North America, Asia · 9 Days · 21 Moments · March 2019

18 March 2019

Day 6: Last night in Tokyo! We walked around outside and then stayed up playing cards in the hotel room until after midnight!! Fun end to a great trip!!
Day 6: this afternoon we visited the Museum of Emerging Sciences in Tokyo! It was so cool, I loved reading the questions from Nobel laureates and practicing robotic surgery!!
Day 6: After the shrine we visited the surrounding Harajuku area! There was so much shopping and I got to finally visit a cat cafe!! Best 5$ I’ve spent (10 min & unlimited drinks!!)!! I also ate a crepe which was solid and bought a supperrrrr cute purple bomber jacket.
Day 6: This morning we started off visiting the Meiji shrine. This shrine is dedicated to emperor Meiji who apparently was a very impressive emperor in Japan. It was beautiful but sad to see all the people set in this false faith.

17 March 2019

Day 5: Today, we said goodbye to our host family! It was so sad to say goodbye to Momo and Haja, but I hope to see them again and keep in touch! Then, we traveled back to Tokyo where we worked on our action plan, tried peach coke (SO GOOD) and adventured that night.

16 March 2019

Day 4: This evening, we learned how to play traditional drums and wore kimonos! They were fun, but very hot over our clothes. The kids were so cute and kept trying to dance with us!
Day 4: This afternoon, we walked to the beach. Arabella and I climbed out onto the rocks off the shore. It was scary, but fun. The ocean was so clear, but there were a ton of muscles, algae, and seaweed on the rocks.
Day 4: for lunch, we ate another meal on tatami mats. This time we ate with a group of neighbors. We ate yakisoba noodles, rice cake, rolls, and chips/candy!
Day 4: Today was our first full day with the host family. We spent the morning making traditional sandals out of strips of cloth. They were fun to make, but not that practical considering mine fell apart 4 hrs later.

15 March 2019

Day 3: After breakfast on the bus, we visited Yokosuka high school for the day! I followed around two students, Hannah and juna for the day! I went to homeroom, math, Japanese studies, social studies, and PE. We ate a traditional bento style lunch in the “canteen.” That afternoon, we had a party and played games. Then, we met with our host families for the weekend.

14 March 2019

Day 2: This afternoon we visited the Soji-ji temple. It’s a zen Buddhist temple. We got to learn about the religion and practice a type of “zazen” mediation. It was very interesting, and the grounds were absolutely beautiful!
Day 2: We ate a traditional lunch on tatami mats! There was salad, rice, soup, tea, and a hot pot where we cooked beef, carrots, cabbage, and bean sprouts! It was very good!!
Day 2: Today began with a visit to the Suginame Animation museum! We got to try our hand at drawing anime and at recording it!

13 March 2019

Day 1: After dinner, we went to the Tokyo Sky tree. The city was beautifully lit.
Day 1: After the Senso-ji temple, we went to the edit-Tokyo museum and looked at relics from the different feudal eras in Japan. It was interesting how someone thought to keep all of these items, even school books.
Day 1: After the lecture, we went to lunch. We are a traditional “soup pot” with rice noodles, some kind of meat, and vegetables. They also served us fried duck and French fries. From there, we visited the visitor center and saw a replica of Tokyo in mini-wooden toy version (pic 2). Then we went into the Senso-ji temple. The gate with the giant lantern marks the entrance of the temple, then moving back down the road, shops line either side of the street. I bought a lot of souvenirs here. And ice cream!
Day 1: We started with orientation by JICE and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Then we listened to a lecture about Japanese culture. Fun fact: did you know Japan has more pets than children under the age of 13?
Day 1: Wandering around Harumi before heading to JICE orientation.
Day 1: Breakfast this morning was amazing!! At first, I was a little nervous, but I ended up loving everything. I ate French toast, a mini spinach and and egg omelet, soup dumplings with rice, and the sweetest fresh fruit. The soup dumplings were the best I’ve ever had, definitely satisfied that craving!

11 March 2019

First International Flight!! We flew out of Memphis this morning, had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta, and now, have a 14 hr flight to Tokyo! Flying over Alaska was my favorite part. I have a window seat so I got to see all the ice floating on the ocean. At one point, it was -57° outside!! The airplane food wasn’t bad, but I blew threw my snacks super quickly. Also, they gave us a Magnum ice cream bar, and it was soooo goood. To keep myself occupied, I watched a few movies, read, and tried to sleep. Next stop, Tokyo!!