North America, South America · 10 Days · 81 Moments · June 2017

Experience Ecuador

20 June 2017

The last bus ride! Going to the airport.

19 June 2017

A local village outside of Guayaquil.
Practicing handicrafts in Dos Mangas

18 June 2017

Journey to Isla de la Plata. Boat 1 of 2. -Señor Schulcz
Isla De La Plata fue muy bonita
On our way to Isla de la Plata to see blue-footed boobies and snorkel

17 June 2017

Dinner at the hotel in Puerto Lopez. We had a private performance from a musician.
A sand dollar was found and I got stung by a jellyfish. However, the water pressure is good here so that's a plus. I'm really tired. Ryann
What an artsy sunset

16 June 2017

On the promenade in Guayaquil
At the Promenade in Guayaquil.
Parks with giant turtles and iguanas in Guayaquil.
Iguana park and Galapagos turtles in Guayaquil
Iguanas from iguana park!!!
Lunch and learning how chocolate is made.
Hammocks at the cocoa plantation
Sweet puppy who was unfazed by our chocolate making
Traveling through the mountains to Guayaquil Ryann
Before and after the hike at Cajas National Park, plus or minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit combined with an altitude of more than 13,000 feet. -Mr. Schulcz 😂
Hiking at Cajas National Park with Wilson. 👍
Cajas National Park

15 June 2017

Views from my room in the tower of our hotel in Cuenca Sra. Wood
We visited a local community where a Shaman taught us about their traditions.
Local food for lunch today! Best plantain chips I've ever had!! yummy Corinne
Visit to an indigenous community where natural medicine is practiced
Pictures from the visit we made to the shaman
Traveling outside Cuenca today
At the ceramics shop. No one broke anything. Yay! -Mr. Schulcz

14 June 2017

Dinner at a local resident's country house. It was a really nice house with amazing hosts!
We participated in a dance class.
At the Panama Hat Museum.
How Panama hats are made
Why don't we eat ribs with plastic gloves??
Flower market was so pretty
We visited a local school. US students were teamed up with local students. They were given a tour and an opportunity to demonstrate their Spanish speaking abilities. -Mr. Schulcz
Getting down at Ausubel High
Pictures from yesterday at Ausubel highschool, these were my tour guides! -Sara

13 June 2017

The boys
We saw the Incan ruins today and I thought it was really interesting! I did know that there was a different civilization before the Incas. They even live in harmony for a time. We saw a burial with eleven people buried. When the queen dies, her servants drink a poison and get burned alive. Tess
had fun visiting some Inca ruins today! -sara
When the sole of your walking boot all but breaks off, you get creative.
At Ingapirca Ruins
At "Devil's Nose"
On the train
What a view! Nariz del Diablo train
Waiting for the train.

12 June 2017

RIP Cavs Ryan
Baby llamas
Community visit to Palacio Real
The beginning of the tour around the village.
tried guinea pig tasted like fishy chicken it was pretty gross. I also ate llama, but it was ok and kinda tasted like pot roast but tougher. Highlight was the strawberry ice cream on a stick!! Corinne
Oso stole Alex's water bottle.
Pit stop on our way to Riobamba.
Quick stop on the way to Riobamba with some beautiful scenery.

11 June 2017

Last night in Quito
Loved Quito ! (Equator myths are true)
Don't pet the strays!!!
Mitad del Mundo
It's hard to see, but we saw a real shrunken head while at the equator!
On our way to get lunch!
Yu, a pretty rad girl we met at San Francisco's Church
La Iglesia de San Francisco
Makin friends Ryan
Such a beautiful cathedral!
Quito views 👌🏼 Ryann
Inside the statue of the virgin Mary with wings.
Doggo Ryann
Las montañas en Quito!
Day 2 is well under way. We've already visited el Panecillo and la Iglesia de San Francisco. Sra. Wood
Fresh Fruity Godzilla eggs for breakfast Ryan

10 June 2017

Had a good flight ! Ready for bed!!!!!!:) Bionca
On our final leg to Quito! Sra. Wood
We're at the airport ready to go! Sra. Wood