United States of America · 2 Days · 6 Moments · November 2016

Sarah and Paul Thanksgiving Trip

26 November 2016

Last day! This morning Paul got up early to go to mass in St. Patrick's cathedral, I think he took some pictures so I will upload those later. After, he went for a run in Central Park. Then, we checked out of the hostel and went to Central Park one last time before heading to Chinatown/Canal St. and little Italy to eat lunch and shop. Then we headed back to nova.

25 November 2016

Today we saw three more rats in Central Park. We also walked a lot and went to the MET. We spent most of our day in those two places, getting lunch in Central Park and then dinner at an Italian place on the upper west side. In the evening, we went ice skating in Central Park and then we went to Times Square again before heading back to the hostel. Crazy how fast the day goes!

24 November 2016

Oh also! I know we weren't supposed to go near trump tower but then all of the sudden we were walking past it! So we went inside.. it was really interesting and intense. I got a picture in front of a pretty Christmas tree inside (see earlier post). There were a bunch of secret service anti terrorism guys with big guns to keep us safe.
This is me in trump tower, thought grandpa might like it
Today we traveled to NYC. On the way, we traveled through Jersey, America's toilet. Once in Manhattan, we were much happier. Paul got to see all the exciting views, starting with Bryant Park, then Rockefeller center and St. Patrick's cathedral, then we checked in at our hostel. It's so cute and safe! Very hip. Then once it got dark we went and saw Times Square. I accidentally wasted a swipe in the subway station...you live you learn. We also walked in Central Park but it was dark and we were alone and then a huge rat ran across the path right in front of us so we noped out of there pretty quick. For thanksgiving dinner we ate gyros from a street vendor and then later half a dozen of donuts. It was a good day! We are going to turn in early because we only got three hours of sleep last night because we weren't very smart and stayed up till 4 playing monopoly. Then we can get up early to have another great day tomorrow!! 😄🦃.