United States of America · 6 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

D.C. Summer 2017 w/Bethanie

9 July 2017

First time to MGM casino! It just opened up last October so it was cool. I'm very impressed with everything. Lots of shopping and places to eat, as well as a huge casino floor (apparently it's bigger than the White House...)!
I didn't know what to tag this under! There's tons of food, attractions like the Ferris wheel, and shopping! National Harbor! Yea! One of my favorite places in D.C. Especially since I feel like it's under looked by a lot of tourists, though it has gotten busier since MGM has come!

8 July 2017

Today we had Jamie's work party at Nan's! It was tons of fun. I got to meet Victoria and Shahndry (no idea how to spell her name) Roger, and Dan and his kids, I really liked Samantha (I had no idea she was in high school - I totally pegged her as a college kid but she helped teach me how to crack open a full hard shell crab to eat!) Yay fun in the sun, new people, pool time, and floating beer pong (technically the beer pong was meant to be worn on our heads but ain't nobody get drunk enough for that!)!!!

7 July 2017

We made it to the museum before it closed and therefore finished the day as a success! We made it through the estates! Now all that's left to see will be the distillery! (Next time 😉)
The mansion!!! But we weren't allowed to take pictures inside... ☚ī¸
George Washington educational center!
The tombs... 😕
The "sight-seeing" cruise!
Walk down to the pioneer farm!
First visit to the mansion (outside only) and the buildings around!
Entering Mount Vernon and the Upper Garden!

6 July 2017

Dinner at Cyclone Anaya's! Soft shell crab tacos were spectacular!
Ready to go check out Tyson's Corner!

5 July 2017

BASEBALL! Except... it ended up being postponed because of rain!!! 😩 sad day.
Then, as we came out of the little museum at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier there was another ceremony happening! So we got to see that also! It was especially cool to hear the taps. Then we headed back home!
We got to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just in time for the changing of the guard!
So today we were gonna go for another walk... but that didn't end up happening... so we went ahead and went on our way to Arlington National Cemetery. We first went by the eternal flame đŸ”Ĩ. Then we headed up to Arlington House (General Lee's house). It was much smaller than I had thought it would be. And unfortunately we only got to see the first floor ☚ī¸.

4 July 2017

July 4th was a pretty easy-going day. We started the day out with a walk/run on the W & OD trail behind Dad's house. We did approximately 3.15 miles! We felt like it was needed after spending all day in the car the day before! Then we had nap time. 😴 Then we had everyone over for a BBQ! So Nan and Torren came over as well as Erland and Liz (Erland will now be mentioned as Eryn!) We all ate way too much food, of course! Then we watched fireworks on tv. We thought about going to Lake Barcroft or to the top of the West Falls Church metro parking garage to watch fireworks but we decided to just go ahead and stay in! We watched the D.C. Fireworks but also fireworks from NY. I must admit, though I'm a little sad to do so, that NY's were better... 😕 but it was a nice relaxing day! 🎆

3 July 2017

We drove up Today from Farmington, MO. We brought Bethanie's car which had fantastic gas mileage! I only had to stop 4 times for potty breaks which is pretty good for me if I do say so myself! We got in to Dad's around 9pm. It worked out really well!