United Kingdom, Vietnam · 22 Days · 36 Moments · November 2017

Sarah's adventure in Vietnam

23 November 2017

14 November 2017

13 November 2017

"sunset party 🎉"
First day on Halong Bay and a clear blue sky 😍

12 November 2017

A second day of Hanoi exploring - the Note Coffee and coconut lattes, railway street, bun bo nam bo, Hao Lo Prison, epic drooly naps, garlic chips and rooftop cocktails, bahn mi, night markets, beers (awkward company) and inflatable pig purchasing

11 November 2017

Street Food touring with Jimmy: dry chicken noodle (pho ga tron), noodle chicken soup (pho ga), eel noodle soup (mien luon nuoc), weird black pudding soup, bahn mi (pork, chicken, special), "cakes" i.e. Pillow cake, spring roll with crab, deep fried whole prawns, and sweet bean cake, and hoa beo (fruit salad with banana fruit and coconut jelly, and coconut and condensed milk)
First afternoon in Hanoi. After some more Vietscamming at the hostel we planned to stay at, ended up at the King Ly Hotel. Explored the city in the afternoon, eating bahn mi, buying souvenirs and drinking beer on the rooftop overlooking the lake.

10 November 2017

Straddling random Vietnamese men during our Easy Riders bike tours.
Paradise Cave - stunningly beautiful and hard to do justice with the pictures... Hiked through the jungle, up to the super small opening in the rock. Chamber after chamber after chamber, with very few others thanks to low season.

9 November 2017

Day Seven: Hue Citadel - beautiful to stroll around and even more beautiful as the sun ☀ shines! Took an... interesting... boat to the Citadel, with an even more interesting disembarking point.

8 November 2017

Day Six: Cooking class! We booked a cooking class through our lovely hotel. Made spring rolls, beef salad and Hue pancakes, with our lovely hosts 😁
Another rainy start, after no sleep for me and Elaine (we blame the gin). Said our goodbyes to Eleanor and Scott, received our pack lunch spring rolls and headed off in the car! Stopped at Marble Mountain, which was pretty awesome despite the steps turning into waterfalls with the amount of rain ☔! Fell victim to another one example of Vietscam, when we realised our 'elevator' tickets were merely one way. Elaine made a pal and then did not buy a six foot marble statue from her.

7 November 2017

Tonight's fun! Dinner and a whole bottle of £3 gin. A cleanly restaurant despite the frog under our table, geckos falling from the ceiling and cockroaches flying into our rucksacks. Fun family who were totally cool with you walking through their house and sleeping relatives to the bathroom. SUCH good food and such good fun!
Day time fun in Hanoi, despite the floods 😕 we cycled into town, with our child's seats, feeling very much a part of traffic! Watched men fishing in the flood waters and saw plenty squashed rats. Had a delightful ice coffee, with power cuts, and wandered makeshift markets at the edge of the flooding. Stopped for lunch and beers, before getting a massage (with hair combing, shoulder cracking and calf/ITB stretching). Cycled home in the nick of time, just before dark, and had another beer or two playing cards. Scott got grumpy and went for a swim when he lost. Elaine yawned.
Hoi An Scenes

6 November 2017

Day Four: after a slow start, a delayed flight and arriving in a flooded rainy, Hoi An, we finally made it to Eleanor and Scott! We embraced the rain and decided there was nothing to do for it but to drink beers 😁😁😁 resulted in a late night, intense jenga session in the reggae bar.
Arriving to a very very flooded Hoi An...

5 November 2017

Epic final night in HCMC celebrating Sam's birthday 🎂 overwhelmed by how built up Bui Vien is! Pre dinner cocktails from Allez Boo, amazing dinner at 5 Oysters. Got spewed on :( drank our tinnies on the way to the "dress to impress' Chill Sky Bar. Met some Irish men, danced, drank more beers (we didn't pay the bill)! 2am finish and a 0630 start for the flight...
Day Three: Mekong Delta! Another tourist trap bus trip... But strangely enjoyable! Serenaded at the Pagoda, tried honey tea (sales pitch), ate tropical fruits and watched the Delta McNasty's, feared for our lives getting in bumper to bumper boat traffic, took the meat, saw coconut candies being made (feared for the Danish boys fingers), ate the meat (tough, displeasing the French chef), clambered over a bamboo bridge, felt sorry for the birds and squirrels and crocodiles, explored Vietnamese Landmark, watched people attempting to cross the rope bridge, back on the bus with the three rude German girls (but I want it) , and headed back to Ho Chi Minh with a cafe sua da and lucked into two seats.

4 November 2017

Street Food Roulette, cheesy music and much needed beer 🍻 😍
Elaine decides that we are are, in fact, in Ho Cheeky Minh
Day two - Ho Chi Minh. A mixed but hilarious afternoon. Long drives, drunk irishmen, lots of WOWS, long tour of the tunnel with very little English. Bored faces. Gunshot terror. Miracle crisps! So much rain. Back on the bus. Surprisingly awesome night street food market and beers and an amazing Vietnamese cheesy pop cover band.
War Remnants Museum - sad 😕 fell victim to our first scam in the taxi 🚖 😂 waiting promptly outside a travel agent for a half day tour to Cu Chi Tunnels 😁
We're up! Good sleep minus the cockrel crowing and dreaming of Elaine in a potato outfit... Nice enough breakfast and just going to head out to find a Cu Chi Tunnels tour and see the war museum.
Day 1: Travel and Ho Chi Minh. Near misses on landing, lost luggage and a trip to our 'lovely' hostel. No one loved Luci's. A quick move to NGOC Minh later and every one was much happier. Even happier after a beer and dinner for just two pounds each!

3 November 2017

Sweaty messes just HAPPY to have a place to stay!

2 November 2017

Pre flight drinks @ Spoons #socialinteraction
Fijnally arrived at the airport, after muchas traffic. Time for a drink!!!
And we're off! Phase one: train to Abz 😀😀
Running around Inverurie trying to get ready 😂😂😂 bloody doctors