United Kingdom, South Africa · 15 Days · 39 Moments · January 2018

She only went & won it #SouthAfricanAdventure

3 February 2018

Landing early hours we’re back in good old Blighty! 🇬🇧 Train journey home before quick change and back out the door to be reunited with the pink ladies on the green turf in Cirencester.

2 February 2018

beer in the sunshine we headed to a ‘must do’ eatery if ever in CT in the V&A Food Market at Vagabond Kitchen we tucked into delicious pan fried beef wraps washed down with a beer in the fine sunshine soaking up the waterfront views. Dashed back to the hotel on the shuttle bus to freshen up to start our homeward bound journey. Cape Town airport bound we reflected on yet another amazing holiday, Savanna tasted good! 👌🏼 This Mother City surpassed itself. Whether taking in the views from a hop on hop off, cable car up Table Mountain above the clouds on a clear day, clambering over giant boulders at Sandy Bay mingling with Tiny’s friends or driving the amazing coastal roads down to Cape Point, we never fail to be stunned by the breathtaking beautiful views. Not breaking a sweat when sipping wine in the historic wineries or being overwhelmed amongst the African wildlife on Safari all were equally memorable to South Africa’s great outdoors. Thanks Savanna! We had a lovely time!
‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’-Nelson Mandela. (pg1of2) Sad times - we awake on our last day on this winning holiday 😔 With our return flight home not until the evening we still had hours to explore more of Cape Town. Booked on the early 1/2 hr ferry crossing over to visit what was Nelson Mandela’s base as prisoner for 18 years, Robben Island making it one of the most popular pilgrimage spots of CT. Introduced to a guide, a former inmate, who led a walk through the old prison (with an obligatory peek & selfie into Mandela’s cell). Also part of the tour was a bus ride around the island with commentary on various places of note. Needless to say there was no pauses in the commentary....breath woman breath! 🤣 Outside deck (no Ant) viewing on the return ferry trip taking in the last rays of sunshine watching dolphins with the back drop of table mountain as we approached the waterfront. 👌🏼☀️ After a cultural morning one last time to fill our bellies and sink a

1 February 2018

HELLO FEBRUARY Leisurely morning and a banquet breakfast before saying our goodbyes in Safari land. We headed back to Port Elizabeth in our Hire car to catch our flight back to Cape Town. Touch down in CT off to a bit or luxury at Radisson Blue in Seapoint. Checked in still to be warned about water shortage. 1st things 1st we needed to welcome February with a poolside cocktail.... Lis was pleased there was no Germans to throw in the pool! 🤣 Two beverages down before showering to go out on our very last evening in SA. Food on the Waterfront Marina nothing extravagant just pub grub and we were joined by a Rich stranger chatting us up, well he tried more like annoyed us. With a courtesy bus from our hotel to catch we ditched the Rich stranger to get back. We had a slight delay due to our driver having a bit road rage with another SA driver! Which ended in both cars coming out very grazed & not so polished! Both shattered on our last night it was an early one.

31 January 2018

Pg 3of3 ...that bad. Finding a spot away from the Lions by a waterhole was perfect location for a glass of red & nibbles to then be pleasantly surprised by a family of Rhinos. Could have watched them for hours. Mum taking a mud bath, whilst her two calves play fight. With the Sunset we travelled back for a beef and seafood curry dinner. Awesome fun last Safari. Last night in the African wild and no early get up we enjoyed the atmosphere in the lounge. Lis kept the fire well stocked. Like she would at home, logs on fire and a glass of red.
Pg 2of3 We were looking forward to chillaxing around the pool in the sun. Unfortunately with no sun we both had a massage each and then retreated to the bar sat in front of the open fire. Well all drinks were included so why not make the most of it hey. A few G&T’s and wines later we opted for a picnic lunch in our room because it was raining our lodge restaurant was outside so Kariega gave us this as a option. Arriving with no drink & our mini bar hadn’t been stocked up we politely complained. 20mins later a basket full of booze & a bottle of complimentary champagne arrived. Bit tipsy but ready to go on our evening safari. Germans over board we had the jeep to ourselves with two Rangers. Nick and another girl (in training) who’s name we cannot spell. She was in the drivers seat and there was no mucking about. Hold on tight!!! On a mission to find the two Male lions we succeeded. Crazy girl made us sniff elephant poo and eat some ants tasting of peppermint. Neither were actually
Can We Complete the BIG FIVE? (pg1of3) 5am alarm call!! 😴 6am pick up for Game drive. Nick overslept....lazy bugger. That’s his tip gone for a burden. Tranquil drive down the wilderness towards Kariega river spotting some lanky African beasts and some of the most dangerous of the big-5, Buffalos! Had a stare off with the fiery moo cows! All aboard Nick’s boat for a much needed caffeine fix and some lovely homemade muffins. Lis wanted to throw the Germans over board again then there were two! A peaceful hours cruise down river saw an opportunity to spot all types of birds, monkeys and deer on the riverbanks. Back in the open land cruiser, stoping to dress in ponchos. What started as a drizzle soon became heavy rain. Taking another route due to the slippy muddy tracks we were lucky to spot a Rhino. Main lodge for breaky sitting in our safari group. As it was drizzling & misty clouds we chatted to Nick to see forecast and plans for evening game.

