Canada, Peru · 4 Days · 14 Moments · March 2018

Sarah's tour through Peru

20 March 2018

Some of the beautiful hotel views
We got to feed the hotel’s baby alpacas and my life was complete!!!!
Our first day started with breakfast then pool time 😊

19 March 2018

We FINALLY made it to the hotel. The views were amazing and when we went to bed we found that they had put sheep hot water bottles in our beds
At the pee stop steph got out and took some amazing pics of this pig
Saw a lot of wilderness and animals on our drive to the hotel
Went to a restaurant when we got to Cuzco before the hotel. No one was feeling too great, the air was really thin but we had a really fun time. Dad got oxygen and smelling alcohol. I ate alpaca which has no cholesterol
Made it to the airport and got bored rather fast so we shopped and staked our seats
Long drive to the airport. We went through the city and saw many different classes of living

18 March 2018

After lunch in Lima Hudson has a little accident and fell into a Peruvian pisswater pond/ water work display
After this we went to the oldest bar they have, built in the 18th century
First stop on the tour of Lima was the cathedral where we took illegal pictures (shhhh)

17 March 2018

Finally landed in Lima after the flight from Houston
Time for lane #1, Vancouver to Houston