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Sarah's adventure in Indonesia

24 September 2017

And I realised to myself, I was so passive before. I can never be passive again, letting things happen instead of choosing my day, choosing my path. And right there in that choice to take the reigns, choose what I want and take the bull by the horns - that is exactly where all the potential, the excitement, wonder and contentment lies. So no going back, no matter what my circumstances are. Sky is the limit! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ€
And the like - I felt this kind of awareness and almost meditated into it all. And there was hope. Eagerness for what's to come, I know there is so much I'm going to learn, experience. So much magic! I imagined the golden bubble around me - kind of like golden Indian ink washing over a watery bubble - and I imagined light shining through me and coming out of me to help mum. The visualisation was clear and decent! The other thing that came to me in this moment was travel, appreciating so much where I am & what I have - but knowing I need to go. Knowing there is so much more out there for me and the sheer need to act on that feeling. And there was just this wonder for the universe again, I sat outside and felt it too. I welled up at the beauty. The most gorgeous crisp blue skied morning, birds flying about, trees on the turn. Just so thankful and relieved this feeling, this change is still there loud and clear. >>>
More - hopefully more enlightened - musings 😊 I keep finding myself smiling, reminiscing on the first moment I saw Anna mum and dad yesterday. And as I was laying there in bed, I started to quiet my mind and relax my body and these super weird images were coming to me, voices, like I had momentarily tuned into a different dimension or something. And the second my body let go, as though relenting to that stage between being awake and asleep, there was this noise between my ear and the pillow - like An expelling of energy. Well it sounded like the noise the pillow would make with a sharp though very minuscule movement of my body. But I tried reenacting all sorts of those movements and it didn't make the same sound. I don't know. I feel deep down in moments like that, that I am switched onto something. And after that realisation and the conversation I had with oh so spiritual Kerry on the plane, about angels, guides, supernatural happenings, crystals, vibrations, synchronicity and the>>
I know I am a different person. I guess it's almost like I need to be put in a new set of circumstances to realise that. Which is crazy, the same set of circumstances should show these changes just the same. I think I easily slip into being 'defined' by my surroundings - but this is all about my state of mind, I'm going to start visualising a golden bubble around me like lovely Kerry on the plane suggested and keep reminding myself how far I've come - every single day! And I'm going to try not to overthink this and just enjoy all the wonderful things about being here. It's only temporary after all. These are just some late night thoughts right now - I will be back to reflect some more when I'm feeling more.... just feeling more. Let it be known I am happy! Content and so grateful for everything around me. I wasn't ready to come home. But I wasn't ready for what happened either, this is life, you just have to roll with the punches and ride that wave. I shall πŸ„πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
I feel strongly like I should write because of how strangely disconnected I feel to the idea that I'm home! Or do I feel so connected to it that I've just completely thrown myself in? The strange thing is that the minute I saw everyone, it felt like I had never been away. At the airport, on the way home, arriving home, coming back to my old room - like no time has passed at all. I don't know whether it's all a bit overwhelming, nobody expected this outcome. I am so sad my adventure was cut short. I am so sad - well I can't really even begin to explain my emotions about nan. I think things just feel a bit numb, a little bit out of grips with what's actually happened. So happy she is free. But in a state of disbelief that it could be real. Maybe this is my body's way of dealing with it all - trying to understand the magnitude of the situation slowly by slowly. Of course I feel different, kind of... when I think about all the things I've learned over the last five months, >>>