30 January 2018

Pg 4of4 Tiny pulled the raciest card out and wanted to throw the Germans to the Lions (wishful thinking) 🤦🏼‍♀️. Dropped off at main lodge for Dinner at 9pm. A delicious bbq banquet in the company of more Germans! They do rattle on a bit. Back to our luxury suite. No queen just two princesses.
Pg 3of4 There was 8 of us in the open vehicle. The malaria-free “Big-5” private game reserve is set in 10,000 hectares of pristine African wilderness incorporating the picturesque Kariega and Bushman’s Rivers. Our first of the game viewings was unforgettable. Nick took us off road in search for some of the Big-5. First taster was a group of giraffes with their day old baby. Observing for a while was amusing watching him try to get his balance and acclimatising to it’s surrounds. Looked like a Bret hockey bird on a good night out 😂 Saw some stripy horses🦓, 3 queens of the safari....lazy toads they were too! 🦁💤 Parked up on a open plain to watch the sunset whilst stood in Nick’s bar with a blanket to keep the chill off! A few wine bottles sank Nick was hopeful for us to find the herd of Ellie’s. Just as we were about to give up and with the night drawing in we came across the most wonderful sight....found Nelly and his mates/family having an evening snack, decimating trees.
Pg2of4 A family of Vervet monkeys putting on a little show for us, even had the cheek to use our pool! 🤣 After a short chill out we were now off to lunch which was a outside restaurant they called Boma. Shown to our seats and it was only minutes before we were drinking beer... perfect. Chatting to our Catering Manager Rosie, we soon got talking about where we came from etc, Rosie only came from Welford and her parents still live there.. small world ay! Both hungry we were soon up at the buffet. Wow! Plenty of delicious food to choose from. To walk off lunch we took a quick glance at the map and decided to do the self walk trail called Blue Duiker. We were only a few steps from our suite and Flapper was concerned what animals were going to jump out! The walk took us through a wooded area and a well worn path to follow. We walked for an hour and back with no incidents! 17:00hrs Nick our Ranger picked us up. Proper excited we couldn’t wait to see the African wilderness.
Hey hey with the Monkies! -pg1of4 Up at a decent time to get on the road with the hope of making the most of our safari adventures. Quarter of an hour later we arrive at Kariega Game Reserve. First impressions did not disappoint as we we meet by giraffes when driving up the track to reception. We knew this was going to be one of the best experiences. Introduced to our Ranger, Nick and the Catering Manager, Rosie were our hosts for the duration of our stay. Nick escorting us in his Safari Land cruiser to our suite, gave us the low down of the plan of the days and where to find everything. He was on call whenever we needed him. 😉 First things first to crack open a cold bottle of beer (from the inclusive mini bar) and chill on our balcony taking in the spectacular views over the park. It wasn’t long before David Attinbourough took a look through binoculars spotting the animals. Then as we sat there we had visitors!

29 January 2018

Pg 2of2 To get an early night we were showered and out in the sleepy town of Kenton grabbing a meal in the only restaurant open of Continental Deli. Cheap as chips meal for two spag Bol with a couple of glasses of red actually did not let us down.

