United States of America · 5 Days · 12 Moments · November 2017

Thanksgiving in the Heartland

26 November 2017

Sunday means time to go home...or so we thought. When we arrived at the airport we discovered our flight was 4 hours behind schedule. This meant we wouldn’t make our connection in Denver. We could have chances it and taken the original flight (which ended up 5.5 hours late) and home we could get some connection out of Denver on Monday or just book an alternate flight out of OKC and get a room. That is what we decided to do. Boy are we glad! Our 5:20 flight didn’t leave until after 11 PM!

25 November 2017

Thanksgiving (on Saturday so Uncle Nate could be there) means way too much food and games and walking around the park to look at the Christmas lights and a very tired niece!

24 November 2017

The Museum of the Great Plains never disappoints!

23 November 2017

Day 2: Today was Thanksgiving, but we will save our big celebration until Saturday when Nate can come too. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have family and way too much food. Granny came over with Denise (Papa Plumlee’s sister) and her daughter Megan and Megan’s husband Austin. Uncle Justan came by too!Josh made kolaches this morning: strawberry jam with bacon and potato, green pepper and smoked Gouda. They were a hit! Then smoked hamburgers for lunch. I had never had a smoked burger before. They are delicious. Then we ate Granny’s mince meat pie and peanut butter cookies that Jaime and Nacona helped me make. The park was a great outside time and then when we came back Uncle Nate was here to hang out for a few. Then after everyone left it was relax and hang out time. We are having a wonderful time.
The best thing about Uncle’s is that they are built in jungle gyms!
After pretty much eating our way through today a trip to the park was necessary. Everyone played and Oklahoma gave us a beautiful sunset and a very pleasant evening to walk home in.
Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a baby whisperer. Thank goodness Uncle Josh inherited that trait from Papa Dan!
Lots of cousin giggles happening here!

22 November 2017

Day 1: Wednesday was long but wonderful. We arrived in Lawton after uneventful flights (the very best kind). Grandma and Auntie Renea met us at the airport with Nacona and Wyatt. Hooray! Then Braum’s for lunch and finally to the house. We saw Papa Plumlee, had a cousin play date and Uncle Justan and Chelsea came to the house. Spaghetti is always a good dinner for a crowd! Finally showers and bed and a cousin sleepover! Thanks for spending the night Nacona Gracie! Xx All in all a very good day 1.
Rona’s requested first stop: Braum’s Ice Cream! I would argue with her even for a second!
Such tired travelers. Josh was paged most of the night so he was beat and Jaime fell asleep from take off to landing from Denver to OKC.
The morning started bright and early with a 4:00 am arrival at the airport. Poor Josh forgot his wallet at the house and had to run home and get it so the kids and I checked in and waited on the other side of security for him. Lucky there were friends and Starbucks to help ease the pain of the early hour.