10 September 2017

Reflected, and still had this crazy but so strong hope in my heart that this madness was all still going to work out - even though I'd just told all my friends it hadn't done this time (but that I was still smiling!) Well I'm writing this from the plane. They sold me a standby seat and I still haven't quite been able to process all that magic that went down!!!!! As I walked through to the other side of security, I looked out the window and saw those unbelievable Vietnamese cloud formations, with rays bursting out from the top and this cloud iridescence I saw just the other day on my little ride. The picture doesn't do it justice - it was magnificent. It was like it was all just for me. All that positive thinking, happiness and gratitude had manifested into something brilliant and the skies had painted it all in cloud. Sarah don't EVER stop believing!!!!!
You don't get to experience so much anymore. That nomad feeling was me having no accommodation booked for that night and in addition having no plans or idea what would happen before that night was over. Combined with finding myself somewhere as spontaneous-inviting as an airport..... 😈 I sat there and let that lovely feeling sink in for a while, this airport filled with sunlight. I looked at my options. 16 hour sleeper train or one more night in daaaang Da Nang and an AM flight. Continuously checked Skyscanner to see if there had somehow been some mistake 😫 but no! I sat there for a while, not sad, and happily not irritated at it happening that way - just a bit miffed that it was probably going to have to be one more night in the bloody place!! And then I thought... no harm in asking about cancellations. One last try. The First Lady said she's full. The next lady said full, but come back at 5.10 for stand by. Sat outside on my own & thought how funny and crazy the day was
Thought.... if I say no to this and wait around for the next guy who would definitely have paid more, id lose out on the earlier and cheaper flight. So just as the dude is driving of, I shout WAIT!!!!! And we do the freakin deal! I straight away go to book the flight and it disappears... I guessed because it was so close to departure. So Immediately booked a taxi to the airport - the flight I want is due to leave in less than two hours by this point. I just had this magic feeling that it was all going to work out, and that would happen because I believed so much that it would! A cyclical thing. So I get to the airport desk and the lady tells me the flight is fully booked. Oh god. She directs me to the ticket sales desk, I go and the ladies at two different airlines tell me that their seats are fully book on every flight leaving that night! One says to come back at 5.10. I didn't feel bad, it was a long shot anyway! I actually felt this lovely nomad feeling that actually >>
A story of ridiculous good fortune. No, the universe working its wonderful magic! Today. Started with me getting over the tummy bug/whatever it was that disgusting deep fried hunk of fat 'veggie burger' gave me. I had decided I wanted to sell the motorbike and fly to Hanoi. This morning I checked flights and couldn't book the one I wanted so just figured I'd wait till later to sort it. Yesterday I put up some posts about selling my motorbike - was expecting nothing at all to come back but I had so much interest, including a man who responded with a time he would meet me today to buy it! I went out, had my delicious coffee and a last meal at Ngoc Chi the veggie restaurant. Got back to the hostel and waited... the man did not come. So I frantically messaged all the other people who'd responded to the post.... eventually a positive - an American man who turned up 15 minutes after he first messaged me, offered me a ridiculously low price. I said no... walked back towards the hostel TBC

26 August 2017

The sheer magic of that moment and everything I JT Brought. Great to my eye
This is just quickly a thing I need to note down before my eyes fully close.... Tonight, at a guest house with my Sri Lankan friend, staying with the most lovely family. 'Mama' as I now call her is the warmest, most humble, maternal lady - who cooks like a superstar and is fiercely proud of her children - cooked up a divine dinner (poss best so far in Sri Lanka) and then we sat out afterwards. She, her husband and Penny spoke in Singhalese but every so often Penny would translate. She had asked about my jewellery and mentioned that I don't wear any. I explained I LOVE jewellery and went to get my box. I sat down and showed her a few things and took her hands in mine. She was so happy that she was being called mama! Her husband later gave me a lead that was in his band j Standing there on the top of that rock - the green below alive with wildlife, fireflies blinking on and off sparsely through the palm trees and looking up, a sky full of cloud and stars - I got goosebumps. >>>
And so I find myself riding solo on this bike - full tank, hardly anyone else on the road, sun setting over the rice fields next to me. Huge rocks rising up from the horizon and the fresh twilight breeze on my smiling face. And all I could keep thinking was, 'I'm having the time of my life!' Awash with these feelings of pride, contentment and some kind of relief that I could look back in my days to come and think fuck, I did it. I actually made the decision to go backpacking and these are the moments I've dreamed of! Moments I never want to forget. Real bad ass adventure, needing nothing from anyone. Truly independent and doing exactly what it was I wanted to do. Taking every chance to live it to the max and There were no lights on the street and I realised that I would be riding home in the dark very soon - but that was ok.
Ought to add what else happened after I wrote that last note. I got on my bike and thank fuck realised that I didn't have any gas left. The road back home was dark with nothing for miles in some places... more on that later. So I asked the smoothie man, he pointed in the other direction and then just said 'I'll come with you' and jumped on the back of my bike! Riding down the road I thought to myself how strong this sense of intuition of mine had become. Fear checked in and started musing about all the risks of having a stranger on the back of my bike in his own neighbourhood when it was getting dark. Intuition relished in the fact that her skills had been so honed as to be able to enjoy the magic of trusting and accepting help from a kind local man 😊 When we got back to the smoothie joint, the man's family were all standing there outside. They were all incredibly beautiful. I told them so, we laughed and then they waved me off and I set off on what was to be quite an adventure..