28 January 2018

Page 2of2 Driving around for an hour we spotted Zebras, two black headed male Lions sleeping, Tortoise, Warthogs and lots and lots of Kudo’s before finding the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. Ryan opened up his bar and snacks for all to enjoy. Final hour travelled around in search of the Elephants. Still no Elephants but we came across a family of Heyna’s. Stopping to watch the Mother with her babies before making our return journey back to camp. A nice evenings drive however the Elephants must have been playing hide and seek. 😞 Back at our African camp we dined in their recently opened new restaurant. Also a cookery school led by a French head chef. This modern African Stylish restaurant presented the most delicious cuisine from their short menu. Both shattered it was time to go get some sleep with the African wildlife. Pitch black but comfy....although not for long as appears the jungle comes alive at night.
Carry on Camping ⛺️ - page 1of2 Early breakfast in Northando before getting back on the road heading towards Addo. Not having many beach moments we stopped off at Jeffrey’s Bay. Ivory sands, sparkling surf and a sexy temperate climate was perfect for a quick beach fix. A walk along the beach and a lay bag moment watching surfers strut their stuff was mint. 😉 Right then... a 2 hours drive via a small detour through Port Elizabeth we arrived at Addo. These roads were slightly remote in the fact that they were aligned with shanty town houses and patches of all you could see was just road and bushes. 😬 Met by Addo African Home security & owner we were soon checked into our little glamping tent for the evening. Ten minute drive down the road was the Addo Elephant National Park where we were booked in for a Sundown Safari. Arriving an hour before to get in another queue and form filling we were off 5.30pm with Ryan as our Ranger in search for hopefully at least some Elephants.

27 January 2018

Pg 5of5 Cattle Baron on the seafront in the Park. Flaps finally got to try Oysters in the area where they are renown. Lis went for the ever filling smoked salmon & Avocado salad. Irony of it our waiters names was called Trust. Enough excitement for the day it was time to make our way back. Until the car wouldn’t start. Flaps had left the lights on. FFS!!! Luis the GM of the restaurant came to the rescue & jump started it. Thank god for Luis. He was our hero! After a fun packed eventful day we chose ‘The Table’ for dinner. A funky minimalist venue with freshly stone baked pizzas. Yet another cheap and non disappointment of dining.
Pg 4of5. He explained the reason he asked us to regroup was to create a large surface area as sharks are unlikely to attack. He thinks it was only a small one being 1-1/2m long. He’d been a guide for 3 years and only seen 3 sharks (including the one sighted on our trip)!!! At the end of the river where it was completely freshwater we explored deeper into the gorge on lilo’s & a bit of rock climbing. Tinyo disappeared between two rocks into a waterfall popping back up with two grazed shins. “She’s a very very small person!” 😂 Some challenged themselves leaping off cliffs into deep pools. Mainly Everton showing off back flipping whereas we enjoyed the relaxed beauty of the pristine nature! Back in the Kayaks paddling to the suspension bridge we were pleased to know we were not kayaking the sea so just a nice leisurely hike along ‘mouth trail’ to avoid anymore encounters with sharks. In need of refreshments mainly alcohol after this morning dramas we had another lovely lunch at
Pg 2of5. Little did we know why? Flaps thought he was going to give some tourist speech about the rocks and Tinyo thought he was waiting for a good time to ride the waves....but oh no.....the reason he gathered us was because he spotted a shark. FFS!! We thought he was joking at first but soon realised from his clear instructions he was deadly seriously. Thoughts of the Jaws movie went through Flaps mind and heart rate increased. Tiny was focused on Everton’s instructions & kept her calm as per usual. A couple of young German girls were a tad frightened understandably. Everton reassured the whole group and asked us to stay close to his boat and never leave a big gap between each other. Paddling was difficult against the waves and with bum cheeks clenched with the fear of knowing there was a shark about! 😳 With another sighting Everton was keen to regroup again!!! Kayaks rafted we asked him where abouts he saw the shark, as he pointed & we looked over we caught a sighting of a
Pg 3of5 ...dolphin. A few of us joked (not a time to joke I know) with Everton, had he really seen a shark? Was it mistaken for a dolphin? Everton was quick to explain the difference between the two and asked us to proceed. Tinyo’s intentions were to stay proper close to Everton’s Kayak upon entering Storms River mouth under the suspension bridge. Successfully entering the mouth of Storms River there was a sigh of relief from us all and heart rates began to lower. Passing other Kayak groups returning from their trip Everton updated the tour guides which resulted in them turning around to abandon their Kayaks and to walk around the rocks back to beachside. He also radio’d back to base to update for future groups going out. Heart rates returning to normal we started to enjoy the kayak through the gorges on the calm Storms River. Throughout the paddle a few of the group were curious as what type of shark it was and how big it was. Question time for Everton.
POS-Plenty Of Shark (pg 1of5) Woken by thunder, lightening & heavy rain we were slightly concerned to whether our Kayak trip would be on. A gorgeous poached egg & Egg Benedict breakfasts in Clares Cakes Cafe in Plett Town set us up for the day.👌🏼 A miserable journey ⛈ and a few hiccups along the way we arrived in Tistsikamma National Park kitted out for Untouched Adventures -Kayak & Lilo on Storms River. With the Indian Ocean looking wild Flapper was quick to pop a sea sickness tablet. Everton our tour guide/life saver and Norman, his assistant/photographer were our guides for the next 2-3hours. All paired in our kayaks (9 in the group) bar Norm as he had an important job! Before entering Storms River we had a small stretch of Indian Ocean to Kayak before entering the river mouth. We were a little apprehensive as we left the beach to ride the first few waves of the choppy seas. Following instructions from Everton he called us in to re-group creating a raft between all Kayaks.

