North America, Asia · 5 Days · 14 Moments · December 2018

Santa Rosa/Bali/New Zealand/Singapore

26 December 2018

An incredible breakfast served on the terrace above our bedroom... gotta hand it to Luxe Villas Bali!

25 December 2018

A 90-minute spa treatment for $14 per person... yes, please! Followed by a delicious healthy dragon fruit granola bowl for dinner!
A bouquet of flowers for the most beautiful woman in the world. Welcome to Bali!
Our honeymoon is forever ongoing...just with 6-12 month breaks in between! We LOVE the Luxe Villas Bali!
Peace, meditation, McDonald’s breakfast at Singapore Changi Airport on Christmas morning!
It’s not what it looks like! I just really enjoy the moisture masks 😷 Off to Singapore Airport!

23 December 2018

Cheers! Gotta love traveling in business class with points and miles. Beautiful Japan Airlines flight for 13.5 hours!
Top down, windows up, that’s the way we like to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in our Silvercar A5 convertible 😉
Riana’s first time eating In-N-Out burger...she says it lives up to the hype.

22 December 2018

The goat cheese plate and the duck confit are must-gets at the Sonoma landmark—The Girl & the Fig
What an incredible wine tour with Tom and Susie of Tom’s Secret Winery Tours... amazing boutique wineries including Glenlyon Winery, Autuer Winery, and Stone Edge Farm Winery... all in the Sonoma Valley region!

21 December 2018

LoCoco’s Cucina has the best Italian food in the Sonoma Valley as far as I know... our Sicilian waiter said so.
We loved St. Francis Winery & Vineyard... thanks to the sommelier Sharon for recommending a fantastic dinner spot!!
We’re off to San Francisco and the Sonoma Valley!