16 August 2017

"Ayboan" - long life - from the wonderful couple who sold me my gemstone. Quartz, it turned out, not Topaz. And so it was 3.500 rupees cheaper than they originally told me! And how lovely of them to be so honest. "Your husband is waiting for you!" "I have no husband" "No husband! I love you!!" Hands in the air making a 'Y' From a random Sri Lankan smooth operator. That made me laugh so much! Another amazing day. On my bike, passing by one beautiful brightly coloured shack after another. On my way to Sigiriya rock. And I get here... have the sweetest coffee I have ever tasted! Everything here is sweet. Especially the people. I walk around the museum and aside from the gorgeous fragments and paintings of buxom women decorated in big ass jewellery with big tits and hips, tiny waists and bulging tummies - I barely look at the artefacts. It's the smartest piece of architecture, gorgeous clean juxtaposed lines with intertwining organic form - trees weaving out of open ceilings. Wow!

15 August 2017

I can't wait for the rest of my life now! What a realisation as I'm walking through the ancient ruins in Polonnaruwa.. that breeze is washing over me and I remember a moment back in Bali. Wondering would it always be like this? With the anxiety and the questioning everything and feeling so unsure of myself & the world around me. In fleeting moments of darkness I didn't understand how I would manage to make it to the other end of life, if my mental state would always be that way. Of course as I think about my current state of mind - I truly feel cured, thanks to meditation and mindfulness and something that happened during my time in Thailand - I do have the tiniest fear I could regress back to those times of sadness and fear. I still have fear! But I know it when I see it now. And I know if I could bounce back once from that dark place I was in, I certainly can do it again. You can't unlearn things. The knowledge I have now is powerful enough to get me through whatever may come.

11 August 2017

He gave up. A long break with no poke and I'm like cool, he got the message. Lo and behold I feel a couple of toes tentatively touch the back of my foot. I'm facing away from him but my eyes are like πŸ‘€. Hopefully just a mistake, I ignored it. Again a little brush of the toes. I turn around and he whips his eyes closed just in time!! So I'm sitting here thinking what the frig is this a game?! Is he actually just a creepy foot toucher in his sleep!!? And after a little while has passed I get the old faithful poke in the arm - I figure I better nip this in the bud now so I turn around to find him messing with the window ( πŸ™„ pls) and say please can you stop that. And it's all over. No more pokes or toe brushes. Just a hilarious memory of a Sri Lankan man intrigued by the ginger chick sitting in front. I love you Sri Lanka! (But pls can it not go further than this 😬) ☺️
So many things have happened since Thailand - too many lessons, revelations, incredible moments and new friendships to note. Prene, Nacho (again), the meditation, the Tiger trainers, the newfound physical and mental strength, Amy, the Big Buddha run (smashed it!!! 36.05. Could not be happier or prouder 😊) And yet the thing that's pushed me to write this note at this moment - the only Westerner sitting on a local bus, the wind whipping through my hair and some Indian sounding music playing that's reminding me of A Little Princess, is the man behind me. So hilarious that I'm sitting here wishing I had someone to laugh about this with!! It's just such a funny fixation the Sri Lankan men seem to have - not sure whether it's just with me. But there's this fascination, like a wonderment! It started with a couple of pokes in the arm. At this stage I'm like, well, either accidental or on purpose - either way I'll ignore it. This just increased the frequency of the pokes until eventually.
Where to start with Sri Lanka? I was so sad to leave Thailand and so nervous to come here, obsessing over where would be the 'right' place to go next - and then after finally deciding, what if I never experienced the real Sri Lanka due to it never matching up to my two months in Thailand? As Amy cussed me, oh what if - what if I die tomorrow? I'm learning to say goodbye to those kinds of what ifs. And learning to stop searching for contentment in other things - happiness starts here. From within! Well after all the angst, lucky for me I left Thailand on a total high. With good food, friends, salsa and sex. I think that says it all!! And, as I usually find in life, my fears didn't come true. I arrived here with that mindset of abundance that I learned to cultivate in Thailand. Sri Lanka, with all its colour and beauty and idiosyncrasies, has exceeded my wildest expectations already.

