Thailand, New Zealand · 5 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

Sarah's voyage in Thailand

1 October 2017

After a quick turnaround getting and changed we headed to Chaweng strip to see what the nightlife was like. We ended up spending most the night in ark bar following a recommendation from a friend. They were having a beach party with fire dancers and performers so we just chilled and watched that with a few drinks. It’s the kind of place we could have spent all night if we wanted a heavy one but with our flight in the morning we left around twelve. We then went onto a few bars with backpackers in the title and got some very cheap cocktails before getting a taxi back around 2. Really decent nightlife, really cheap and was more than enough going on there had we not got to be up early!
After the temple we were absolutely starving so headed for the food court in Chaweng on our mopeds before going to get ready for the evening out. Dale loves spicy food so obviously went to the food market stall that had spicy in the title! We got pineapple fried rice with chicken, massaman pork curry and Thai yellow noodles in red curry paste and the food was so incredible. The best we had in my opinion on our whole trip! It was amazing and cost about 7 pound for all of it which is crazy when you look at the portion sizes. On the way out we saw a crepe stand and seen as we’d gone most the day without food we decided to get one, Nutella was the obvious choice and it was done on a crepe stove in a couple of minutes. Again spot on, this little spot for food was great. They had drinks and cocktail stands too but we wanted to go freshen up before we went “out out” Today was an excellent food day!
Big Buddha and the gorgeous sunset after. It was so beautiful and must have took so much effort to make as it was so intricate and massive! I had to go buy a long skirt as your legs and shoulders must be covered as a mark of respect as well as removing your shoes 🌅

29 September 2017

Wes potted a shooting range in the au down from the waterfall and have never tried it. We paid just over twenty quid to have 5 shots each and I was shocking. The paper sheet has one hole in from me and it's the top left corner which made it fall off the metal wire it was on, the rest were Dales. Glad we did it, one time activity really and it's cheaper in Thailand than anywhere else really. Real guns are so heavy though!
I never said how cold that shower was when I first got in....
Namuang waterfall 2 was easy to find on our mopeds as there are sign posts from quite a while back. This beautiful waterfall is unfortunately surrounded by a tourist attraction park.: You can have your picture taken with drugged up tigers, have a ride on an unhappy elephant as well as having to pass some chained up ones including a baby. We didn't pay for entry or for the 4x4 to take us up to the middle of the waterfall, instead we trekked through the most beautiful scenery and random rope and rock climbing route and got there ourselves. When we got there we were disappointed, it didn't seem very high and there was no view. A local told us this was as far as the 4x4s could go and if we walked for another 5 minutes that way we'd find it. Half an hour later, very sore feet in flip flops, a few almost slips, absolutely soaking and me covered in bites we reached the top and had the greatest shower with the most incredible view I've ever seen.
Koh Samui 228.7km2 which is pretty small. You can rent a moped for 200 baht (5 pound) for 24 hours, gas for as cheap as a pound and explore the island as there are less cars on the road and it's far cheaper than taxi or tours🌴 It's something I've always wanted to but have always been abit scared to as I'm so clumsy but decided to try it as the roads were so much less built up as the UK and on the same side as the UK and I absolutely loved it! Granted the roads are also absolutely mental, they have zebra crossings no one stops at, people just pull out and there is no such thing as undertaking. It's a massive free for all and was abit daunting for the first half hour but you soon get used to it and have your wits about you because of it, as long as you stay fairly close to the left you're avoiding most crazy drivers. It is something I'll never forget and would recommend to anyone visiting this beautiful island!
We got to Koh Samui late at night and decided to go out for a few hours as we were still jet lagged. For some bizarre reason some of the girls that worked at one of the lamai bars near where we were staying asked for selfies with us on there phones, no idea why?! This was the owner of the bar that screamed and clapped every time someone walked past :)

29 September 2017

After such a busy day we decided to have the first of the many Thai massages on Lamai strip we wanted to have as they were so cheap. We went with a one hour traditional Thai massage which was without oil and cost 200 baht each (£5) which I find ridiculous with how much effort they put in. They are on your bed like spider monkeys getting rid of knots you never knew you had, cracking and they kind of thump you in different places. I fell asleep, like floppy dead arm asleep and Dale said they were shaking me to try wake me up I was that relaxed! At the end they make you sit up and crack you in every position possible, her leg pushing against me and her arms twisting me other way. Felt so good afterwards. I slept like a baby that night!
Sunset garden Koh Samui On our way to find big Buddha we passed a gorgeous beach and decided we would stop to check google maps. We stumbled across the most beautiful bar. Sunset garden, there were bean bags and seats all over the beach so you could watch the sunset 🌅 it was free to get a seat which would not be the case in Ibiza or whatever because of the location. We got drinks and chips and it was such a nice thing to do after such a busy day.
You can see big Buddha on the drive to Karon & its so deceiving as to how colossal it actually is. It's at the top of a mountain and you can see the whole of Phuket from up there, the view was incredible. We got a taxi up there from Karon then to the airport and it cost 1000 baht, £20. He kept our bags in the car and waited for us (max of 2 hours) to go look round so we didn't have to lug our massive backpacks up and down. People in Thailand cannot do enough for you and a lady we got a coffee from organised all this for us so we had more time to explore. It absolutely poured it down on our way up there so we bought ponchos for 80 baht which is about £2 for two, which Dale ripped immediately. Thailand rain comes without warning and goes from a trickle to can't see through your windscreen pretty quick, it's fine though because it's still warm. We got blessed by a monk & tried the meditation inside with them for the full experience. If you go just for the view it's so worth it!

27 September 2017

Asena Karon resort. 400 baht for a night which is £9. Absolutely fine, free wifi, bed, toilet rather than hole in floor, shower, air con-that seemed to make the room hotter and a boiling hot wall near the bed which we couldn't work out. The staff let us store our bags for free after checkout in a locked office so we could explore. It's just a pretty long walk from the beach but plenty to see and do on the way. Also, if you want a massage there is literally a shop in every three and they re silly cheap! As well as them fish that eat your feet, or the dead skin of your feet.
Gorgeous Karon beach 🌊 the waves are massive this time of year! Lovely to walk along the beach, it was a lot further from our hotel than we thought though and we ended up walking 8 mile in total there and back in scorching heat and humidity. Sweating hell fire! My feet are still sore because I stupidly wore flip flops. Lesson 1- do not go out walking before you know how far away it is so you can plan your footwear!
Sirinat national park

26 September 2017

Arrived in Phuket around 7 on Dales 31st birthday. We went with a decent hotel as we knew we'd be knackered after the 14 hours worth of flying, two hour layover as well as the train and the goodbyes all weekend. I literally slept most the way here, Dale due to legroom did not😂 After some lovely Thai food and a quick this lesson from the owner we went to sleep and woke up on the morning to the most gorgeous view of the Sirinat National park which we had no idea was there as it was pitch black when we arrived. It was a decent hotel, a massive bed and the pool being just outside was amazing first thing. Slightly pricey but for a one night splurge after 24 hours travelling it was definitely worth it!