Indonesia · 17 Days · 26 Moments · November 2017

UTAS Conservation/Cultural Heritage Indonesia

15 December 2017

14 December 2017

13 December 2017

11 December 2017

10 December 2017

9 December 2017

Trekking... orangutans in the jungle, orphanage, rafting down the river... oh my heart 💚
Eco lodge...rubber trees

4 December 2017

Out of the crazy Jakarta traffic into Medan, Sumatra. New perspectives.. eyes are opened. Tomorrow we trek...

29 November 2017

Great folks, crazy traffic, crash Bahasa Indonesia language course, bike riding, beautiful colours, yummy food, learning lots, excited for the jungle💚

28 November 2017

Travel day.. 1 plane ride with a couple of entertaining Saudi Arabian lads...1 taxi ride with Charlie.. and a scooter ride! Destination Jakarta! Biggest challenge I faced was crossing the road... that was hectic... my smile is wide!