6 July 2017

How can I put into words how lovely this feels? Sitting on the floor reflecting after morning yoga, there's a lady sweeping the mat and it's making the most deliciously peaceful swishing sound and even generating the faintest little breeze that I just get to catch when she's close. Perfectly juxtaposed with Katun's grunts as he trains someone downstairs. The peace that I love and the complete opposite in Muay Thai that I love too. Thinking about all the trainers and how they've made me feel. The funny dude with his sanuk & cheekiness who makes me burst out laughing every time. Katun who makes me feel happy with his sweetness! Kunchan who makes me feel something else with his hotness... I'll miss them all. And by the way, I had a special vista during yoga which I know I need to paint. Another beautiful juxtaposition - a bright silver corrugated roof with the most imposing and majestic cloud proudly rising from behind it. Simple yet beautiful contrasts. Great subject matter...

2 July 2017

What feels the best right now, out of everyone I'm meeting, everything I'm seeing and all the rest of it - is the realisation I'm getting to know myself. It feels bloody wonderful to feel more deeply! I was looking so hard for this in Bali - I realise now that just because you want something, doesn't mean you can acquire it immediately. It takes work... this meditation stuff, tuning out the bad relationships with my thoughts is going to take work! When I meditated today I realised this needs to be part of my everyday. I wasn't sure whether to stay here, whether I was getting too comfortable and needed to move on. Well I am going to stay, with more focus. Going to start each day with meditation for a start. I looked at my arms and chest today and realised I'm happy in this weight, whether I still feel I could improve on specific parts or not - I can work with this! So I'm going to get my body composition done and know this is an ok place to be if ever I'm a bit lost!
I hadn't felt sad at all. It was like a background emotion which only showed its face when I invited myself to feel. So my place of equilibrium opened the gates! I don't think any of us know how to deal with what's happened to nan. I think we all knew it would be the most frightening thing that was likely to happen in the near future - but there was never any way to prepare for it. Maybe the grief is an explanation for some of the things I've allowed to happen, feelings I've felt over the last few years. I did wonder for a moment whether that was just the easiest thing for me to attribute the real emotion/sadness I was feeling to. That naive thought was immediately countered by the recollection of the sublime contentment I felt in the simplicity of those Tuesday nights spent with nan. And that unexplainable experience I had in her house, when I was so terrified I was losing her. When the dementia started to show. She physically became a part of me. Just a few thoughts anyway!
"Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving myself" It's Sunday and rest day here on the Soi, which I have been so looking forward to! The sun is shining, I'm in my lovely room with the windows open. I woke up feeling so much better than yesterday. Calm and at peace, I had a lovely conversation with Tim this morning about life and travel. Settling down, where in the world we imagined ourselves doing this. After the conversation I felt content and grateful. And I thought I'd do a little mediation. Before I'd even got started I opened myself up to truly feeling whatever raw emotion came to me. I felt an underlying sadness - but not from an all-consuming, inescapable place. It was an observation more than anything. I wondered where it had come from and nan immediately popped into my mind and tears immediately came to my eyes.

