North America, Europe · 12 Days · 31 Moments · May 2017

Sarah's journi to France and Italy

11 June 2017

Florence - Part 2
Florence - Part 1 - Its our last day in Europe. Darrin and I drove from Chianti to Florence. That experience made me need a drink. Florence is beautiful, but quite crowded. We did an afternoon tour, and saw parts of the city including the very beautiful and famous Michaelangelo's David. The other part of Florence i enjoyed is the street art (street painting), musicians and a puppet show.

10 June 2017

Chianti - Day 4 - Had a perfect last day in Tuscany! Darrin and I planned to drive to Cinque Terre for a day trip and we realized driving around winding narrow cliffs for 3 hours would not be fun. So we turned around and I spent the day by the pool reading a book that this sweet Canadian couple loaned me. This evening we tried to go to a restaurant that was recommended by this English couple we met last night, but it was closed for a wedding (can you imagine having a wedding here?) The chef felt bad and gave us a glass of prescecco.) We ended up stumbling upon this cute town with excellent food and the chef told me his mother made the dessert. Upon dinner we could here families in the town below having parties. So amazing and I'm sad to leave.

9 June 2017

Chianti - Day 3 - Part 2 - Despite my meat sweats, I loved sitting family style next to people from all over the world and all of us communicating with each other. We laughed and drank a lot, talked politics, got sightseeing recommendations and exchanged emails. This is what the world is about. I think I may have caught the travel bug now because I get it now. Just listening to stories of where people have traveled is fascinating.
This hotel is incredible.
Chianti -Day 3 - Part 2: more winery
Chianti Day 3- part 1 - went to a winery in Panzanello. Darrin and I were the only people there so we got a private tour. There are only 7 people who work in the winery. It was fantastic to meet the family and learn about the culture (I typically drink shitty wine). This wine is all organic and delicious and cheap! I asked if they needed a marketing director. 😀 I love how much this country is about family and quality of life. So different than America.

8 June 2017

Chianti - Day 2 - Today Darrin and I drove to this little medieval town an hour away from Chianti called San Gimignano. It was built in the 14th century. I did shop my little face off too. Driving here is terrifying! Narrow roads that are on a cliff makes me pee my pants. I was actually brave today and drove! We've met some lovely people at our hotel... some actually from Miami. Tonight we had a bottle of wine with a Canadian couple.

7 June 2017

Chianti - Day 1 - Part 2: We went to dinner and the view was so incredible I actually got a little emotional and wept like a giant dork.

6 June 2017

Bologna Day 2 - part 4 - love this town! Shopped a bit, went downtown to see a fashion show about to start with lots of glamorous people going inside. I had a fantastic dinner at de cesari which was a recommendation by my cousin and it was DELICIOUS! I was too scared to order the rabbit ravioli with goat cheese, so I made friends with the Scottish couple next to me and ate his (sissy, I ate Rainbow Dream Supreme). My dessert was a pumpkin sorbet with balsamic vinegar (weird, but yummy!) Tomorrow begins our journey driving to the Tuscany region!
I just flipped on CNN as I was getting dressed and am just seeing the attack outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It's eerie to think that I was just in that very same spot less than a week ago.
Bologna Day 2 -Part 1
Bologna Day 2 -Part 2
Bologna Day 2 - part 3

5 June 2017

Bologna Day 1 - loving this city. Had a fantastic dinner (to those who know me well, I've died and gone to pasta heaven). Evening ended with a orchestra that was playing in the town square.
City #3 - Took the water taxi in Venice to the train station and now am in Bologna!

4 June 2017

City walking tour - part 2 (Venice)
City Walking Tour - part 1 (Venice)

3 June 2017

The first night in Venice included an amazing dinner (I would've taken a photo of my dinner of my fresh pasta but I inhaled it), good conversation with the best looking couple I've ever seen and getting lost in the streets that look like a maze.
Venice Day 1 - it was an hour and a half flight from Paris. What they don't tell you is the mad amounts of tourists. I don't recommend dragging luggage through town. 😳 it is a story book!

2 June 2017

Last night in the city and I did the Fat Tire Night Bike Tour and boat ride (I highly recommend them). I must come back to Paris! There isn't anything I don't like about this city (it's very clean and the people are quite friendly and helpful).

1 June 2017

Last day in Paris. I need about another two weeks. I may or may not have drank all little too much last night and slept until noon today! I don't even know how that happened. Luckily, Darrin didn't wait on me and is out and about in the city. I started to wander around myself and found some adorable shops (cheese stand!) Tonight is our bike tour around the city and a boat ride on the Seine. Let's pray it stops raining!
Part 1 of Day 2 in Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and an outdoor coffee. I'm in love with this city. People are much nicer here than I heard!
Part 2 / Day 2 - Louvre - breath-taking.
Day 2 -part 3 - Eiffel Tower and part of Notre Dame
Notre Dame - I'm not religious, but the history of this cathedral is amazing.
Made it to Paris! View from my hotel is pretty gorgeous! The flight wasn't too bad. Jet lag will be a bit of a fight.

31 May 2017

Guess who I ran into in Paris - Michael Harding (okay, he met me for a drink and took me on the train to see Notre Dame and The Shakespeare Company book store!
The Catacombs were really amazing. 6 million skeletons under the city!
Plane food - not bad. I had a little pasta with prosciutto wrapped Mellon ball, caramel cake and champagne I didn't have to pay for! 🙌🏻 sidenote: I totally recommend taking the tri-rail to the Miami airport. Easy peasy and there's a direct shuttle train that takes you from the station to the terminal. Only on Hour Two as we sat on the plane for an hour so they could decide if there was too much luggage for the weight limit. Since I'm in the air, I suspect all turned out okay (or they threw mine and Darrin's suitcases on the runway). However, I have taken a xanax, ambien, and had a smidge of champagne. I suspect that soon I'll be "seeing a lady in old colonial clothes on the side of the wing of our plane and she's churning butter."
Bon Jour!!! Darrin and I have some pimpin' seats! Feeling fancy - #FirstTimeInBusinessClass. #ItHasUSBPorts #MiamiToParis #TimeForXanax