Europe · 11 Days · 20 Moments · December 2016

Christmas Road Trip

31 December 2016

Made it back home in time for the new year. My new year looks busy already- hello washing machine, be prepared for 10 days worth of washing!
It's like we're driving through a Christmas card. And we spotted a Wookie
Nothing is more sobering than driving through the early morning with the silhouettes of mountains looming over you.

30 December 2016

Pit stop! Actually staying over the night in a hotel. We've driven for 9 hours (not including stops) and are going to get a good night's sleep before the next 11 hour slog. We don't care that we're in bed by 7pm!
Nice early start on our way home. Luckily no frost this morning so should be OK.

29 December 2016

When it's the last night and freezing outside, there is only one option.....
Somehow we went from 16°c sun-basking to snow on top of the mountain in two days! Hopefully it doesn't get colder or we might not make it home tomorrow

27 December 2016

Village life
Most accurate toilet sign ever!
Today we went to Pompei and saw the ruins. Laura, Karl and myself were a bit disappointed. A lot of it was restoration work. Giulio enjoyed it a lot more. The amphitheatre and theatres were good to see. Many of it is "Casa di..." (house of....). We did have a panic moment where the map didn't match what we were seeing and we thought we were going to be lost in this maze of ancient roads forever!

26 December 2016

It was beautifully warm today so we all basked in it...all morning and all afternoon

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas from Valva. We've had a nice Christmas walk and eaten many cakes. We visited some family, practiced our terribly broken italian, and played probably too many rounds of quartanta uno.

24 December 2016

Went for an evening walk to the village square. Needless to say no one was about - it's time for church soon!
Catching some rays. About 16°c.
Laura and I have had a lovely walk in the sun, it is definitely t-shirt weather, while the men went shopping.

23 December 2016

Chilling with books while waiting for lunch
We arrived in Valva at 1.40am this morning. Beautiful day and ready to chill!

22 December 2016

With 12.5 hours of driving still to go, Giulio has defaulted to childhood travel position.
Pit-stop in Luxembourg. So we're playing cards while our driver has a nap

21 December 2016

On the ferry ready to set off to Calais. Our designated driver is sound asleep. Giulio is trying to behave and Laura and I are going to find a set of cards.