28 June 2017

The enahgieeeee Back to You Are a Badass. And its talk of 'connecting' (here we go again) with all that's around us and the present moment and the energy that brings. The book calls on you to sit for a moment and feel the energy within you and all around you. Last night in yoga, breathing deeply into a pose, I felt that energy like electric. It was like the minute I took a breath and reminded myself to be aware of it, I switched onto it and it was honestly like I couldn't just feel it inside and around my body but I could almost hear it. It was more than either of those senses, it was an awareness! Like I'd become enlightened to it just by respecting its existence. I've had a few cool moments like that since starting to really focus on this presence of mind stuff. Light through crystal on a pavement and stuff like that. I feel like I might be on to something. God I hope so!
I thought about it a lot the next day. I had doubts about myself, worries about it always being like that for me the day after. But thanks to the book I'm reading, You Are A Badass (I know.), I consciously curbed those damaging thoughts and most of what went through my head were observations rather than criticisms. (Also, pls read this book again if you haven't already. It's so good!!!) Will I look back at the end of my life, having hopefully spent a significant last chunk of it sleeping with only one man, and regret giving it up to guys who didn't quite reach the benchmark connection whilst I was travelling the world? I think not! I think I'd want me to live it the fuck up. So in summary. Maybe there doesn't have to be the James- or RaΓΊl-like connection every time. But there always has to be the magic. Maybe realising this will even help me get over those connections from the past that I still seem to wait for. Got a funny feeling that's exactly what it'll do. To more casual sex!
But after my note about Andrew from New Jersey, isn't it all magic? Maybe not everyone in my past, but in recent times the connection I've had with everyone I let into my body lies somewhere on a spectrum of magic. 22 year old Omar from Kuwait (Saturday night), the magic was mostly in our eye contact and his sheer beauty. And not so much in his appreciation for me as a woman. He was book smart, but he was a 22 year old beautiful, privileged dude. What more should I expect?! With Dre, the magic was sitting in the rain and laughing together for hours. His soulful, manly ways. And then it seems there was magic in his _____ as well... "Gat DAYUM that shit was good!" If I'm in a good enough headspace to have casual sex, then I should enjoy my body. For the first time since I can remember, I didn't feel shitty about myself after sleeping with Omar, when he didn't ask for my details and gave me an awkward hug when he dropped me off (we'd smoked, I got weird).
How I don't usually give it up unless I feel a special connection, because of soul ties. But it seemed during this conversation I had changed my mind about he and I because I went on to say that I also feel sex is there to be enjoyed, why hold back. Sometimes it doesn't have to be this deep connection - as long as both people respect each other what's the harm? I appreciated how Dre worked for it, his game, his kindness. His accent.... Right let's try and figure out how the fuck I feel about it today then. So even right up to the point of him putting on a condom I wasn't sure I should have sex with him. That's a scary place to be! But then the second he was inside I was happy that was the (albeit kinda passive) decision I had made. If I felt like that in the moment, and don't have any clear feeling of regret now, I guess the answer is obvious? Of course I would take a RaΓΊl level of connection every time, because that's the magic -- CONT >>
So since the last note I've had sex with two different guys and neither of them were Andrew from New Jersey. ...What an unexpected turn of events. Well, post Andre from Houston, Texas leaving this morning I've felt a tiny bit of malaise which I've been steadfastly trying to bury. But then I sat up and realised how important it is, having had two sets of casual sex in not many days where the connection hasn't been to the level I would usually wait for, to understand and be aware of how I really feel. Andre is the perfect gentleman, with the body... and the accent you could listen to all day. We spent the most lovely day together yesterday - talking for hours on my patio while it rained right next to us, going to yoga, eating delicious food. And then some delicious sex. I had thought in detail yesterday about how I feel about sex. I made a decision early in the day I wasn't going to sleep with Dre. He and I also later spoke about how I feel sex is sacred. CONT >>

24 June 2017

It is so liberating. Making footprints all over this planet and the connections along the way, some of which turn into romances, romances you made happen all of your own accord; with the help of no one else and no other thing - just a situation where two people happen to be in the same place at the same time and move toward each other. Two spirits meeting. And we wonder why we feel so happy after a kiss, a holiday romance? It's magic! It's so special and such freedom that we own that specific set of tastes and preferences that lead to a meeting between guy and girl becoming more than just that. Freedom that we can choose to kiss who we want, when we want. That we are of age to do that. Freedom of any religious constraints, freedom of judgement from people around us. (Not sure how the Thai feel about PDAs mind, given their feelings about bikinis being hung out to dry...) I feel so lucky to have been given that gift and further, to have experienced it today. Andrew from New Jersey.

8 June 2017

Well today was my last day in Kata beach and I spent it inside my hostel. But I've learnt so much! I had been beating myself up a bit feeling like I'm 'not doing traveling right' because I'm not getting myself in there socially and maybe not exploring as much as I should be. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon inside as i needed to get out of the heat. This was in the hostel common room reading, where another ginger guy also was reading, on his own, for most of the day. We didn't speak once. This morning I went to make my toast (cheers food poisoning) and found the ginger guy I had been sitting awkwardly with but not with yesterday. I said hey, he said hey. He asked where I was from. And as a result I spent the rest of the day there, talking, watching a film and meeting other people. Great tip from one girl I met, she said always find a hostel with a common room - otherwise how will you meet people. Ask to join people, whatever they're doing. Most people are alone. TBC...

