North America, Europe · 10 Days · 40 Moments · March 2018

Sarah and Alice’s Spring Break in Europe

2 April 2018

Dessert on the plane home... beyond delicious. Will have to go back to England to get another one :)
It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday and we just finished breakfast at Novotel in Paddington. Off to Heathrow in a minute to start our journey home. Looking forward to seeing Jamie, the cats and less rain!

1 April 2018

Just spend a great evening with Valentina, Ioli and Alex in Maida Vale. As always not enough time to catch up.

31 March 2018

NDSM wharf. It’s nearly 11pm and we can still hear the concert that is going on over there.
Finally the moment Alice has been waiting for - the pancake boat! Turns out Dutch pancakes are a slightly thicker version of English pancakes so nice and rubbery :)
We visited a farmers market and bought more bread and cheese. The cheese here is much more delicious than the stuff that gets exported. It seems like bread and cheese is mostly what Alice has been eating this vacation!
Spent the morning driving around with Emma in her vintage Fiat 500 visiting chocolate shops. She gave us some of her own handmade chocolate. In the final shop the owner gave us a mini chocolate tasting and lesson. We leaned that we both really like chocolate where the cacao comes from Madagascar.
The outside of the houseboat where we are staying.

30 March 2018

On Friday night we did a boat tour of the canals in the dark. There were only four other people so we could ask the captain, Bryan, lots of questions. The bridges and buildings looked beautiful lit up at night. The highlight came at the end when one of the passengers suddenly proposed to his girlfriend! Afterwards Bryan, who was just as surprised as we were, broke out some Prosecco and we sat around drinking and talking at the dock.
After lunch we took our first tram and wandered around The 9 Streets area. It was quite sleepy and charming.
This morning Alice decided we would explore The Happiness Project at Body World. We learned that eating until you are 80% full is the key to a happy long life but also that there is a lot of joy to be found in Dutch french fries. The museum was in a busy, touristy part of town near the train station. Not our favorite neighborhood.

29 March 2018

Cheese fondue for dinner.
More Keukenhof moments.
The flowers at Keukenhof, about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam. We were lucky with the weather!
Bikes outside of one of the ferries. You really do have to be careful not to get run over by a bike here! A’dams Landing, the new tower and the new Eye Film Museum that we popped into yesterday afternoon.

28 March 2018

Alice was considerably less hangry after we had Indian for dinner ;)
In the shops we found an abundance of Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch brand of chocolate, plenty of cheese, and also a DIY juice machine.
After a long post lunch snooze we braved the rain to check out the neighborhood. We found an outdoor market and two fluffy cats curled up in a shop window.
We had to take a bus (we just missed one) and then a train (we just missed one) and then another bus to the dock where the houseboat is located. We had to wander about a bit in the rain looking for the boat but the locals were very helpful. The Tasmania is gorgeous and is featured in a bunch of design magazines. Sonja had bought some groceries for us so we decided to stay on the cozy boat for lunch.
The loudspeaker got us out of bed at 6:30 but at least there was a good buffet breakfast!

27 March 2018

The Stena line ferry to Hook of Holland. Alice was a bit nervous but was happy to see that our cabin has a bathroom after some gentle teasing from David!
A lovely Thai meal with Jackie and David. As a fantastic surprise Jess and Matt joined us!
Huge container ship at Harwich International.
Egg butty for lunch from Borough Market.
Some places we visited on our Muggle walking tour with our guide, Scott Potter.
Breakfast at Roast in Borough Market with Jeannette and Lucie.

26 March 2018

Back to our hotel in Bankside for the night.
Had a lovely dinner with Jeannette and Henry at Dishroom and Udderly Delicious where Alice found a vegan ice cream she loved. Finished the evening by seeing the new musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Fantastic show and a great crowd too.
Two of my favorite cakes!
Korean food came to Waterloo. That’s KPop playing on the screen.
Alice eating chicken and chips just like I used to when I was a kid. Only fish and chips for me now.

25 March 2018

Mark, Sharon, Steve and Jean joined us for dinner.
The third time Alice had had cheese on toast in 24 hours!
Phone boxes are still useful!
Lunch with Kath and Imogen at Ping Pong Dim Sum in Covent Garden.
Alice reading The Kill Order while we wait for the train to London. I couldn’t buy the tickets with a credit card since I don’t have a pin. Going to be using a lot of cash over the next few days...

24 March 2018

Dinner with Mum and James. We covered politics and so much more...
Jo came up from Seahaven to visit. We enjoyed the lovely grey English weather by going for a walk around Kemsing.
Settling into our seats on Virgin Atlantic. Glad we got seats together.
Waiting to board. So far no delays...