26 January 2018

Pg 2of2. Plettenberg Bay named “Baia Formosa” (Beautiful Bay) by early Portuguese explorers. The Bay is beautiful. Backed by majestic mountains, it overlooks miles of sandy white beaches and the moody tidal Keurboom’s lagoon and whose crystal blue waters say ‘snap’ back to the sky. What better place to start than with lunch at the Lookout Beach, a restaurant with a deck overlooking the beach right where the lagoon meets the Indian Ocean. Shellfish was the only option for us in this divine setting, Spanish queen prawns were delicious. Checked into our 5-star, very secure and funky backpackers, Northando. Even got a glass of red on arrival from the owners uncle....how did they know we were coming? A rainy evening meant spending the evening in the backpackers bar with all the youngsters who were starting the party later. Whereas we were quite happy watching them have fun. We have sea kayaking tomorrow. Not a good combo being intoxicated especially on shots.
Knysna - it’ll be nice, ne’ (pg 1of2) Early unexpected wake up call from people moving about the carriage. Bar the confined space this is probably the only niggle we had with staying at Santos. Two nights was ample. Loved the experience & if it’s cheap accommodation with great views can highly recommend. Back on the Garden Route heading towards Plettenberg Bay. We stopped at Knysna. The hub of the Garden Route, this once sleepy village now bustles thanks to its many pubs & clubs. Knysna sprawls around a stunning tidal lagoon whose entrance is guarded by two rocky cliffs called The Heads. Looking for a restaurant to delight the tastebuds with the Knysna oysters we stumbled across Mitchell’s Brewery instead. Of course the name and the fact it was a microbrewery was a no brainer. No Oysters today just tasters of Mitchell’s English-style beers before midday. Just how the Mitchell rolls. 26 degrees it was time to get back in the aircon’d car & off to Plett.

25 January 2018

Pg 3of3. Kaai 4 was our evening dining choice. A low-key restaurant overlooking the ocean. One of the best locations in Mossel Bay. Delicious South African meat-dishes all cooked on massive fire pits. Young or old there was a dish for every tastebud. This relaxed atmosphere was prefect and yep another Lonely Planet recommendation which was spot on! Shattered and filled with South African meat time to board the Santos for the final rest in our cosy tiny cabin.
Pg 2of3. He shouted up to us...well mumbled....“Grab your equipment”. Not really understanding what he shouted we grabbed a paddle and a life jacket & hoped for the best. Steve then showed us his spider. Quickly shoved us in a boat, pushed us off and said see you tomorrow whilst waving. Forty minutes paddling along Tuow meandering river before launching...well basically dumping the canoe on the banks to then hike 30mins along the Giant Kingfisher trail in search of a waterfall. A bit of rock climbing to admire the views. Although there was more to look at than just waterfalls 😜 Return trek to the canoe. Flaps got caught short in the bush. 😂 Lazy paddle back. Three hour round trip, slightly pink and ready for a beer Steve was surprised to see us. There was a little boat moored belonging to somebody? Quality food lunch stop at a trendy stylish cafe, Flava, complimented with a Mitchell beer of course before walking it off down the beach. Back to base for Savanna’s.
On the Wild Side. (Pg1of3) Waking up to crashing waves of the Indian Ocean was a good way to start the day after a decent nights sleep. Today’s road trip takes us to ‘the heart of the Garden Route’, Wilderness. This small seaside town is a pretty civilised place. ‘Pretty’ being the operative word. Surrounded by the Wilderness National Park, a treasure trove of outdoor pursuits. Perfect opportunity for our first activity of the holiday. First stop to the i-centre, a rare moment to witness in the world of Tinyo. She found someone shorter than her. I know I couldn’t believe it! Thanelokazi could not have been more helpful and went along with Tinyo’s piss taking. Such a sport. With enough leaflets to open our own tourist centre we went on our way to Eden Adventures. 5 min drive away. Choosing a combined Canoe & hiking trail we were sent to see Steve at the waters edge to get kitted up. Steve was busy catching a river spider from one of the canoes 😯

