North America, Europe · 23 Days · 44 Moments · May 2017

Sarah's journi to United Kingdom

13 June 2017

More from Oxford and then a couple with friends
Oxford pictures
More oxford

11 June 2017

Edinburgh skyline
Walking around Edinburgh
Pictures from the Mountain
Arthur's Peak
At the top of the mountain
We climbed a mountain called Arthur's Seat.

10 June 2017

Photos from the end of York, then on the train to Edinburgh, Scotland, and then from my walk to the hostel in Scotland.
The cathedral in York

9 June 2017

Pictures from York
We went to York last weekend, a smaller town but still beautiful. There, we toured the cathedral and went to a Viking museum. We also walked along the old walls still standing around the city.
We visited the British museum, I saw the Rosetta Stone!

7 June 2017

In Greenwich we went to a market then walked in a tunnel under the river to cross to the other side.
Class trip to Greenwich, I stood on the prime meridian line, one foot in each hemisphere
Some pictures from a boat ride on the Thames

5 June 2017

More photos, including a couple group photos

4 June 2017

We went to a service at Westminster Abbey on Sunday, then got tea after. On Monday after class we toured the Churchill war rooms, it was his underground bunker during WWII, it was really interesting.

3 June 2017

We toured parliament on Friday

2 June 2017

This is Byron Court, what the entrance to my flat looks like.
Pictures from walking around Canterbury
More pictures of the Canterbury Cathedral
We saw the Canterbury Cathedral, it was beautiful. There was a place to write prayers and they would dedicate the next mass to whatever you wrote
Some photos of myself with other people in the program

1 June 2017

We went to a place called Camden Market, it was really interesting and also very large, it felt slightly like canal street in NYC but not exactly

31 May 2017

We went to the Globe theatre Wednesday night, saw Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

30 May 2017

Yesterday we did another walking tour of London, this time led by our professor

29 May 2017

More pictures from Windsor castle
Today we toured Windsor castle! It's the oldest and biggest still-functioning castle in the world

28 May 2017

More pictures from yesterday! Finally got done with myself in it
More photos from today
Today we took a trip to Bath, a couple hours outside of London. We toured the old Roman baths

27 May 2017

This morning we went to the Borough Market, my favorite place so far!! Definitely google it, there were so many amazing foods and booths to visit!

26 May 2017

More photos! The white building is the Globe Theater, where Shakespeare's plays were performed. On Wednesday, we are seeing "The Twelfth Night" there.

25 May 2017

Some more photos of the London skyline, also of the "Tower of London" which is a castle

23 May 2017

Walking around the Thames! Saw the London eye, Big Ben, and a church that I can't remember the name of but I'll look up.

22 May 2017

This was my flight to London! Flying from Minnesota, over Greenland to Iceland, finally to London! (I didn't get a window seat on the flight to London)