North America · 15 Days · 33 Moments · November 2017

The Reaves & Malone’s adventures in Belize

28 November 2017

Airport in Belize city
We had to start the morning with meat pies, journey cakes and some coffee. Then off to the airport. Taking a small plane to Belize city.

27 November 2017

Last dinner at The Pickled Parrot.

26 November 2017

We rented a golf cart and went on an adventure today. Kim and I sat on the back. Stopped at a small grocery store and found a rack of machetes. 😬😬😬

25 November 2017

We’re back in Placencia. Fred brought us and our luggage right up to the hotel beach. We had dinner at The Pickled Parrot. And enjoyed a local expat cover band.
Bye bye Bird Island. We will REALLY MISS YOU! Back to Placencia for a few days. :)
Last day on the island. We had an awesome Rex breakfast at 6ish a.m. and then B had to lay on the sidewalk and hold a valve so the water would work and we could wash the dishes. Lol. Then we cut up some scrimps and Kim and I headed out for 3 hours of fishing from the kayaks. Perfection. Now we have to do island cleanup.

24 November 2017

Another amazing breakfast from Rex! Yummm. It’s our last full day on the Island. A film crew from a popular tv show (so we were told) in Germany showed up to shoot interviews, b-roll and got drone over the island footage. They showed up at about 11am. They interviewed B & I primarily. We showed them around the island with Fred (the owner)...they also followed Kim and I out in the kayaks while we fished off the atoll. We ALL felt that they stayed way too long interrupting our island time. 😡😢😞

23 November 2017

Thanksgiving dinner was a Barracuda and a wedge salad... and boy were we thankful for it! DELICIOUS 😊❤️
We went out fishing today on a boat and had a blast! We caught a bunch of fish. This is really good because we were out of all the protein we brought with us to the island. Look at the chompers on that barracuda! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 😜😘
Rex is the KING of breakfast!!!

22 November 2017

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning. Then Rex and I took the kayaks out and around the atole. Kim and I went out fishing on the kayaks and lost our bait and weights. Grrrrrr.

21 November 2017

We caught some more fish off the dock at sunset and then had a pirate birthday party for Kim last night.
We’re on Bird Island and it’s AMAZING!!! I caught a baby barracuda!
Rex and I kayaked around the atoll. Rex considers shooting some fish with the speargun. Grilled chicken dinner... yay!

20 November 2017

Bird Island at last!
On Placencia before we went to the island. Shopping for supplies at Ming’s “semi-sketchy” market. PUPPY!!! (Slight distraction). Then we loaded up the boat and headed off to Bird Island.

19 November 2017

The Malone’s have arrived, but sadly so did some rain. But we are having fun anyway!

18 November 2017

A belizian tangerine is apparently green on the outside when it’s ripe. Kinda weird.
And then a whole sorority of 18-19 yr olds showed up. Lol!
Getting some sun. New friend Shea hanging by our deck and then her in the ocean with her purple umbrella. Brunch at Dawn’s grill & go. The fry jacks were amazing. Shae finds a weird pea pod at the market and we decide to try and eat it. Surprisingly yummy. 😜

17 November 2017

Conch ceviche, hummingbird (white rum, lime, hibiscus, watermelon), beach and B. :)
Hands down the most fattening thing I’ve ever eaten in my life! The stuffed Jack Bread breakfast sandwich at De’tatch restaurant. Delish.
The adventure book is underway...
Another beautiful morning in Belize. Our little yellow oceanfront cabana is the best.

15 November 2017

The skull and crossbones is for kim.
The little town of Placencia (aka placenta) is adorbs! The little school girl is quickly finishing her homework before school (6:30am). Her father is roasting the coffee beans just outside of their coffee shop, Brewed Awakening. The Mayan lady is pulling a wagon of tamales.
Ahhhhh the beach!!

14 November 2017

Most definitely up to no good at The Tipsy Tuna.
We ended up taking the little tiny plane for 30 minutes instead of the 3ish hour bus ride. I’m thinking we made the perfect choice. Caught some pretty sunset over Belize shots.
Starting the trip off at the crack of dawn at The Publican at O’Hara airport.