Canada · 27 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Great Canadian Cross Adventure For You & Me

24 July 2017

Charlottetown, Cavendish and somehow we ended up in Truro?

2 July 2017

The last part of part 1 of the trip we went to Halifax and then Quebec city. There was a wheelchair and Charles Xavier as well as drunken downtown adventures on pizza corner with 94% alcohol and drunk swimming and 12 days later we finally got home

30 June 2017

I was kidnapped to toronto where we spent a night in a quality inn with a Korean girl we just met

29 June 2017

We went to Montreal the next day even though we were supposed to be going home. We got stuck in Montreal and a lamp was stolen from the hotel

28 June 2017

We started the trip off by crashing the car into a rock wall but I mean it was still good to go so we kept going. When we got to Quebec city we took a nap and then went out to old quebec and drove through downtown we had poutine for lunch stopped at the SAQ (my love) and went out to la cage aux sports for dinner