24 January 2018

Pg 2of2. Cocktails for both of us overlooking the Santos Beach at sunset. However the cocktails did not live up to the expectation of the surrounds. Wine or a short drink to soak up the views would be advisable. Off to Cafe Havana. The streets seemed very quiet for a seaside resort....so did Cafe Havana. Concerned we were in the right place we proceeded inside. The place was dead for custom but yet the vibrant decor did not reflect this. Optimistic as we are we thought Lonely Planet hasn’t let us down yet. Being the only customers in there we started to get nervous to why it was so empty. Unfortunately Lonely Planet recommendation had let us down. Both the meal and beers were not the best, sadly. If anyone read our NZ blog....this is equivalent of the purple haze. 💜
Give me hope Havana. (Pg 1of2) Tiny still feeling a tad poorly, she got in the driver seat in case of an emergency stop on our 4hr commute to start the Garden route at Mossel Bay. Straight forward N2 motorway all the way. The signage or lack of it and roadwork workers kept us amused. Half way stop for a mooch and driver swap in ‘not much happening’ Swellendam. Choo choo...late afternoon arrival & all board the Santos Express. Home for the next 2 nights. The old express train has 8 bog standard carriages & 4 Royal suites all facing the sea and with the ocean so close, we can’t really beat it for position and exquisite views. Alcoholic refreshments on hand we check out the bar & research where to eat for dinner. Having initially picked out ‘Cafe Havana’ from our ‘ever faithful’ Lonely Planet we decided on here. Mainly for its good cocktail list & Cuban-themed restaurant. Blue Oyster Bar (at the back of Prothea hotel) on route was the first stop.

23 January 2018

Pg 3of3 18? Lis only wanted 3 tasters but Flap being a tad tiddley was on a mission. A drunken moment! Poor Lis had no choice. Not that it bothered her-Shea wine poorly or not. Another 5 tasters for 25R basically £1.50. Not really a massive F-it moment. 😂 Marius rallied the troops as our vineyard tour was complete. Good job we didn’t go to all 6. A fab tour led us back, to sleep the wine off 🤪😴#loveapowernap The Fat Butcher was our evening meal destination as recommended by Marius. Top-quality steakhouse set in a traditionally Cape-style building in the rustic yet oddly elegant eatery, we chose to sit in the attractive courtyard outside. Lis still not feeling a 100% it was a meal for 1. Flap went for one of their Signature Steaks, THE COLLINS:Steak Au Poivre Fillet, Cointreau flambéed, crushed Madagascan peppercorns and cream complimented by a glass of red. Once again another recommendation that definitely did not disappoint. We’re now sad we are only in Stellenbosch for 1 night.
Pg 2of3. Spier on the banks of Eerste River was the first. Tyson, our wine educator helped us choose 5 tasters and as it was lunch it was rude not to have their highly recommended cheese and meat platter. No more 💩 (🤞🏼) just wine. Obviously the spit bucket wasn’t used. Tiny hates wastage. 💩🤣 Wined up and onto the next. Haskell Vineyards, a privately owned boutique winery that makes its home in the slopes of the Helderberg mountain range in Stellenbosch. 6 tasters for 50R which is about £3. One of their tasters is like a small glass of wine. With 5 minutes to spare our wine educator poured us our final taster, Merlot. It just so happens the vines we were sitting in front of were the grapes of this Merlot. The wine educator cuts us a bunch 🍇 off to taste & take away. With our hour up Marius comes looking for us. Necking our last glass🤪 we were on the way again with a lovely bunch 🍇. Well lubricated, our final vineyard leads us to Kleine Zalze. A winery that has been making win
Red and white is our favourite colour. (Pg 1of3) With our freebie accommodation over it was time to stop shitting the bed (well for some) & to hit the vineyards. On route to Stellenbosch region we nipped in to Robben Island tourist centre to collect our tickets for Robben Island ready for when we return to CP beginning of Feb. An hour later Flapper returns ticketless! Another SA queue after a queue...but all in different locations. Eventually we started our garden route road trip. Arriving later than expected we still managed to get on the vine hopper choosing the southern route covering 6 vineyards. With Marius as our driver for the day he recommended 3 vineyards to try considering the time we had left. Not to mention the rules of the bus & what he calls his bus. “This is the fun bus and what goes on in the bus stays on the bus!” Brilliant! It was like being on the hockey minibus. I’m sure we could abide by these rules.

