North America, Australia and Oceania · 11 Days · 33 Moments · January 2018

Sky, Sarah and Sloan's French Polynesia trip

10 February 2018

We made it home!!! When we arrived in Omaha Sloan started crying saying she wanted to go on another airplane ride! After 4 flights and about 28 hours of traveling we came back to snow but also our family, friends and dogs 😊

8 February 2018

We fly out today to head home. It has been a great trip but we miss everyone and are ready to head home. It’s been a rainy day so we have been hanging out in the bungalow and went to Bloody Mary’s Bar and Restaurant for lunch.

7 February 2018

We went to another area on the island away from sharks so we could all snorkel with fish. Sloan has been such a good sport. It started to downpour on our way back. We went under the canopy and Sloan put on her goggles so she wouldn’t get rain in her eyes and fell asleep without even a peep.
Against my better judgement, we went swimming with reef sharks and sting rays. We survived and can check it off our list. We took turns so Sloan wouldn’t be an orphan 😉
Chris suggested we rent a dinging and told us about good snorkeling spots in Bora Bora. The weather wasn’t good enough for a small boat but we ended up getting a chartered cigarette boat for the same price. Basically we were the only suckers willing to risk getting rained on 😉
Fresh sushi on Matria Beach. While we were eating, sting rays were swimming near the shore. We got to wade in the water to watch them go by.

6 February 2018

We made it to Bora Bora! We are going out with a bang at our overwater bungalow! We are so happy for long showers and air conditioning!
Lunch at a food truck with mangos we picked up from the forest on our hike.
Chris gave us directions to some trails to hike. We only got lost once but there was a local man husking coconuts in the jungle who saw us and stopped to point us back to the trail. Along the way we passed some Motue (ancient ruins). The view from the top was worth the work but Sloan missed it because she was asleep on top of Sky’s head.
We said goodbye to Chris this morning and are headed to Bora Bora in the afternoon. Sloan and Chris look like kindred spirits with their curly locks of hair. 😉

5 February 2018

Sunset back in town
The pharmacist’s house in Huahine... doesn’t seem too bad
Sailing back to town from our private paradise.
We spent the morning swimming and laying out on a secluded beach all to ourselves. There are no roads on this side of the island.

4 February 2018

Paradise. This is where we will be anchored for the next 2 days. Chris took us snorkling in the reef. The vast amount of coral and fish was unbelievable. Sky even saw a black tip reef shark. They keep telling us the sharks are friendly here....
Our breakfasts in the morning with Chris’s homemade bread. Chris has been very welcoming and knows so much about sailing. He has sailed around the world multiple times by himself in a sailboat he built himself. He traveled for over 8 years all over the world in his sailboat and is now living in French Polynesia. He has some amazing stories.
We went to the Sunday market to load up on food before we leave the main port and sail across to the secluded parts of the island and reefs where we will spend the night.

3 February 2018

We enjoyed the sunset from shore at the local restaurant for happy hour.
We made it to the sailboat Kiki where we will be staying on for the next 3 nights. It is a beautiful boat.
We are off to Huahine! It is just a 30 min flight from Moorea.
Our last morning in Moorea was raining so we spent some time looking around the all the black pearl shops and running Sloan through the empty port.
Our last morning on the patio of our beach house.

2 February 2018

At the second beach we rented a paddle board to look around the reefs. It was crazy How no matter how deep it got, the bottom was still crystal clear. After we sat out on a patio and relaxed after a long day in the sun. 😎 Tomorrow afternoon we fly to Huahine to stay on the sail boat Kiki. We won’t have much access to internet but will update pics as soon as we can.
After a morning of swimming playing on the beach Sloan napped and we relaxed and drank fresh pineapple juice and rum. When she woke up, we hit up another beach for swimming. Now it is time for bed again so we will repeat tomorrow :)
This morning we walked down the beach to a lagoon where the water was calm for swimming.

1 February 2018

Sloan’s favorite place to swim... the tide pool outside of our house
We spent the afternoon at the beach
There is basically one rode around Moorea except for a set of roads that lead us to this lookout
We hiked some of the trails in the middle of the island
The sunrise this morning from the beach outside our house

31 January 2018

When we first arrived it was raining so we hung out under the covered patio for lunch. When it cleared up, we went swimming and hung out on the beach. We thought the rainy days would be cooler but with the humidity, it feels amazingly hot!
We made it to Tahiti! Not going to lie- it was a long trip. Sloan was a real trooper but I didn’t blame her when she woke up during our overnight flight crying and saying she wanted to go home... but now that we are here, everyone is excited again after seeing the crystal blue water and lush mountains. Now finally we are on the ferry to our beach house in Moorea! *Note the fat lip from a fall while running through the airport- like I said, she was a trooper.

30 January 2018

We are on our way! Just 2 layovers and a redeye flight and we will be in Tahiti!