Kenya · 6 Days · 11 Moments · March 2019

Scuba Interim🐚🌊☀️

26 March 2019

Many memories have been made here. Memories with friends that mean so much to me. Experiencing scuba diving is something that I will never forget. Even though I was seasick half the time, it was a great experience. I am gonna miss it here a lot. Hopefully the rest of the night is going to be restful before the long day of travelling tomorrow.

25 March 2019

There is no photo for today because I didn't take any. Today's dive was amazing because we had the opportunity to see dolphins and many sea turtles. I won't lie, the ride to the different destinations was horrible, but other than that everything was great. Being around people that I appreciate was fun as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. 03.25.19

24 March 2019

Today was the first day that we scuba dived in the ocean. It was a good experience. Although I accidently almost killed Stoltzfus, the day was great. Sorry Stoltzfus. But then again he almost killed me many times in the ocean. So we are fair. I have learned many things today even though we have practiced before. Drinking a lot of sea water is not healthy. And getting water in your eyes is also not healthy at all. Even though I was seasick, getting into the ocean and experiencing all that I experienced was great.

23 March 2019

Yup. Friends <3
No words
Another day of scuba practice... It was great until I drank all that water... I am sooooooooo tired, but it's okay. I am glad that I actually "passed" that exam. I feel like this journal is not getting anywhere but that's okay. I can't wait for tomorrow. Even though I will die, I am excited. The pizza was really good. I'm really jumping from random thoughts to random thoughts. Oh well. Anyway, in conclusion, today was memorable and fun. And also, Stoltzfus, stop judging me. And I will beat u in the food competition. Watch me.

22 March 2019

Today started off with a non-existent sunrise which led to the most boring-est (if that's a word) class in the world... After failing my easy quiz, I awaited the moment in which I would prove to everyone that I can actually swim (jokes). Accidentally drinking chlorine/urinated water, opening my eyes and killing them with that same water, and with Daniel Stoltzfus *cough cough* making fun of me the whole entire time.... Was a great way to sort of end the day. Tonight, I am long awaiting the moment when I will finally beat Stoltzfus in this food competition. Bring it on dude~ 03.22.19
Waking up at 6:15 a.m. to watch the non-existent sunrise was a great way to start the day. Walking past people that have.... Yeh... Lemme not get into that (for safety reasons). Anyways, spending time with my sisters and walking along the beach was a great way to begin another day. Meeting a dog, Charles, and trying not to step on a jellyfish, was again, another great way to start the day. As I am writing this, my stomach is yelling at me for food. So I am trying really hard to ignore it. Daniel Stoltzfus, I will beat you in our competition today! 03.22.19

21 March 2019

Today was the day I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked into the ocean (barefoot)... The scariest moment of my life. Although today was a tiring day, I made a lot of memories with my friends within my interim group. Stepping on seaweed and thinking it was a shark, grabbing onto Seah for dear life, drinking fish urine, and getting that urine in my eyes was painful, but very memorable. I am looking forward to this week that I get to spend with people that feel like family to me. Hopefully I don't die and hopefully everyone here will have a great time! 03.21.19
#day1 Finally arrived at The White House.
The start of a new adventure~