Bolivia, Chile · 9 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

3 October 2017

Boarder crossing - Day 3 No much on the itinerary today except getting into Chile. But I think saved the best for last with the red lagoon. I have never seen water like it. There was also the green lagoon and the geysers. I hate the smell of the geysers, it really is like rotten eggs. Taylor managed to slip into one, I turned around and he was in up to his knees and I was the closest to him. Myself and another guy pulled him out. Luckily he wasn’t burnt but the soon started shaking because of the cold, covered in smelly mud he had to be stripped down. He even wanted to go back in and look for his tongs 😂🙈..

2 October 2017

The Atacama Desert - Day 2 Today was unexpected and has actually made the tour. The lakes, mountains, birds and nothingness in the desert is an experience. Pictures say a thousand words but even at that they don’t do it justice. Views were really 360 degrees and every stop was so different. Only issue in the Desert is there are not many trees or rocks which makes getting some privacy difficult and there wasn’t any toilets for miles. It was a team effort 😂🙈 Night. Star glazing lasted a whole of four minutes because I couldn’t handle the cold. We needed some courage to get into the hot springs so we ordered two bottles of wine.. After the wine we ran about 500 meters to the spring. Stripping off wasn’t easy but the springs made it worth it. It was so cold that the three of us pushed two beds together and used the blankets from four beds to cover us. I slept like the dead but that may have had something to do with all the wine we had.

1 October 2017

The Salt Flats Tour - Day 1 We set off at 11am and heading to the train graveyard. Basically this railway was in use until Bolivia lost the coast to Chile and now it’s completely abandoned. Then we went to the salt flats. It’s so bright you can’t look at it without your glasses on. The white goes on forever in every direction ,you simply can’t see anything else. The wind would nearly blow you over 💨, even with four layers on I was shaking. The Salt Hotel sounded like the roof was going to blow off. On the bright side the sky was a beautiful blue and we had lots of fun taking pictures. The salt flats are meant to be like a mirror and can be seen from space. Today was definitely a picture day, I took a million.

30 September 2017

Uyuni A dusty desert town. I spent a whole of 7 hours in this town and I would say that is enough for anyone. It used to be a busy mining, export town beside the train line. But now it is just full of tourists getting on tours to the salt flats and Chile.
Sucre to uyuni - 8 hours We arrived at the bus station and soon found out that all the buses were full. We were loosing hope when a guy from Brazil said uyuni and lots of other Spanish words. We followed him and ended up getting the last four sits on the bus. On the bus I wasn't looking forward to the journey especially when we discovered that there wasn't any toilets 🙈. We were settling in for the night when two very loud chatty Aussie guys sat down behind us. They were half cut and not happy when they found out there was no toilet. I nearly started crying laughing. We arrived in uyuni at 4.15am which is a ridiculous bus arrival time. After no sleep I was not a happy camper. I could have hugged the old guy who held up a board with our names on it. The feeling disappeared very soon though when I discovered we were meant to sit in a cafe until 8am. I began to curl up on the floor when lady who owned the place offered us a bed in the back room. Heaven. I passed out straight away

29 September 2017

Dineasor footprints 👣 We got the Dino bus from the main plaza beside the cathedral. The museum has life size dinosaurs and little fact boxes. We went on the tour which led us down about 500 steps into what looked like a gravel pit. Different types of footprints shown to us and it was explained how they were discovered. It is hard to imagine that anything could leave its mark and it still be seen by us, millions of years later. Not the most exciting tour but worth a look.
Sucre This town was very like Arequipa. The plaza was beautiful with white buildings surrounding it. The sun was shining which was great because I don't think I can handle the cold at all. Lots of tours run from sucre but we actually stuck to the budget for a change and didn't book anything. We hung out in cafes and drank milkshakes mostly. Nice chilled place.

28 September 2017

Biking down death road Loved this. After some research we went with a company called barracuda. We started off on a road and the views were way better than I expected, I had to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes on the road and not the snowy scenery around me. Downhill biking is defo my favorite kind. Death road was more of a gravel road and god I am glad I have never been in a car on it. We were meant to keep left but I defo stayed more right, didn’t want to be that near the cliff. It was safe to say that I had my hands on the brakes the whole time. It wasn’t very hard for me to imagine going over the handle bars as I have done it a few times before 🙈.. The rush and views made it the best day trip I have done. My legs and hands were sore afterwards even though I did nearly no peddling. I guess I was tending the whole way down. Definitely a great adrenaline rush.

27 September 2017

Cable car I am not afraid of heights but thy can make me feel uncomfortable like any sane person. La Paz is in a valley, we went up to over 4,000m above sea level in a little box. It's a red city and is endless in all directions with snowy tipped mountains in the distance acting like a border. My camera just doesn't do it justice, you couldn't fit it all in.

26 September 2017

Walking tour of La Paz - red hats 🎩 Well worth the time. Our guides brought us from prisons and plazas to markets with gorgeous juices and sacrificial baby lamas. La Paz really has it all including riot and murder stories. This tour was entertaining for the full three hours which is rare in free walking tours. The markets really were something special too The woman at the market stalls are kind of like bartenders. You go to one all you life and talk to them daily.
La Paz Is a huge city with mad traffic and colourful markets around every corner. On one street the vendors were selling rice and on the next toilet parts, u are said to have one vendor for life and kind of like a barmaid u tell them everything. There are very little large supermarkets because the locals all prefer the markets. The city is in a valley and houses go on for miles in all directions. If ur not used to the altitude u can get pretty breathless walking around. They also love a plaza. The president is hmmm unique and he says because Bolivia is in the Southern Hemisphere that the clock should be going the opposite way to the northern hemisphere. So in the main square the clock is backwards. Not a pretty city especially when locals are pissing on the footpath nearly in front of you but it is interesting and entertaining.

25 September 2017

Isla del Sol - Island of the Sun ☀️ Definitely worth a visit. We got the boat out at 8am. I kept excepting the boat to speed up but no it goes at a snails pace for an hour and a half. It's was a good thing the lake was beautiful and the sun was out. Arriving at the island your fist mission is to climb what seems like a million steps because of the altitude. The views of the lake from the island really make you appreciate how big and beautiful it is. Linds and I went off on a stroll and ended up having a picnic in the middle of nowhere. We watched the water, birds and chatted. It felt like we were the only people on the island which was a nice break from your normal tourist trap. A great chilled out day in the sun.

24 September 2017

Copacabana A definite step up from puno, Copacabana is a small tourist town beside lake Titicaca. There is lots of cute cafes and restaurants offering international food and happy hour. The highlight of my stay here was definitely the sunset from the top of the hill just outside of town. A lite a candle for Ma's knee operation and explained what the stations of the cross were to the girls.