22 January 2018

Pg 3of3. A short drive away was to get a snap of the iconic sign ‘Cape of Good Hope’. Passing many of the point’s excellent beaches we decided to experience one of them so opted for Platboom Beach which was very popular with wind surfers.... male surfers 🏄‍♂️😉. Heading back to Cape Town around the coast line the traffic was busy in places which extended the journey but was a chilled drive. We headed straight out to find a plug adaptor before the shops shut again!.... and it’s safe to say we shopped well.. 2 bottles of wine and a sushi for two 😄... no plug adaptor. After downing a few glasses of wine we were soon skipping our way to the Waterfront. Looking for a Lonely Planet recommendation restaurant called Harbour House. As we approached the restaurant it looked lovely so with no hesitation we went in sat down and soon choosing a seafood dish. Opting for the seafood linguine and a bottle of wine each of which none disappointed. 👌🏼
Pg 2of3. Flaps turn to drive for the first time of the hol only to find the car wouldn’t start. After a bit of debating & Lis trying too, a call was made to Hertz emergency breakdown to be informed have you put your foot on the clutch when starting.....oh that’ll be it then! 😂 Journey continued to the south-western most point of the continent. Passing numerous warning signs of Baboons (not Lisa’s mates 🤣). Not thinking that we’d ever see any then there appeared a family ready to strike a pose for a photo in the fashion of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. 🙉🙈🙊 Reaching the National Park toll we got in a another queue for a queue... First stop of the park, Cape Point! Catching The Flying Dutchman Funicular railway to the upper lighthouse provided spectacular views of sky, land and sea meet in a dramatic landmark at the south-western tip of the African continent. Definitely a must do we witnessed of SA’s Mother City!
Boulders to you n all.... (pg 1of3) A decent nights sleep and another healthy breakfast was the much needed fuel for today’s little road trip down the east coast of the southern peninsula heading towards Cape of Good Hope. First stop was to Simon’s Town to check out our little ‘Happy Feet’ friends - The wild African Penguins 🐧 at Boulders Beach. Enormous boulders diving small sandy coves that the colony of these endangered little fellas call their home. Very picturesque. We were able to get down on the sand and mingle with the waddling aquatic birds which was pretty cool. Tinyo felt at home amongst these little jackass* penguins. I lost her at one point.....’she’s a very very small person’ (in the words of Declan Donnelly). Danni Cox I hope this bit made you laugh, it was all for you. *Jackass on the account of their donkey-like-braying. Mainly heard during breeding season. Late morning meant coffee time in the beach side cafe before getting back on the road.

21 January 2018

Pg 3of3 As we climbed Signal Hill we past the roads aligned with parked cars...basically the whole of Cape Town population were up there. Round the final corner we were hit with a white thick blanket of cloud. No blue sky. No view. No sun. No sea. No sight of Cape Town. So there was absolutely NO sunset! 🤣 There were people patiently awaiting the sunset on the Hill tucking into picnics, sipping wine sat in big thick white fluffy clouds! Were we in heaven?? Just the angels were missing......oh no that was us! They need to add to their advert...Warm clothing is advisable and a good imagination! 🤣 Lisa said, “Stevie Wonder would have enjoyed it!” 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ Didn’t like heaven so we went for a beer.
Pg 2of3 With an hour and half to spare we decided to grab an early dinner. Another Lonely Planet recommendation took us to the V&A Market on The Wharf at the waterfront. This eat well (healthily) for less colourful market-style food court in the old Pump House was perfect for what we needed. We yet again chose the same, pan fried beef wrap filled with rocket, avocado, feta cheese with a yogurt dressing. No word of a lie they were absolutely delicious. Washed down with half a beer....it’s ok we’re on our holidays 🍻 At 6pm we got on the sunset bus to check out the famous Atlantic Ocean sunsets from Signal Hill which was part of our city sightseeing 2 day premium package. Taking an hour to get to Signal Hill we went the scenic route admiring the soon to be sunset amongst the sunny blue skies. The bus was packed with picnics, wines, blankets and an array of people ready to witness this iconic sky of colour over the Mother City!
What’s it like in heaven? (Pg 1of3) Slow start to Sunday morning with a healthy buffet breakfast...Tiny was in her element! #shelovesaallyoucaneat 28 degrees, clear blue skies and low winds. Perfect conditions for Table Mountain meant back in the hot seats #HopOnHopOff We experienced yet another brilliant queuing system....a queue for a queue for a queue 🤣 Then a height check for Tiny! Finally we made it and into the revolving cable car to climb 1088m. Upon reaching the summit the views were phenomenal....we can now say we’ve visited Cape Town as we stood on top of it. After taking many photos....photos and more photos (Lis loved this bit) in the peaceful surrounds yet with the rumble of the ‘Mother’ land below one of our bucket lists was complete. Because it was such a beautiful day we had decided that later we would go on the sunset bus. Warm clothing was advisable so when we got back we nipped to the hotel to pick up a jumper.

