush n chups

1 October 2017

AUCKLAND Started to get myself set up for the next month with a shopping trip to countdown (i.e. Woolworths) after exploring the main street I decided to explore some of the parks and found myself of a bus to my Eden! Mt eden is a volcano close to town & the top is a giant crator. Up top I learnt my first NZ lesson. NAEVR TRUST A CLOUD. I was soaking wet by the time the walk was over and I bused back to the hostel to dry off. Spirit unbroken i set off again to walk along the warf and to see the sky tower. The night ended with sitting in a sports bar with Paula and the physio for the storms watching the nrl final !

30 September 2017

AUKLAND I did the last of my packing and goodbyes to the puppy and started on my advebture across the ditch! I had a 12pm flight and got to the airport with time to spare. Immigration was easy & didn't get a passport stamp. Aerived and my sim didn't work cue some fusterated calls with vodaphone! Took an airport link bus to the hostel & checked in for 5pm. It's so green here and the view of the city is incredible. Had a Spanish girl Maria and German girl paula and 2 n-z kids in my room. First hostel night done with a classic 2 min noodles and tuna dinner!