6 June 2017

Whatever it is. I read something today and it shone a different perspective on things for me. Because it's fucking frightening thinking this might be how it is forever for me - everything I go through, everyone I meet. Don't get me wrong, I'm still kind to people, still feel empathy that most others don't and still feel incredibly fortunate to be doing what I'm doing!!! Anyway - this caption made me realise it's not going to be this way forever, of course it's not. This is a journey, you have ups and downs and confusing times and times of enlightenment! They are happening more and more on this trip. The fruitarian yoga teacher I met told me that her 20's were the most confusing depressing times of her life - she couldn't be happier now. (She puts this down to the raw food thing. Awesome woman). And as soon as I realised that one day things will be crystal clear and altogether easier and more natural, the song 'freedoomm,' I think by George Michael, immediately rang out in my head.
Alright let's get real for a minute. You're going to look back at this day and maybe wonder, ok. An idea of what I was upto and what I'd been thinking about. But what's my state of mind??? I'm not feeling as deeply as I used to. I can't express myself or experience things as purely as I want to - because my experiences don't touch me as profoundly as they used to. I feel like as a person I've gone a bit vanilla. I really really just so want to feel again. I guess this is why I feel ready for love now, for the first time in years?! Like actively wanting to seek it out (though clearly will not be doing that, for own sanity). Feel like the base emotion I'm feeling before I even think about it is fear, cynicism. Some kind of sadness. Even in times of amazement or happiness, even drunkness! Though that is when I feel best, can finally relax. Have read about people feeling a similar way and being depressed. I wonder whether that's what's going down. Whatever it is >>>>
Brightly coloured corrugated roofs at the little street stalls along the road, yayy! I just arrived in Thailand - it's rainy (and grey and luscious GREEN!) and beautiful. I'm sure I'm still in a very rural area near the airport but it feels much less commercial than expected and I'm pleasantly surprised! I'm on my own and feel ready to meet some people. Have been thinking a lot about how this experience so far has not been as wild or full of stories yet because I haven't sought out people. But I didn't want to at first. Was very much craving solitude. After that passed, sometime around Bali, I was then a little scared, then a little ill, then Anna arrived (and how wonderful that was!) and now getting over being ill again. Moral is - it's ok. Been thinking about a lot of things. Been hard on myself lately. Realised today that even though I don't feel like I am, I'm changing, I'm constantly learning. Focus remains on self love, being present in the moment. And open heart, open mind.

1 June 2017

Writing about yesterday. The most wonderful day with Anna, on a jet ski tour of the islands - stopping first at a freshwater lake (more monkeys here, including a playful baby feeding, lots of squeaking before a final heartwrenching 'hoo-hoo' - and one of the most memorable animal moments ever - when he resigned himself to the fact that no other monkey wanted to play!), then a private paradise beach, followed finally by an island where eagles circled in their masses, waiting to feed. The most incredible sight. But those moments on the jet ski, at 55mph, taking in the most breathtaking scenery around me of solitary islands dotted at every square inch with lush green trees of all different species. And open water, sunshine and the sight of Anna in her sunglasses racing right across the way. Truly wonderful, the best fun it felt possible to have. So much joy, and as Anna mentioned - smiling for four hours straight. We came back as burnt as can be πŸ™ˆ And had heaps of ice cream that night

27 May 2017

Anna is sleeping next to me. We are in a van on the way back from the fireflies tour (fireflies themselves Underwhelming but the trip was fully made worth it by a special moment with a monkey reaching out for my hand - he knew I had no food! - and Anna laughing her actual socks off at a monkey sitting on my shoulder vigorously scratching his balls). I'm sitting looking out of the window and I'm writing because it just occurred to me that I was feeling all lovely and content about travelling and about life itself. I realised I was living in the moment, contemplating life and my trip - without any bitterness, expectation or disappointment. Just a kind of appreciation and some element of familiarity, I feel like I'm owning my moment here and my state of mind right now. Understanding and at one with it all. And I thought of my family and could cry at just how much I fucking miss them, and miss home. And it's just bloody cathartic. And brilliant. I'm back to loving it.

25 May 2017

Sitting here in the middle of a downpour, under my thatched roof in the most gorgeous place I've stayed in yet (currently in week 7 of my trip, finding myself on Lombok!) My seat is a beautiful bamboo piece of art (form AND function, lucky me) my view is rain spattering, dripping, slipping down off the thatched roof. And the sound, at times, is a roar! I've got my lovely book - Sweet Caress (the name does not do it justice) - and I just sat here taking the moment in and happened to sniff the book. Appreciating the combination of that smell, this shelter, the sound and the vista so much I felt I had to note it down. Lucky me 😊