20 January 2018

South Africans Football party.... The place was buzzing with South Africans (Lis loved it) & just like the 2010 World Cup they did not disappoint in using vuvuzela horns trumpeting for their teams. Annoying as this sounds it was just the atmosphere we needed to help with our tiredness....well until we started to watch the game. It was a bit like watching Bret hockey (Flapper & Slatts up front) on the few..many misses! ‘It’s not easy is it..no it’s not easy!’ We eventually found our way back to our hotel for a quick shower & change to avoid sitting down otherwise we would never have got out. On a Lonely Planet recommendation we headed to the Waterfront in search of Mitchells Ale House & Brewery. Celebrating with where it all started Savanna Ciders washed a Bo-Kaap Curry down nicely. By name this place never disappointed! #Mitchellsarethebest. Full to the brim and complete flagging by now it was time to get the much needed sleep 💤
.....the city tour continues... Unable to go up Table Mountain, we took a few snaps and proceeded on round to Camps Bay. Perfect stop for lunch & beer o’clock! La Belle Cafe/Bistro was the perfect spot overlooking Camps Bay beach, also a customer sitting at the front recommended, saying the food was delicious. Sold! Both choosing Tuna Nicoise & sampling their local beer was perfect to compliment the surrounds. After a stroll & paddle on the beach it was time to get back in the hot seats! 🤣 Hop on to hop off at the Stadium. Home to 2010 FIFA World Cup & World Rugby Sevens series. Unbeknown to us there was a match between local rivals about to start. As sporting enthusiasts this prompted a spontaneous enquiry about tickets. Once we worked out who was playing, how & where to get tickets we got in the ever long one and only queue! Organisation was a little chaotic but that didn’t matter when we found out the tickets were £6, bargain eh! So now we got to see the stadium with atmosphere
We’ve arrived! After a bumpy...what felt like a rollercoaster ride of a flight preventing us to from getting some sleep we collected our hire car, headed to our hotel for a quick change then straight out to explore. We can always catch up on sleep hey. When we did arrive at the hotel driving into the under ground car parking we were met by a parking attendant. With Tiny driving and Flaps navigating Lis spoke to him (one of her mates) to get a ticket but she didn’t understand a word he said. Having to say to him probably 3 times....’sorry say again, say again!’ Fits of giggling soon followed as we pulled away. No city holiday is complete without a Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing tour. It’s tradition now. Perfect opportunity for us to enjoy the 26 degree heat! ☀️It’s that hot the seats took a while adjusting. More hopping off than on! #hotass. We’d planned to go to the top of table mountain however high winds prevented such a trip. No cable cars running. So we continued on the bus..

19 January 2018

Another day...another adventure. Yep another holiday, all thanks to Savanna Cider. Luckily for Flap Lis loves her cider and enters such competitions. This winning trip takes us to South Africa. All packed and ready on time 🤔 #waitingforflapper Arriving well in time at Warwick Parkway posed an opportunity to sit out & enjoy the glorious winter January sunshine. Perfect flying conditions. No mishaps and all going to plan tradition as we know it, we cracked open a bottle of Fizz helping to wash down the BLT’s on our journey to Heathrow. Red cheeked (for some) and slightly merry we arrive at T3 Heathrow ready to embark on yet another holiday of a lifetime and more memories to make. Enjoy the read....